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worm 4:05 Thu Mar 21
I'm thinking about getting myself a Mclaren Senna.
Doesnt have to be new.

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Westham67 3:33 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
The Government in Thailand ran a promotion that anyone who bought a 1.5got about 2K gbp off we paid about another 7 grand and we (Mrs) got a 4 door Fiesta sport I wanted claret the Mrs wanted icy blue (Like my eyes haha) guess what we got

A lot of people bought them on finance and couldn't pay so you can pick up the a1 year old and low mileage for about 4 K

cholo 3:24 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
Any Old Iron

The twinny was another fantastic engine.

cholo 3:23 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
Neither the 156 or 166 were poorly built. As long as you followed the cam belt replacement advice and serviced regularly they were generally good. The 156 sold loads but the more expensive 166 suffered chronic depreciation and didn't do so well. The v6 busso version of the 166 will be appreciating in next few years.

Any Old Iron 3:18 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
cholo 7:59 Sat Mar 23

My Alfa 75 was a 2.0l Twin Spark, which was plenty quick enough for me. The best handling car I've ever had.

I've also had a 164 with the 3.0 V6 engine, but only for a few weeks. The Alfa dealer in west London lent me it while the 75 was having some work.
Sensational engine and a work of art.

Tomshardware 1:39 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
Alfa Romeo's have always been poor build quality. The 166 was a lovely looking luxury car.

jfk 11:51 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
I could have a decent motor if I could be arsed. I can't. Got a couple of potential good earning jobs in Edinburgh 4 hours on a rattler and a good booze after if things go alright.
Why would anyone want to drive that far?

joe royal 11:33 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
My BMW 330 convertible seemed to break down every six weeks .

Car I have now is 6 speed , leather , heated seats , decent stereo and the roof folds into the boot at the flick of a switch . 50 mpg and 350 a year to insure.

Shame it’s an Astra.

cholo 7:59 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
Any Old Iron 4:08 Fri Mar 22

The 156 SW is an absolute beauty and a decent one is a rare thing now days.

The problems a 75 will give you, and it will give you problems, are probably worth the hassle if it's a busso V6, probably the greatest sounding mass produced engine ever made. Can still pick a cloverleaf up for sub five grand but not for long as are appreciating.

normannomates 4:24 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars

normannomates 4:17 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
I told Michael Palin to go fuck himself in Copenhagen for no reason whatsoever.

jfk 3:14 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
Cars are a fucking waste of dosh.
My two cars are an 09 Renault clio the equililivant of a ford 1,5 engine fast number I gave to my son,
And a Honda CR-V leathered up 16 plate.
Cars are fucking boring.
I'd rather spend a grand on a new leather jacket than a car.
Allways loved good clobber me.

normannomates 3:00 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
Traffic light air fresheners😁

normannomates 2:57 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
Always remember that only cunts drove sierra cosworths

normannomates 2:55 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
My cousin actually had Toyota Celica.. Around 85..shitty brown colourway.. But what a fuckin beauty that was looking back
Prince on sounds..

normannomates 2:51 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars
As a kid..loved the 3500 Rover.. All the quality motors back then had that magical leather smell in the summer

normannomates 2:46 Sat Mar 23
Re: Cars

Bernie 8:05 Fri Mar 22
Re: Cars
I had a BMW 330 ci soft top, lovely car when everything was working on it, which wasn't very often.

Gave it up for scrap in the end

Too Much Too Young 8:02 Fri Mar 22
Re: Cars
I had a Holbay Hunter for about 3 months...until the brakes went at junction.

Far Cough 7:50 Fri Mar 22
Re: Cars
My cars:

Austin A40
Ford Anglia
Ford Cortina Mk 1
Ford Cortina Mk 3
Hillman Hunter
Chevy Nova
Honda Accord
Chevy S 10
Chevy Silverado
Chevy Silverado 4x4 Extended cab

Too Much Too Young 7:44 Fri Mar 22
Re: Cars
If i could have 5 motors from my 20's.

Escort Mexico Mk1
Lotus Cortina - White/green strip
Lotus Talbot Sunbeam
Triumph Dolomite Sprint
A mega suped up Min Copper

Bungo 5:43 Fri Mar 22
Re: Cars
There is some strong 'whoosh' on this thread for sure...

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