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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Nick QQQ 11:25 Sat Jan 26
Is this progress?
Not a knee kerk reaction just been reflecting on where we are now. Ok we are are a bit more attractive on the eye we are still a terrible defensive side. Looks like another season of mid table at best (still worry it could be worse) and fuck all to play for.

So have we really moved forward?

Is our squad really any better?

Or is this our level?

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Nick QQQ 11:57 Tue Jan 29
Re: Is this progress?
Another example of whilstbwe mifht have improved going forward (when the first 11 is for) our midfield mobility and defensive side of our game arguably has gone backwards

Mike the Hammer 6:22 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
We only need 11 points to match our points total from last season.
We need just 1 more victory to match our total victories from last season.
We conceded 68 league goals last season and had a -20 goal difference. We've conceded well under half that amount so far, with a slight negative goal difference,
We have a realistic chance of 7th place, and that brings Europa League.
I call that progress.

Sniper 4:52 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
Definite progress

On the surface we look very inconsistent, beating arsenal but losing to Bournemouth etc

However, what we can actually say is that, with a fully fit first team, we have a manager who can get us playing really good football and be really organised.

Whatbwe don’t have is the luxury of loads of reserve players. Whikstbthe media is cracking out a whole string section of violins because spurs are missing 3 players we currently are missing


And we’re, until recently, missing

Hernandez (whonwas rumoured to have glandular fever wasn’t he - if so, you don’t just get better it fucks you over for a loooooong time)

Plus there’s the Arnie factor who is, basically, the only front man we’ve got who is really worth playing.

As per usual we’ve struggled to play a settled team, but when we’re at full strength we look really very impressive and, having bolstered the first team, we now need to focus on also having other players in reserve.

The boss has also helped develop rice, brought in diagana and included other youngsters along the way.

We’re moving in the right direction, all Saturday proved is that the same limitations are there with the same players when we aren’t at full strength.

AnotherDay_SameShit 4:44 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
WHUDeano - 'Huge' amount of progress? Leave off. We have lost to Burnley, B'mouth, Wimbledon and Watford just in the last month alone. Our progress is steady at best, absolutely nowhere near huge and I watch our games live.

Russ of the BML 4:37 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
I also think our owners have learnt their lesson with opening there mouths and we seems to transfer business a little more efficiently now.

WHUDeano 4:37 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
Anyone who can't see the huge amount of progress we have made under Pellegrini either doesn't watch our games live or knows nothing about football.

Russ of the BML 4:36 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
Yes we have moved forward as we now have a manager supporters like and trust and we have a team that, generally, plays a much more attacking and attractive brand of football.

I also think the squad is better than where we are. Injuries have ravaged us this year. MP has simply not had the personnel to rotate or cover all the injuries we have had with options that are as good.

I don't think this is our general level. And I think if we can get Gomez in this window and then bolster in summer and another pre-season for MP to mould and coach the players I think we can be pushing for 7th and possibly 6th.

MY biggest issue are the individual errors players keep making and the completely out of the blue never saw that coming unexpected disastrous performances.

AnotherDay_SameShit 4:31 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
I think a good way to gauge it is how neutrals see us, and would say that most would see us as a progressive club who at least no longer look like they will go down. Saturday we were made to look a laughing stock though.

Razzle 4:27 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
Yes there is progress.
Young talent coming through
Board not in the papers for the wrong things...

The_Phantom 4:22 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
definitely progress.

Of course Saturday was shite but we're building and it takes time.
How long has it taken Klopp to get Liverpool to where they are ?
Just as long as the Davids financially back Pell in the Summer (and maybe still this window) .

ooooh Morley Morley 4:16 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
Have we progressed on the field? Hard to say really... we beat Man U and Arsenal but still lose to Watford, Bournemouth, Brighton etc

Have progressed as a club? After that announcement straight after the game Saturday no we fucking haven't. What a fucking nonsense that whole saga was... how do you handle a player who behaved the way he did? you give him a new contract obviously... ffs

Grumpster 4:15 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
As much as a lot of football fans now think that coming top 4 or beating relegation is better than winning a trophy, there are also the huge amount who want everything.

That just isn't West Ham and never has been and I'm good with that, as it makes the good days even sweeter. Also like that that keeps away the plastics, as people don't support us because we're successful and I'd hate to have the sort of fans that Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal have nowadays. Fickle, pathetic fan bases.

But clearly we've progressed from last season. Still unlucky with injuries, but we now play some decent football when we have the best players out and it can only get better I'm sure.

, 3:49 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
Wait for the season to end before passing judgement.

Far Cough 3:47 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
The overpaid cunts better turn up for Wolves

Mike Oxsaw 3:46 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
I think it's all about personal expectation management - something you can blame nobody but yourself for.

I was expecting us to get something form the Bournemouth game after beating Arsenal, we didn't; I was disappointed.

Following that, I was expecting us to regroup and turn Wimbledon over with aplomb - we did the opposite: I was disappointed.

Two poor games/results in a row, where, this season I expected more than against similar teams in, say, the last 5 seasons. My expectations this time around were let down from a far greater height, but they were still MY expectations, not anybody else's.

What we have now is potential that we've lacked since before we sold Rio.

I expect us to be able to exploit that (fully) on the pitch. Hopefully the owners feel the same and would rather not turn that potential into pound notes in their personal bank accounts for many years to come.

Chinkey Weasel 3:45 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
We will always be the same. Totally unpredictable. We will never be a top 6 side. Great one week, shit the next & Ive been going regularly for 30 years now It's the West Ham way and that will never change. Just accept it. I was there on Saturday & walked out at 3-0. The 1st half was a disgrace but there you have another classic WH performance. Surely you all know this by now. I wouldn't have it any other way

ironsofcanada 3:35 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
young woody 3:30 Mon Jan 28

You manage to be positive, without being preachy.

I respect that.

young woody 3:30 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
Saturday was terrible and a disaster for West Ham. However

We have improved since last two season and generally this season has been enjoyable with a lot of good moments.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

Lato 3:22 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
After the previous two seasons then yes but we are still consistently inconsistent.

Saturday showed that we still have that soft underbelly that we seem to have had throughout our entire history despite spending £100M in the summer. Vinnie Jones summed us up "when nine of the opposition turn up wearing gloves you know you have a chance" Our performance was disgraceful no, passion, no desire, no commitment.

Krap not Pu 3:02 Mon Jan 28
Re: Is this progress?
Progress ???still a very long way to go before that to become evident. Progress will mean...when we have the likes of Snodgrass, Noble Cresswell, Zaba, Antonio no more at best than residing on our bench. With The likes of Adrian, Ogbonna , Masuaku ,Obiang, Reid, Sanches ,Hernandes, Carroll and Perez....all hopefully sold off and upgraded.

Mike Oxsaw 11:54 Sun Jan 27
Re: Is this progress?
"We are safe technically. "

I see that Chicken Counting season has started early this year.

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