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Manip 3:53 Mon Apr 1
The Grand National 2019
Saturday 6th April. 17.15pm ITV1.

Any early WHO special tips?

Anibale Fly (Tony Martin) 11-10
Valtor (Nicky Henderson) 11-6
Tiger Roll (Gordon Elliott) 11-5
Outlander (Gordon Elliott) 11-4
Don Poli (Gordon Elliott) 11-3
Go Conquer (Nigel Twiston-Davies) 11-3
Mala Beach (Gordon Elliott) 11-2
Minella Rocco (Jonjo O'Neill) 11-1
Lake View Lad (Nick Alexander) 11-1
Pleasant Company (Willie Mullins) 11-1
Ballyoptic (Nigel Twiston Davies) 11-1
Dounikos (Gordon Elliott) 11-00
Rathvinden (Willie Mullins) 11-00
One For Arthur (Lucinda Russell) 11-00
Rock The Kasbah (Philip Hobbs) 10-13
Warriors Tale (Paul Nicholls) 10-13
Regal Encore (Anthony Honeyball) 10-12
Magic Of Light (Jessica Harrington) 10-11
A Toi Phil (Gordon Elliott) 10-11
Jury Duty (Gordon Elliott) 10-11
Noble Endeavour (Gordon Elliott) 10-10
Sandymount Duke (Jessica Harrington) 10-10
Monbeg Notorious (Gordon Elliott) 10-10
Ramses De Teillee (David Pipe) 10-9
Tea For Two (Jane Williams) 10-9
Mall Dini (Patrick Kelly) 10-8
Step Back (Mark Bradstock) 10-7
Ultragold (Colin Tizzard) 10-7
Ms Parfois (Anthony Honeyball) 10-2
Pairofbrowneyes (Willie Mullins) 10-6
Blow By Blow (Gordon Elliott) 10-6
Up For Review (Willie Mullins) 10-6
Singlefarmpayment (Tom George) 10-6
Vieux Lion Rouge (David Pipe) 10-6
Valseur Lido (Henry de Bromhead) 10-6
Vintage Clouds (Sue Smith) 10-6
General Principle (Gordon Elliott) 10-4
Livelovelaugh (Willie Mullins) 10-4
Walk In The Mill (Robert Walford) 10-4
Folsom Blue (Gordon Elliott) 10-4

(Folsom Blue is currently number 40 on the list of entries...)

Bless The Wings (Gordon Elliott) 10-3
Captain Redbeard (Stuart Coltherd) 10-3
Joe Farrell (Rebecca Curtis) 10-2
Just A Par (James Moffatt) 10-2
The Young Master (Neil Mulholland) 10-2
Baie Des Iles (Ross O'Sullivan) 10-2
Isleofhopendreams (Willie Mullins) 10-2
Exitas (Phil Middleton) 10-2
Red Infantry (Ian Williams) 10-2
Shantou Village (Neil Mulholland) 10-2
Cogry (Nigel Twiston-Davies) 10-0
Out Sam (Gordon Elliott) 10-0
Fact Of The Matter (Jamie Snowden) 10-0
Mr Diablo (J P Demsey) 9-13
Impulsive Star (Neil Mulholland) 9-13
Kingswell Theatre (Michael Scudamore) 9-13
Carole's Destrier (Neil Mulholland) 9-12
Milansbar (Neil King) 9-12
Borice (Gordon Elliott) 9-11
Measureofmydreams (Gordon Elliott) 9-11
Splash Of Ginge (Nigel Twiston-Davies) 9-11
Ziga Boy (Alan King) 9-11
Highland Lodge (James Moffatt) 9-9
Call It Magic (Ross O'Sullivan) 9-9
Kilcrea Vale (Nicky Henderson) 9-9
Looking Well (Nicky Richards) 9-7
Potters Corner (Christian Williams) 9-6
Morney Wing (Charlie Mann) 9-3
Rathlin Rose (David Pipe) 9-2
Scoir Mear (Thomas Mullins) 9-1

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Northern Sold 5:52 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Afternoon Manor.... still imprisoning rabbits??


Any of your lot bringing Oz to a standstill ??

ManorParkHammer 4:36 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
How many horses murdered this year?

Northern Sold 2:16 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Dad of Tom... you know what I have never seen it... will give it a whirl with a box kleenex near by just in case....


Decent piece

Tomsdad 1:25 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
What about National Velvet?

Bet you cried like a baby!

Eerie Descent 12:48 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Was that before or after you were foraging in ringpiece valley?

Northern Sold 12:18 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
I got choked up watching both Secretariat and Seabiscuit films... stirs your heart .... you absolute and utter Millwall cunt...

Eerie Descent 12:11 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Don't turn this into Millwall, son... you have CRIED over horse racing?

*skips through lavender field*

You absolute bandit.

Toe Rag 12:10 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
I reckon horse racing will be banned in the uk in my lifetime.

What odds will you offer me?

Northern Sold 12:08 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Got choked up plenty of times watching it fella.... yup... bit like you when you used to watch Harry the Dog fly into action... same type of thing...

Eerie Descent 12:06 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Forget whether it's ethical/humane or whatever the fuck, please just tell me you haven't CRIED at horse racing, son. Please.

Northern Sold 11:58 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Sven Roeder 8:52 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
These dead horses.
What happens to them?

Some are cremated and kept by their owners... some are used by the Royal Liverpool Animal Hospital for autopsy's etc... and others are used by local Wildlife Parks for their big cats etc...

Northern Sold 11:57 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
I'll agree though Tom that Horse Racing is dependent with gambling and vice versa... the HR industry is absolutely massive... go down to Newmarket and look at the money put into that town by overseas investors... especially the arabs.... plenty of major deals racing and non racing have been brokered in this country due to the Arabs being here... we are talking multi billions

Tomshardware 11:51 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Ok Maybe there's more to it than betting.

Northern Sold 11:49 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
comma... well yeah I imagine jumping the Chair whilst fully intact cannot be too much fun...

Eerie Descent 11:40 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
"plenty of moist eyes in the stands that day"

Not to be confused by the final at Wimbledon...

, 11:36 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
National hunt racing is what horse lovers target as cruel to the animal. Fatalities over hurdles are rare and as for flat racing very rare indeed.

As for enjoying the fillies I am afraid that is a thought that never enters the minds of the gelded stallions that contested the Grand National and Gold Cup this or any other year.

Westham67 11:34 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Ok I'll mellow out a bit boxer die as well

Too Much Too Young 11:32 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
you tend to get far worse injury's on the flat than over jumps.

Hermit Road 11:27 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
Horses die.

Horses in the wild die earlier than pampered domesticated horses. They also suffer a lot more beforehand.

If you’re in favour of animal welfare, you should be all in favour of horse racing.

Pop down to the gallops at Newmarket one morning and you’ll see hundreds of horses having the time of their lives before going home to a good grooming, qualified vets, plenty of good grub, and a nice filly if they’re lucky.

Northern Sold 11:20 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
I'm with Grumps.... gladly watch racing and not go near a bet.... never had a bet on Frankel his whole racing career ... and never has anything given me as much pleasure in any sport of seeing him romp home in the Champion Stakes... plenty of moist eyes in the stands that day...

67... they have made Aintree as `Horse Friendly' as they possibly can apart from losing all the fences and making it a 2m Hurdle handicap... like I said this is the first fatality in 8 years... people have been waiting for a fatality in the race so they can ban the old `ban the race' drum... they had to wait 8 years... one died in the Cheltenham GC this year ... no one bangs the drum to get that race banned...??

Westham67 10:48 Mon Apr 8
Re: The Grand National 2019
No one said to close the courses down , you are over reacting mate, just make them more horse friendly

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