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Gaffer58 5:00 Sun Mar 17
Sterling penalty
Just seen Sterlings penalty at Swansea yesterday, if that's a penalty than all contact is a foul today, I'd even say he dived but don't want to be called a racist!!!

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Mex Martillo 8:36 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
Brices, if you can please answer these questions:

Did Suarez dive?
Did Suarez stand on the defenders foot?
Not counting that Saurez stood on him, did the defender touch Suarez in any way?
How close would you estimate the defenders foot was to the ball just before Suarez stood on it?

Brucies_Star_Prize 8:16 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty

Haha! Fooled the VAR? You realise how ridiculous that is?

If you can't understand why the penalty was correctly upheld then there's not much helping you. The defender left his feet, slid across Suarez and didn't play the ball. That's all there is to it.

Mex Martillo 8:03 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
I agree Sven, I see to often the forward knocks the ball forward probably too far to keep control and shot, he then looks for contact with the defender and dives. The defender is committed to cover but the ball has been knocked out of his reach and he has a forward looking to get some contact to justify his going down. It is really hard, there are some experts forwards out there fooling refs and the VAR ref needs guidlines to stop this cheating.

Sven Roeder 6:41 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
Just saying that the VAR guidelines need to make it clear that if the forward has initiated the contact a free kick will be awarded against him
Ditto if the contact is so minimal that it hasn’t stopped the forward continuing with his attacking action but has just seen him COLLAPSE to the floor.
And they need to start giving pens when the player tries to stay on his feet when he is clipped or lunged at

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:05 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
Razzle 5:11 Tue Mar 19

I stand corrected. But how dare you drag me out of the 1960s!!

Mex Martillo 5:59 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
Brucies_Star_Prize 3:35 Tue Mar 19

Oh dear, Suarez went down dramatically and unnecessarily and fooled you and the VAR referee. Why do you think it is okay for Suarez to stand on the players foot and dive like that. When did sliding for the ball and not the man become an offense?

Razzle 5:11 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty

Simulation falls under the C1 offence (unsporting Behaviour) There is no such thing as 'ungentlemanly conduct'

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:00 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty

Correct. And the laws don't even need to be changed. Simulating a severe foul and rolling around trying to get a pen or a player sent off is 'ungentlemanly conduct'. No reason at all not to punish that just because the defender has put his hand on the offender's shoulder.

Sniper 4:55 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
I’d actually be quite happy for refs to award free kicks or penalties to the attacking team for a foul but still book anyone who totally over reacts to win it.

That’s soon stop the rolling about shit

Brucies_Star_Prize 3:35 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
Mex Martillo 12:11 Tue Mar 19

The penalty was given because it was clearly a penalty. The defender slid across Suarez's path and was nowhere near the ball so it wasn't as though Suarez initiated the contact. The fact that Suarez rolled around like a pansy is neither here nor there.

Ultimately VAR will mean that defenders have to be a lot more careful in and around the box, whether that be making sure they don't clip the back of striker's heals, stick their arms out or wrestle opponents at set pieces. It will make for more entertaining football in my humble.

Sven Roeder 3:27 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
Have said that if they are going to use VAR for pens they need to give us some guidelines as to what a pen is.
As said get a feeling they are going to use the same old cheats and say ‘there was contact’ whenever someone like Man C or U are involved.

boleyn8420 2:11 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
Interesting factoid. VAR was first trialled at Swansea's ground in 2017 and the referee that day was the same one Mr Andre Marinner. I need to get a life

Grumpster 12:40 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
Just what it is nowadays and why I rarely watch it on tv other than the lower leagues, as it's turned into a massively gay sport at the top level.

Can literally only ever remember one person diving in my entire playing career in the Dagenham league and the fella in question was hospitalised for it about 5 minutes later with a nice bit of concussion.

Now THAT was funny.

Mex Martillo 12:11 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
Did anyone else see this one by Suarez against Lyon?
The crappyist part was the ref asked for VAR confirmation, during the wait they showed it in slow motion for all to see Suarez stepped on the defenders foot and then dived in agony. The VAR confirmed it was a penalty and Barca had their first goal. Bloody joke, if thats how they are going to use VAR.

Sniper 11:38 Tue Mar 19
Re: Sterling penalty
For once I don’t actually think he dives, I think he fell and he wasn’t actually appealing himself was he?

It’s a shit decision and even more unlucky with the ball hitting the post and coming back off the keeper as well - that’s just cruel.

But then they’re welsh so fuck em

Sven Roeder 10:03 Mon Mar 18
Re: Sterling penalty
Would Swansea have got a pen in that situation? NO
Would Swansea have been allowed Aguero’s offside goal? NO
Have Man City had any offside goals scored against them or conceded any soft pens in the Prem League this season? I’M GOING TO GUESS NO

4ever-blowin-bubbles 9:57 Mon Mar 18
Re: Sterling penalty
i think it was 1 of them
sometimes you get them and sometimes you don't
but it does seem the the big teams get them more

Gaffer58 9:26 Mon Mar 18
Re: Sterling penalty
Also read last week that 62% of tackles in he premier result in a free kick, that's either useless tackling, lots of diving or refs not know wing what a good tackle is, or maybe it's what the authorities want, a completely non contact game.

zico 9:32 Sun Mar 17
Re: Sterling penalty
To be fair to him (for a change) I don't think he dived as it was a natural fall after getting tackled and he didn't look behind him to claim it, from what I have seen anyway. Never a penalty though and if you look at the Referees position he can never see that unless he has Xray vision and surely if you are not 100% sure you can't give it.

What's more concerning though is why VAR is only used in PL grounds (even though Swansea could easily accommodate it). You can't have a competition where a few have VAR and a few don't, all Clubs should have the same benefits surely? Say City get through the next round because VAR rules out a penalty and an offside for the opposition, that would be another kick in the knackers for Swansea. Not City's fault though the powers that be should sort this out. Either every game has VAR or none do.

North Bank 9:16 Sun Mar 17
Re: Sterling penalty
Take a look at Mane's dive today, these penalties only ever go to clubs on a regular basis like City or the Scouse

Keep dreaming 5:14 Sun Mar 17
Re: Sterling penalty
This was discussed in the Saturday football thread.
He didn't dive, but then again it wasn't a penalty. It was a perfectly good tackle, but the refs always award the top teams these decisions.

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