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terry-h 9:48 Wed Feb 20
Tony Gale
'Reggie' is co-commentating on the Derby v Millwall game tonight on Sky.
His fellow commentator mentioned Frank Lampard and Neil Harris went to Brentwood School together, and Gale replied " Yes,I know it well,near where I live in Billericay."

I may have misheard Galey,and he may have said "lived in Billericay" when he played for West Ham,or he could have been taking the piss!

Anyone confirm where he lives now?

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violator 6:44 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
Bumped into him at the Charlton away game (their last game at Selhurst) in the lounge as I had blagged a box ticket. I blathered onto him, off my tits about Keith Hackett being a cheating cunt, he just laughed, nodded and said "yeah I make you right", then my MATE pulled me away before I embarrassed myself even more

terry-h 6:34 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
So what have we learned about Galey that we didn't know until WHO aficionados stepped in with invaluable knowledge.
He may still be with the mother of his son Anthony who manages his father's football club in South West London.
He may also visit a younger model in Billericay when on the way back from visiting TC in Leigh on Sea.
He may drink too much at times and look miserable when shopping with the missus.

Do not confront him though as he is likely to tell you he has connections with the Kray family and either give you a right hander or show you his League Championship medal which he won at Blackburn with help from West Ham.

Good old Reggie!

JLAP 3:47 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
I’ll tell you where he’s living...

.. he’s still living off that Free Kick against Liverpool in the cup. (Up there with one of my favourite UP games).
Love Reginald, a great partner for Alvin and a decent follow up after Bonzo retired.

Far Post 3:09 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
He is a resident of Billericay.

A mate of mine bumped into him on the Jubilee Line at Canary Wharf one evening - Galey was smashed and asked how he could back to Billericay.

My mate got him back to Stratford and put him on a Southend Vic train. Every chance he woke up at Southend Vic !!

, 12:28 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
What is any man who posts on here doing being in a supermarket?

It is a rare thing for blokes of my acquaintance to visit such places.

Hermit Road 12:18 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
He looked miserable while shopping with his missis in Asda you say.

Eric Hitchmoe 10:38 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
Saw him walking round Asda in South Woodham Ferrers a couple of years ago with his Mrs who, by all accounts, looked a bit of a sort. Galey looked miserable.

Alfs 2:17 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
Bolty, Dodginghurst seems more of a place that Horst-Dieter Hottges lives (you may need to Google).

normannomates 1:40 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
Sent Galey in the wrong direction once..
Still have guilty moments

All rather surreal.. At the time I was fucked.. But functional.. Just strolling along.. Geezer in a black range rover slows downs asking me for directions to Northwood Football Club.. As I approached the vehicle.. Things went bandy.. 'alright tone' in a gay voice.. Sent him right instead of left..

Got back and realised I have fucked up..
I console myself in the fact I was off my nut..

Sorry Tone

Pop Robson 12:58 Fri Feb 22
Re: Tony Gale
Cottee did move to Leigh on Sea

Sir Trev is still where he has been forever

B6NY B 7:15 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
penners28 6:39 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale

Haha I was going to write that!

penners28 6:39 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
*waits for Buster...

Terrywait 5:36 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
His bird does

PostmanPissed 11:53 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
Spotted Galey strolling along, ice cream in hand, with his Mrs at Southend seafront on one of the May bank holidays last year.

HammerTime78 11:50 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
Walked past him him down Billericay High Street just before Christmas so I do believe this is where he lives.

As does Paul Allen who I saw about a year ago walking his dog over the park.

bruuuno 10:18 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
Why is that so hard to believe?

boltkunt 9:53 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
Seems a few live out my way.

Doesn't Cottee live in Doddinghurst?

Pop Robson 9:51 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
Was at Liverpool St waiting to get on on a Southend train last month and seen in Brentwood last week.

Northern Sold 9:47 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
Been seen plenty of times in Harrys bar over the years so yeah imagine he is a resident of 'riccay...

hammer205 1:38 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
He used to live in Wokingham during playing days
He split with mrs and lives in billeiricay with his new one

gph 12:16 Thu Feb 21
Re: Tony Gale
I drink white wine occasionally - I find red doesn't "go" with fish.

Goes brilliantly with other white meats, though.

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