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Far Cough 5:29 Thu Feb 21
Trevor Brooking's farewell
Never seen this before, what a player Geno was though


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Northern Sold 12:14 Mon Feb 25
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Enjoyed that... also enjoyed this...


... could never ever work out why Paul allen's goal was disallowed?? Great times...

Rio or Anton or Les 11:47 Sat Feb 23
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Fantastic video, never seen before by me!

Top man! Sir Trevor

stirlinghammer 1:51 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
you're right coffee..

'Lampard started for the youth team of West Ham United in 1964. At club level, he won two FA Cups with West Ham, in 1975 and 1980, and the old second division title in 1981. By the time he left the club on a free transfer at the end of the 1984–85 season, Lampard had played 660 games, scored 22 goals
He moved to Southend United for the 1985–1986 season, then managed by another ex-West Ham star Bobby Moore, and made 38 appearances for the Essex club before deciding to retire.'

the you tube video is worth a watch..great to see our old ground ..camera footage from ground level too that gives you the perfect angle to see brooking glide past players

Oh dear 1:40 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
I would be surprised if he really cared for West Ham anymore

Frank Lampard Snr is a cold hearted, hard and ruthless cunt who has been extremely successful away from football.

He was a great player and good servant to West Ham, there was a problem or two that soured the relationship, I’m sure he would have liked to be different if it could have been.

It wasn't and isn’t and he’s moved on.

Electric Retro-pants 1:29 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
For one horrific moment I thought you had written Trevor Brooking's funeral.

Thank the feck I'm just a reading special case!

terry-h 1:24 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Unlike his son, I don't recall Frank senior ever saying bad things about the club after his departure with Redknapp in 2001. He was a thoroughly professional player who suffered an early leg break, then a bad injury in the Cup Winners Cup final in1976. One of the best full backs West Ham ever had as well in my opinion.
Yes he does deserve the respect of West Ham fans without a doubt. I think junior took umbrage when his father lost his job through no fault of his own.

Lato 1:20 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Brooking was one of the best I have ever seen.....and had the best minder in Bonzo. Pop Robson was one of the best finishers I have ever seen ( what would he be worth in todays market? ) made it look so easy and Trev laid on bucket loads for him. It defies logic that both Bonzo and Pop never played for England . Devo was the type of player that got the fans excited with those scintilating runs two good feet, must have been a nightmare for defenders not knowing which way he would go.

Many happy days watching those four!

Coffee 12:55 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Far Cough

Enjoyed that - thanks for posting it.

stirlinghammer 12:42 Fri Feb 22

Didn't he play for Southend after leaving us?

stirlinghammer 12:42 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
i am the only one of here who played a 1 two with the great man and put the ball in the top corner during a training session laid on by our school for winning the league back in the day...

always happy to remind you all of that whenever the great man is mentioned

also, does Lampard snr deserve the same level of respect/a stand/toilet named after him? did he go on to play for anyone else?

Takashi Miike 10:34 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
biggest compliment I can give to both trev & dev is they made the game look easy, in the modern era where players like them are protected they'd both be worth over £100m

cholo 10:27 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell


Good quality version of the brooking documentary, complete with cheesy 80s music and video effects.

ludo21 10:25 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Someone needs to sit Declan Rice down in front of this video and say ‘this could be you son’.

LeroysBoots 10:21 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Makes me laugh how people rave about Payet and Anderson, flash in the pan Johnnie's compared to Trev and Dev.

I was lucky to see them both during their great years home and away, some of my best ever football memories.

This video proved you can be a superstar footballer and a gent at the same time, you don't have to be a blingy cunt

ludo21 10:14 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
That was fantastic.

Last time I saw Trev play was against QPR a few weeks before the end of the season and he was the best player on the pitch. What a great player and a wonderful person.

ChillTheKeel 9:34 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Cheers, FC. I'll watch this later on my prayer mat.

Oh dear 9:26 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Thanks for putting that up FC.

It brought back some fond memories.

To think we won our first 5 frames that season and then only won once in our last 12 games.

Bullet 3:02 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Different and brilliant in every way Brooking and Bonds. Although if I must choose Hadleigh just nicks it for me.

Alfs 2:09 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
I don't think you can compare Brooking with Bonds, such different qualities they possessed. They are both heroes from that era.

Between them they made nearly 1,200 appearances for us. Will that ever happen again?

That's what I miss most. A team that goes through thick and thin but mostly stays together.

normannomates 2:08 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
I never got to see pop Robson live.. Reckon he would been a favourite of mine.. Proper in every way

normannomates 2:05 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Kerry Dixon turning us down was embarrassing...
Embarrassing that we got that fucking desperate..
Fucking wanker ended up at Muzzie Town

normannomates 2:02 Fri Feb 22
Re: Trevor Brooking's farewell
Remember David Speedie coming to us.. Everyone against it.. Fair play to the cunt.. He got stuck in.

I respect that kind of fella

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