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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Jim79 2:39 Tue Feb 12
Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
Couldn't see if this has been done yet and don't want it to turn into another WHO racism debate which will be difficult with TR attached to it.

However he claims and has already been releasing details of a state sponsored hatchet job by Panorama to stitch him up, supposedly doctoring recordings and details. He has turned the tables on them though and had a mole in their camp secretly recording their conversations and is now exposing them.

Apparently going to broadcast his own version titled 'Panodrama' on a 30ft screen infront of the BBC offices in Manchester on 23rd February.

Like him or loathe him if he has proved what is effectively propaganda by Auntie it will be big egg on their face, especially after they spent decades covering up for kiddie fiddlers.

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Block 9:53 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
norman loves a proper early morning post, dont he?

mashed in maryland 5:27 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
Turn it in Hairy you absolute cabbage.

Capitol Man 4:43 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
normannomates 3:55 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé

I grew up white working class and they are not represented by that sad little cunt Yaxley-whateverthefuck his real name is.

HairyHammer 4:11 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé

My knowledge is that most English people should have fucking exited it by now or at least your children should have if they have not then you are to blame.
Look at all the brown Chinese beige Black kids born in blighty second or third generation British foreigners who do not speak with a deep working class accent who are taking over, they have a level of English that is better than many white working class kids, you have to ask yourself why that happened, you see Working class people want to go back to the old days no surprise because when they all (Foreigners) turned up on your door step many strived to go forward and now the working classes are on the back foot and annoyed .
What do I know about the white working classes?, is that they did not move forward they sat back and did so happily and now it is too late they are not happy with their lot and so it has led to a rise in Nationalism.

normannomates 3:59 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
I find it quite remarkable that this Country now has a 'box' for the white working class.. Below peasants and immigrants among the curtain twitchers

normannomates 3:55 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé

What is your personal knowledge of the white working class ?

HairyHammer 3:51 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
If you want to go forward you need someone with a decent level of intelligence and with some more ability in the English language than a slightly intelligent monkey which in my opinion is the capacity of Tommy Robinson.
He sticks on one thing and drones on and on and on the only people who will listen are people exactly like him you need someone with a broader appeal Nigel Farage is definitely a big step up and is actually quite likeable Tommy Robinson is not liked by anyone outside his remit.

HairyHammer 3:36 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
The only people who are screwing over the White working class man is the white working class man that is the Gods honest truth if Tommy Robinson is the best you have to offer you should all jump off of the nearest fucking bridge.
What Tommy Robinson has been spouting is tired old hashed up bollocks if you want

normannomates 3:17 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
My old man was Labour.. As all were up there.. But old school Labour.. Proper Labour.. Which died decades ago.
These lefty bourgeoisie wankers are fuckin dangerous.. And that is what Labour are these days.

mashed in maryland 3:13 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
Queens Fish Bar 12:21 Wed Mar 6

While i DO NOT SUPPORT what TR did (house visits/doxxing are proper low behaviour), that Mike Stuchbery is a fucking arsehole who has cheered on and arguably encouraged that sort of thing for years, as well as the fact TR has had his house/family targeted.

You can't agree with playing dirty against people you don't like if you're suddenly not going to like it when they play dirty against you.

normannomates 3:05 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
My old man was a fuckin Geordie..but tell you what.. Those working mens clubs he took me to in 70s and 80s when I was young were fuckin quality.. Whole families out for the turns and bingo.. Cheap drink.. And decent as well.. Local brews.. Everyone got on.. Grafted all week.. And socialised together at weekends.. Left a mark on me.. Its what life should be all about.
It was same in London.. Manchester... Liverpool.. Sheffield.. Up and down the land
Its all but gone now

The Country

normannomates 2:53 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
These left wing groups are very prominent and influencial.. And I disagree.. The media studies university courses are all left wing noddies..
Most in the arts are.. Most actors are lefties.. All despise trump and bods like him.. All Whilst living in luxury themselves.

normannomates 2:43 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
The BBC have been stitching up football lads for yrs with their snidey undercover heavily edited bullshit

Darlo Debs 2:38 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
A massive chunk.of the media is right wing not left norm, if by grey men you mean faceless bureaucrats, whose interests do.you think they are defending?

normannomates 2:31 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
The Leftie infested media mainly.. And the grey men

Darlo Debs 2:20 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
Norm.i am.a bit confused, who exactly do.you think is stitching up white working class men?

normannomates 2:11 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
Let Tommy's doc sink in people..cos you all Bury your heads.. let cunts like Sweeney and his MANY ilk do as they please.
The White working class man is the boogey man.. Why do you think football lads get stitched up like they do.. Lengthy custodial for fuck all.. White working class don't matter.. Fair game.. Scum..

There are some.. Very small quality briefs out there that do good work on our behalf.. But you need dough for them to take apart the authorities.. Which most don't.
We stick together.. All you can do.. And fuck em all.
We know what's what

normannomates 1:57 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
true British heroes now reside in places like East Seaxe..
And BERKhampstead..

normannomates 1:51 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
Queens fish bar


What a load of bollocks

normannomates 1:49 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
goose 12.16


Not me with the problem.. Cunts like you.. Fuckin traitors

Queens Fish Bar 12:21 Wed Mar 6
Re: Tommy Robinson Panorama Exposé
Yaxley-Lennon is a knobhead.

A journalist has made a complaint to the police after the far-right activist Tommy Robinson appeared outside his house during the night, repeatedly knocking on the door and windows and demanding to speak to him.

Robinson, who is an adviser to the Ukip leader, Gerard Batten, filmed himself outside the Luton home of Mike Stuchbery, who often writes about far-right issues.

In the footage, which was livestreamed online, Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, demanded to speak to Stuchbery and promised to return on other nights.

Robinson gave Stuchbery’s street address and threatened to give out the home addresses of other journalists, saying: “I’m going to make a documentary that exposes every single one of you, every single detail about every one of you. Where you live, where you work, everything about you is going to be exposed.”

In a series of tweets sent at the time, Stuchbery said he remained in the house and called the police. Robinson went away when officers attended the scene, but according to Stuchbery, he then returned at 5am, asking again to be let in.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Mike Stuchbery💀🍷

I've spent the last few months documenting how 'Tommy Robinson’ uses doorstepping to intimidate his critics, and how social media giants have enabled it.

So what does he do? Turns up at my house tonight. 1/

1:29 AM - Mar 5, 2019
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Tasnime Akunjee, a solicitor, said Stuchbery was left shaken following the incident.

“Mr Lennon turned up at Mike Stuchbery’s home address at roughly 11pm and again at 5am. On both occasions, he violently banged on Mr Stuchbery’s doors and windows, causing alarm and distress to the occupants,” he said.

In a later tweet, Stuchbery said he had made a statement to police and handed them video and audio footage of the incident.

In a piece for the Independent, Stuchbery described a “loud, frantic rapping” on his door accompanied by Robinson’s “unmistakable voice” asking to speak to him. This was followed by a number of alerts on Stuchbery’s social media accounts, which suggested Robinson was livestreaming his visit.

“The banging continued, urgent and piercing. At one stage, it sounded like he was kicking at my front door. While he claimed to be alone, banging came from other windows – I strongly suspect he had an accomplice,” he wrote.

“As I called the police, he wailed and raved, claiming that I had placed his family in danger, scared his children, conspired with others to try to bring him down. He said he’d be back every night, that he had a list of journalists he would ‘expose’ too.”

Stuchbery went on to describe his wife becoming distressed before the police arrived and convinced Robinson to leave. However, Robinson allegedly returned at 5am. The police attended a second time and remained with Stuchbery for the rest of the night.

Robinson said he had gone to Stuchbery’s house in retaliation for events on Sunday, when a legal letter was filed to his family home, giving him formal notice of an intended libel action by lawyers representing a Syrian refugee who was allegedly attacked at a school.

Robinson claimed one of the group livestreamed the action and, in doing so, revealed the house where his wife and children live, exposing them to risk.

“What do you think the response should be when people turn up, knocking at my door, terrifying my children and putting then in danger?” he said.

Robinson does not allege Stuchbery went to his house. However, he was among those who helped organise a crowdfunding appeal that raised £10,300 towards the costs of the legal action against the founder of the English Defence League.

Footage of the 15-year-old victim, who can be identified only as Jamal, being pushed to the ground at his Huddersfield school and having water poured on his face attracted widespread condemnation in December.

Hours after the video went viral, Robinson claimed on Facebook that Jamal had previously attacked three schoolgirls and a boy, something denied by the mother of one of the girls allegedly assaulted.

Facebook deleted several of Robinson’s videos for violating community standards after Jamal’s family announced their intention to sue in November.

On Tuesday, the page was removed as Robinson was permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram for repeatedly breaking policies on hate speech.

Facebook said he broke rules that outlaw public calls for violence against people based on protected characteristics, rules that ban supporting or appearing with organised hate groups, and policies that prevent people from using the site to bully others.

How Ukip normalised far-right politics – video explainer
Robinson said by email that the delivery of the letter entailed “intimidating an innocent woman and her children by sending five men with a dog to the house while I wasn’t even in the country”. Stuchbery said on Twitter that the letter was handed to a police officer 50 metres from Robinson’s property.

In November, Batten appointed Robinson as his official adviser on prisons and grooming gangs, seen as part of a wider move of Ukip towards the far right.

The Ukip leader said Robinson, who faces a possible retrial after successfully appealing against a jail term for contempt of court for livestreaming videos to Facebook from outside a grooming gang case, had “great knowledge” about the subjects.

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