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Son of Sam 9:45 Mon Apr 1
Laptop question
Family member has acquired a Lenovo 20CD laptop , its a nice thing but the speakers seem to be delivering a low volume. Is there any way of upping the volume or boosting the laptop volume so that external speakers do not have to be used? Thanks in advance

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Son of Sam 2:25 Tue Apr 2
Re: Laptop question
Thank you Yogib , it seems to be a problem with the model or brand(?) as there are many references at google on this subject which I have studied. Re wiping knob on screen I tried this and was unaware that it is touchscreen and only ended up activating Ed Sheeran wailing about Castles on the hill at the aforementioned low volume.

yogib 3:23 Tue Apr 2
Re: Laptop question
So basically the family member is you and you can't hear the porn to get you off!!!! Google it or wipe your knob across the screen and browsing history then take it back to where you bought it and get them to sort it - or buy some speakers

Son of Sam 10:00 Mon Apr 1
Re: Laptop question
Family member has BOUGHT a Lenovo 20CD laptop

eusebiovic 9:59 Mon Apr 1
Re: Laptop question

On The Ball 9:58 Mon Apr 1
Re: Laptop question
The "family member" should have nicked the instructions too.

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