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Alan 1:42 Sat Mar 9
Anderson - what a star.
Evening Standard

West Ham star Felipe Anderson: I want to play like Paolo Di Canio and be remembered as a star



Eyes on the prize: Anderson wants to win trophies with West Ham in years to come ( AFP/Getty Images )

When he eats out at restaurants in London, Felipe Anderson always has to double check with his waiter to make sure he is not overpaying for his meal.

The Brazilian has learned English quickly since he joined West Ham last summer but he is still struggling to get the hang of numbers in his new language.

It is one of the few things Anderson has found difficult during his first eight months here.

He is enjoying a brilliant debut season in the Premier League and is already talking about wanting to become a West Ham hero like Paolo Di Canio.

Anderson made a slow start after his £36million move from Lazio but he soon adapted to the demands of English football and has thrown himself into life in the capital.

He has told West Ham officials he wants to live like a Londoner. When the 25-year-old has time off he likes to explore the city, take in some tourist attractions and he already speaks good English, though he does this interview through an interpreter.

It is clear Anderson is loving his time in London. He wants to win trophies with West Ham in years to come, but before then he wants to learn numbers in English properly to avoid any problems when he goes out for dinner.

“I understand almost everything in English,” says Anderson. “I am just not 100 per cent on numbers, so when I am out I am comfortable ordering food but when I am paying, I have to make sure I am paying the right amount!

“I had many things to manage when I moved here — the weather, a new language, a new club, all different things. But I am adapting day after day. I always have new things to learn and that excites me.

“I love being here and I want to live like an English person. What I love about this place is that there is a huge cultural mix — many different people coming from all different parts of the world, all different backgrounds and they all accept each other. I always dreamed one day to be playing in the Premier League and I am settled here already.

“To speed up the process of understanding English I have been watching You (a US thriller) on Netflix in English with the Portuguese subtitles. It is helping me strengthen my hearing and in our house, on every single object, we have the English translation. So, for example, when we go in the kitchen we know the names of the glasses, the forks and the fridge. I am just struggling with the numbers.”

West Ham made a slow start to the season but Anderson quickly endeared himself to Hammers fans with a string of fine displays under Manuel Pellegrini. His good form led to his recall last week to the Brazil squad.

Anderson has impressed everyone at West Ham with his work ethic. He is one of the first players to arrive at the training ground and one of the last to leave, always honing his skills and doing extra gym work to bulk up for the physical demands of English football.

“I want to pay back the club for the opportunity they gave me and the love the supporters are giving to me,” says Anderson, speaking as he unveiled a pair of custom boots. “I am happy with what I have done until now, but there are things I would like to improve. I would like to do more, there is always margin to grow and reduce mistakes, fix things to get things perfect.

“We had a tough situation at the beginning of the season because many players were new, but we are training better every week and I am sure we are going to do good things.”

All that hard work means Anderson is able to make the game look deceptively easy at times, such as when he adjusted his gloves while dribbling with the ball against Arsenal in January. It was a measure of just how comfortable he feels, on and off the pitch.

“I was trying to run and I realised I had to fit my glove but I put two fingers in one hole,” he laughs. “It was not easy, I was trying to run, dribble, and then try to fit all five fingers into the glove. It was a funny moment. I was trying to make it as easy as possible to put my glove on, and then doing my job.”

Anderson further endeared himself to West Ham fans when he sang I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles alongside Fabian Balbuena during the club’s recent trip to Marbella. He wants to follow in the footsteps of Di Canio, who is idolised by Lazio and West Ham fans alike.

“He was a legend at Lazio and I know a lot about him,” says Anderson. “I saw him many times and know his importance there, and here. Now I am at West Ham I want to follow in his steps, play like him and earn a reputation like him. I hope I can do the same as him and be remembered as a star for both clubs.”

If Anderson continues his excellent form for West Ham then it may not be long before Champions League clubs come in for him. But the winger, who signed a four-year contract last summer, wants to help West Ham win trophies in this exciting new era at the club.

“I just want to do my best for the club, win as many titles as possible,” he says. “I am happy here, I am not looking for something else.”

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Texas Iron 8:12 Mon Mar 11
Re: Anderson - what a star.
...more on goal...

Texas Iron 8:11 Mon Mar 11
Re: Anderson - what a star.
Needs to model himself on Ronaldo...
Complete dedication... put in the effort in every game and not make too many ticky-tacky passes that end up going to the opposition
Has the talent and skills needs to up his game face and be more aggressive and shoot more on go

master 4:28 Mon Mar 11
Re: Anderson - what a star.
i think he's deferring to lanzini a little too much at the moment and needs to grab the initiative for himself a bit more.

Pee Wee 3:13 Mon Mar 11
Re: Anderson - what a star.
Agree with that.

I just wish a player would stop telling us how he wants to be viewed and go out an earn the adulation.

We'll be quick to give it as soon as he consistently shows he deserves it

scott_d 3:11 Mon Mar 11
Re: Anderson - what a star.
I'll take this current Anderson in this, his first season, with a slightly disjointed team.

Pellegrini couldn't exactly make wholesale changes in the summer when he came in but he'll have another chance to mould this squad into what he wants come the summer.

I'm not saying he's been good enough, I just think we might see a better, more consistant player if Pellers can surround him with the right players.

Lanzini coming back will hopefully help.
Nasri looks like he's also on the same level.

But we do not have a settled first choice striker with any kind of form at the moment. Chicharito just doesn't seem to want to put the work in and Arnie looks like he's just seeing out the season. Are Carroll and Perez even worth a mention?

Pee Wee 2:09 Mon Mar 11
Re: Anderson - what a star.
Diamanti said the same thing - and he was an over rated over hyped and astoundinglyy over loved waste of semen

Northern Sold 2:07 Mon Mar 11
Re: Anderson - what a star.
Reminds me of Alan Devonshire... that's the best compliment I can give him...

dealcanvey 12:05 Mon Mar 11
Re: Anderson - what a star.
he's a good player with bags of talent. Needs to be more consistent. As said below. Since December/January he has been off form.

crystal falace 12:04 Mon Mar 11
Re: Anderson - what a star.
He does give the ball away a lot, but I think a lot of that is to do with him always being the one who's looking to play that defence splitting pass.

Maybe he needs to learn to just try and keep possession at times and wait for better opportunity.

the exile 3:49 Sun Mar 10
Re: Anderson - what a star.
He was terrific in December but has been off the boil for quite a while now and was rightly subbed yesterday. Quite a lot of our possession broke down due to sloppy passes from him. He has his moments but is too passive for my liking. Badly needs to up his game and justify his price tag.

Chigwell 3:41 Sun Mar 10
Re: Anderson - what a star.
Be nice if he tried learning to use his left foot though.

normannomates 5:53 Sun Mar 10
Re: Anderson - what a star.
Exactly mate.
Boys done good for me.. First season.. Nearly ever present.. Scored some quality.. And bods have a moan up.. What cos he cost 40mill?

Inconsistent.. Yes.. but ffs.. Some of you's need a reality check.. We are WHU.. Makes me wonder sometimes

fraser 5:39 Sun Mar 10
Re: Anderson - what a star.
He's off form. But a joy to watch when he's on form.

normannomates 3:43 Sun Mar 10
Re: Anderson - what a star.
How bods can knock the geezer is pathetic tbh.

medwayhammer1 3:35 Sun Mar 10
Re: Anderson - what a star.
So im guessing from all the experts on here, we aint supposed to like him anymore? Anyway, useless cunt, booooo etc etc

Barty 10:25 Sat Mar 9
Re: Anderson - what a star.
He will get better

happygilmore 10:14 Sat Mar 9
Re: Anderson - what a star.
When he said he wants to play like Di Canio, did he mean, not turn up for away games?

RBshorty 7:32 Sat Mar 9
Re: Anderson - what a star.
Di Canio would have refused to travel to Cardiff. So the comparison is pointless.

Queens Fish Bar 7:28 Sat Mar 9
Re: Anderson - what a star.

bruuuno 3:10 Sat Mar 9

Fine if its a sativa.

Westham67 7:15 Sat Mar 9
Re: Anderson - what a star.
He WANTS to play like Di Canio which is good no ?

Pagey 7:04 Sat Mar 9
Re: Anderson - what a star.
Please don’t compare Anderson to Di Canio. That’s ridiculous and the ultimate in talking absolute bollocks.

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