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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

philj904 6:36 Tue Mar 12
Swearing at matches
Taking the fucking piss


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percyd 9:46 Tue Mar 19
Re: Swearing at matches
Is it not odd that there seems to be this - wot - gentrification at football while the popular visual media, TV and film is awash with swearing. Thanks to another thread I've just watched - and thoroughly enjoyed - Gervais' recent effort "After Life". I lost count of the use of "cunt.

Maybe we should only swear at floodlit games?

David L 11:35 Sun Mar 17
Re: Swearing at matches
Have you read Karrrrrens article in the Sun today all about her charter that all the London PL clubs have signed up to?

Thank fuck I dont go any more

normannomates 2:30 Sun Mar 17
Re: Swearing at matches
Swearing on a Saturday?


PwoperNaughtyButNot 12:13 Sat Mar 16
Re: Swearing at matches

Alfie 11:44 Fri Mar 15
Re: Swearing at matches
I tell you this

One time, long ago, iwas a voyager - an explorer.

I had gone to Papua New Guinea.

Bona fide, i shit you not.

I had gone up the big river - with locals in boats whose prows barely sat proud of the river.

We sailed for many days and nights until i lost the calendar and only knew night when it went dark and day when it lightened bright.

Under that charcoal smelling sky and slick blue river dry i sailed up into the wide unknown, no known time or calendar days were by my side.

Everyone else who was there then or since has died.

At the end of the river on my knees i cried.

I had found the south bank, west ham, thames side.

eusebiovic 11:30 Fri Mar 15
Re: Swearing at matches
Alfie 11:07 Fri Mar 15

I can't think of anything that made me laugh more than the swearing on the South Bank.

Tears streaming down my face every time...it was guaranteed.

Malcolm Tucker had nothing on those boys.

Alfie 11:07 Fri Mar 15
Re: Swearing at matches
The swearing up west ham used to be one of my favourite things. The swearing on the south bank was some of the most sublime id ever fucking heard. Some of the most abrasive - aggressive - truly spoken and most profoundly fucking felt you could ever hope to hear. It made you do a big fuck off grin when you heard it. It was proper - manly - docker. Naughty. Big boys.

I was like captain cook up there as a 12 year old. Disvovering new islands of sweary language. The swearing up west ham was some of the best and purest london swearing theres ever been. Anyone who doesnt understand that can fuck right off and aint proper.

I refined my knowledge and enjoyment of swearing up west ham as a kid into an adult & anyone like minded did the same. Anyone who didnt wasnt there and can fuck off.

Mike Oxsaw 10:21 Fri Mar 15
Re: Swearing at matches
A football ground, watching a match, is the perfect opportunity to let off steam - I wonder if there's any correlation between the sanitisation of football and the rise in street violence...

Golden Oldie 3:01 Fri Mar 15
Re: Swearing at matches
Hearing swearing at football matches is unavoidable especially from the perspective of someone cursed with supporting a club like West Ham over the years

boleyn8420 2:29 Fri Mar 15
Re: Swearing at matches
I may as well stop going then. If the opposing team scores, For Fucks Sake is an entirely appropriate response. Oh dash it all. Is not. When our forward is scythed down, You dirty cunt, is an entirely appropriate response. You rotter. Is not. When we are playing shit. C'mon you cunts fucking wake yer selves up. Is an appropriate response. I say chaps shake a leg. Is not. When there is an obvious offside. Fuck me lino Stevie Wonder could see that was offside. Yeah well nowadays that one would probably get me into trouble

1964 10:45 Fri Mar 15
Re: Swearing at matches
yogib 5:36 Wed Mar 13

East Stand

arsene york-hunt 5:50 Thu Mar 14
Re: Swearing at matches
The effing, blinding, anger and rage expressed at football matches is better expressed at the football than finding another outlet elsewhere.

JLAP 6:03 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches
Fifth Column 11:56 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches

Fifth, I read that as the daughter at first mate.

yogib 5:36 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches

Maybe it depended on where you were and who was around you - I was in the West Lower at UP, now in the 1966 seats. The steward near me is West Ham not a know nothing jobsworth, a friend is a steward around 114ish and she knows how we may behave when we see bad decisions and poor effort so understands our reactions.

A part of going to football has been a release from a shit week, the ability to release a bit of anger or frustration by either enjoying a goal or letting out a bit of anger when it's crap......maybe we're not allowed to show any passion anymore.

1964 3:26 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches

It was at the Boleyn that I got bollocked by the stewards

Mike Oxsaw 3:25 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches
Can you just imagine the culture of the 1960s/70s Chicken Run being transposed to the O/S today?

Everyone would be banned within a week.

Rearrange these words into a well-known phrase or saying:

Shit. Football. Modern. Is.

yogib 3:21 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches
A big problem is the day trippers that come to games - I regularly swear, but not overly, every now and then when I've had a few too many beverages before I may be a tad aggressive- get the hump with the quiet people around and cunts that sing Bubbles with "they reach the sky"

Didn't have this crap at the Boleyn

Mike Oxsaw 3:05 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches
Peterboroughiron 11:33 Wed Mar 13

You think THAT's bad!

If you've got one of those Alexa gizmos or a Smart TV/phone that has an active microphone, if that picks up you swearing - even in your own home - and it subsequently becomes available in the public domain, that's a potential criminal action (and another tick-box solved crime for the Feds.)

1964 3:01 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches
Someone reported me for swearing once. The stewards cfame and had a word, that was it. I looked round to see if I could see who it was who moand everyone was looking straight ahed without looking at me. Cunts.

I still swear when we play shit, might get thrown out one day if they are serious.

penners28 2:54 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches
Bloke on TWITTER the other day actually tweeted a club to ask if the ground had a quiet area that he could sit in...

Football is SHIT now

Fifth Column 11:56 Wed Mar 13
Re: Swearing at matches
The bloke who sits next to me has a 4 year old daughter he brings to every match. Swears more than anyone I've heard in 36 years of going to West Ham. Gets v animated with the stewards too. Daughter doesn't bat an eyelid.

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