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pass the dutchy 9:05 Wed Mar 13
Club London
So when we moved to the new ground me and two mates decided to upgrade from band 3 tickets to club London tickets. Held season tickets for 20 years.

We had to pay for three years £2016 per season and then £500 to be a member.

Now three years on we want to move to another area in the ground. However it seems we are not allowed to do so and only have two options:

A) Renew club London for £2400 per season plus the membership fee
B) start from scratch at the back of the waiting list.

Club London is not value for money and we want out but also want to renew in say band 4.

Is anyone else going through this as I’m gobsmacked I may not be even able to go next year after 24 years holding a season ticket.

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Bullet 1:16 Tue May 7
Re: Club London
But it's still West Ham, and that's how they get you. It's not easy to let go.

I understand that, although I'm starting to believe that they have changed West Ham beyond all recognition. Brady said we are customers, West Ham is just a product to them, but far inferior to what it once was.

Hermit Road 12:55 Tue May 7
Re: Club London
Worth going up for a look.

tnb 12:52 Tue May 7
Re: Club London
Really, Hermit? Now I am tempted. Looking up at them it looks as if it would be atrocious.

Hermit Road 12:47 Tue May 7
Re: Club London
“It's hard to let go of, as I can't even begin to imagine how bad it must be from of the upper tiers.”

In all honesty probably the best thing about the new ground is the view from the upper tiers. It’s excellent.

tnb 12:35 Tue May 7
Re: Club London
It is now possible to sweet talk them into allowing you to get out of the three year lock in, I think they may be getting itchy feet about people not renewing and needing to know how many new spaces they have to sell. They were showing prospective customers around at the Southampton game. They even had a 'live music' performance of sorts. Against Leicester they were giving away vouchers on the way in for a free drink before the game which they never do. Almost everyone made a comment along the lines of 'renewal time is it?' on the way in. It was pathetic really.

To be honest it's not worth it by any reasonable assessment, at least in terms of the 'extras'. But what you do get is pretty much the best view in the whole ground. It's hard to let go of, as I can't even begin to imagine how bad it must be from of the upper tiers.

The idea that you have to go to the back of the season ticket queue as if you never had one is a joke though- especially having had one at the Boleyn for years prior. Founders be damned eh? When we agreed to renew for one more year, as opposed to three, they even suggested we could use it as a year to work our way up the waiting list. I can't see us (my Dad and I, to be clear, the former of whom has been going since the late 50s) staying much longer. But hey, next year might be our year eh?

They're money grabbing bastards and the whole ethos of the club has changed beyond recognition, there's no doubt about that. But it's still West Ham, and that's how they get you. It's not easy to let go.

Northern Sold 11:01 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
That is outrageous Huffers.... got you with a proper Golden pair of handcuffs there....

Huffers 10:48 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
Yeah it is true. I’ve had a season ticket for nearly 20 years. Not missed a home game in that time, missed about 10 aways in the last 13 years and was told I’ve got to join the waiting list if I leave Club London, with no guarantee of a seat and thus losing my 49 priority points. Therefore, I had to renew - not that i wouldn’t have necessarily. Unsure what I’ll do when I start to take my son though.

Northern Sold 10:39 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
.... now ....if only they threw in a free box of Popcorn??

My MATE has given up his 3 but he does not want to get tickets elsewhere in the ground... his brother has 2 tickets and will use when not being used etc... but the blokes giving up and then being told to go to the back of the queue it ain't on... if true it absolutely stinks...

Takashi Miike 9:52 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
"exclusive lounge access, complimentary drinks, Legend appearances, free matchday programme, additional home and away match ticket priority, plus the first three home cup games are included"


moorethanjustananon 9:47 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
Out of interest, not that I’m going to buy into it, what does £2400 a season get you over and above your seat?

cambsiron 9:29 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
On the subject of renewals, has anyone used their club cash against an online renewal? If so, at what stage did you apply it? I seem to get to the payment review stage without it giving me the option to use my balance against it.

I'm very keen not to have to phone the ticket office!!

Huffers 2:38 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
No guarantee, no.

I asked too late for the FA Cup game vs Wimbledon - apparently 150+ were ahead of me. I've got the maximum amount of points possible so its not even like they issue in order of points (just how quick you ask).

Syd Puddefoot 12:12 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
Huffers 10:47 Mon May 6

Thanks. So no guarantee then?

Sarge 10:53 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
And its also how and why Watford/ Tottenham tickets went so quickly but man u went down to 6 points.........

Huffers 10:47 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
You just tell your account manager you want tickets for certain games and they will try to get them for you. I think they have 50 per match. It’s how I got my Wimbledon away tickets in the league cup.

Syd Puddefoot 10:38 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
B6NY B 10:50 Sun May 5

So how does the "ACCESS TO ADDITIONAL HOME AND AWAY TICKETS" work then? I don't see any reference to a priority window when the away match ticketing details are announced. Is it just an away season ticket at extra cost?

Just curious, NOT considering going corporate.

pass the dutchy 10:06 Mon May 6
Re: Club London
Will see what happens May 31st.

Does anyone know if they put you in the waiting list do you get confirmation of this?

Haven’t seen anything apart from our account manager saying he’s done it.

It capped it all off on Saturday when we got soaked just before half time. If only the seats had a roof over them.

normannomates 5:47 Mon May 6
Re: Club London

Sorry arsed TOBY'S.

REAP what you sow..


B6NY B 10:50 Sun May 5
Re: Club London
my MATE wanted one for spurs but was told he couldn’t have one as he’d yet to RENEW Club London. ‘Review and you can have an away ticket’ That was done via text n all - LOL

I know 3 people who’ve fucked it off (will get ST in other part of ground), all got wedge but say it’s a fucking shambles for the money.

El Scorchio 9:34 Sun May 5
Re: Club London
Yeah, it’s proper shit forcing people to to go to the back of the queue for regular season tickets- especially considering they will have been paying premium prices to the club the last few years.

They should just let them join the relocation process in the summer.

Club are probably worried people will just migrate from those seats and leave the blocks empty because they aren’t worth it.

Hermit Road 5:38 Sun May 5
Re: Club London
This is probably the most cynical and nasty thing I’ve heard about from the people who run our club. It’s a proper stitch up not letting them buy a normal season ticket.

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