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LAF 1:06 Sat Feb 23
Next Level?
I was annoyed by Gary Neville’s frequent comments on Sky last night referring to Rice’s inevitable move to a bigger club one day. He also referred to Arnie’s prattish attitude as a reason why he hadn’t been picked up by a bigger club before now. Now, I make Neville right on both counts, but, how on earth will we ever kick on if we do continue to lose our best players? I know, an age old question. It’s just that Neville’s arrogance last night - that there’s a cartel out there which will never be challenged - really pissed me off. Maybe a cup run next season leading us back into Europe may help keep the vultures at bay and make Rice feel the club are upwardly mobile. Or even, dare I say it, follow the Spurs business model - the last club to break through, I suppose, Whatever, if we are to believe that the stadium move and a cultured coach are forward steps, we must secure the services of Rice, in particular, for the foreseeable future....as well prove that motor mouth Manc wrong.

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cartis 6:26 Sat Feb 23
Re: Next Level?
The support is incredible, the club you would think must be a very attractive proposition for a potential takeover.

As sure as night follows day we'll never be a serious club as long as Sullivan and that old cunt Gold are in charge, they are amateurs in the modern world of football and they will always be our limiting factor.

Romfordboy 6:11 Sat Feb 23
Re: Next Level?
What is the attendance going up to next season??

Willtell 6:03 Sat Feb 23
Re: Next Level?
Yes I loved the way Carragher and Neville spoke about Rice moving to a top 6 club...

Surely we'll be that next season and commentators need to get used to the fact that we are the 2nd best supported club in the PL I think?

Takashi Miike 4:49 Sat Feb 23
Re: Next Level?
the only team in England who could afford him is City and they've just bought the Croatian version of Rice who'll be joining full-time in the summer. I can't see Guardiola buying two young players in the same position straight away so it won't happen soon. you have to realise Neville spent his whole career his whole career at a massive club so everyone's players are fair game to him and his elitist mentality. fuck him and the rest who can't handle anyone but the usual suspects progressing

Yorkammer 4:43 Sat Feb 23
Re: Next Level?
Who wast the last player we lost to a 'big club'? Can't really count Payet as he engineered his departure. Tevez is the only one that springs to mind.

Takashi Miike 4:13 Sat Feb 23
Re: Next Level?
don't worry about him, he has no influence on transfers and won't be managing again any time soon. it shows what he knows by saying rice should be playing at centre back, a manc cunt

Mex Martillo 4:10 Sat Feb 23
Re: Next Level?
It is all down to success, everyone wants success. Pellegrini has pulling power to keep these players. If he can also win some things and get us playing in Europe each year, players will want to be with us. If we do not get successful they will leave.

andyd12345 1:29 Sat Feb 23
Re: Next Level?
As much as it pains me to say it, the reason Spurs managed to break into that top 4 was because Levy was is such a cunt to deal with. £80m for Bale 5 years ago was brilliant money, and he got top whack for Berbatov / Keane etc etc. Plus if Levy was a pushover they’d have lost Kane and Eriksen years ago.

Unfortunately our owners just aren’t savvy or cut throat enough. We should be slapping £200m on Rice’s head and not budge, similar to what Levy has done with Kane. As it is, someone will bid £45m, Sullivan will have his head turned and we’ll end up selling him for £52m plus bonuses or something

zico 1:25 Sat Feb 23
Re: Next Level?
Sadly the only way we would keep our best players is for some Billionaire to come in and do a Man City, that's the way it is now.

The only one who would (will) play a big part at any "big" Club though will be Rice. As argued to death Arnautovic wouldn't be a regular starter at a bigger Club just the way Mahrez and Shaquiri are bit parts where they are now.

Money rules. Most of these guys would rather earn packets and pick up trophies by playing a mere 10 games a year than play for a West Ham as a big fish for 38 games.

But it's always been there Cottee, McAvennie, Paul Allen the list is endless and the days of a Bonzo or Brooking are long gone unless as I say a Sheikh walks in to the LS!!

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