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Oh dear 10:14 Fri Apr 5
Essex CCC 2019
Good Luck Lads.

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lowermarshhammer 3:09 Sat Aug 17
Re: Essex CCC 2019
#5 AMIR confirmed for final redball game of his career at Canterbury

I reckon a 5fer both innings.

lowermarshhammer 1:15 Sat Aug 17
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Did an epic pub crawl on Wednesday, don't mind a bit of rain sometimes. When you see as much cricket as I do a washout is a good excuse to get on with the main reason why I go without the game getting in the way.

Chelmsford is a brilliant town for a pub crawl.

Cony Tottee 12:59 Sat Aug 17
Re: Essex CCC 2019
I was very drunk in Chelmsford yesterday after the game was called off!!

lowermarshhammer 12:09 Sat Aug 17
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Kent away tomorrow proper cricket. Fuck this whiteball shit, primarily because we are crap at it.

Rumour is #5 AMIR recently retired from Pakistan redball is putting in a shift for the mighty ESSEX.


Block 4:46 Wed Aug 14
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Couple colleagues were meant to attend this, their first time going to the cricket.


claretandbluedagger 4:31 Wed Aug 14
Re: Essex CCC 2019
The BBC say that Simon Harmer has been working in the nets with England over the past week or so to help them prepare for Nathan Lyon. Presumably they also checked his passport and visa and are working out when he can be shoe-horned in. They can bugger off...

lowermarshhammer 3:14 Wed Aug 14
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Norman, and his Middlesex chums Tarquin, Rupert, Quentin, Sebastian and Hugo.

I'd say only a 25% chance of any play at this point.

Get your butlers to pack umbrellas.

normannomates 5:10 Wed Aug 14
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Seaxe 6-3..
. second place currently.
Next fixture.. The marshmen on their manor..
Haha.. Too easy.
Have a proper firm coming over an all


lowermarshhammer 8:18 Fri Aug 9
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Nice to see his loyalty to the Southern Super Empty Bowl or whatever the fuck they are calling their effort.

What a load of shit. Wouldn't go if you have me a free ticket.

I hope it pisses down with rain for the entire competition.


Sven Roeder 2:53 Fri Aug 9
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Shane Warne named as coach of the London team for ‘the HUNDRED’
According to the bbc this team represents the MCC, Middlesex , ESSEX and Northamptonshire
Am sure all Essex fans will be getting behind the London Kangaroos

Other coaching appointments
Andrew McDonald ... Birmingham Koalas
Simon Katich ... Manchester ManEatingSharks
& soon to be appointed
Darren Lehman at the Leeds Galahs

Mr. Burns 12:44 Thu Aug 8
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Those Overtons are neanderthals, you can tell that just by looking at them.

violator 12:42 Thu Aug 8
Re: Essex CCC 2019
lowermarshhammer 1:11 Thu Aug 8

Maybe he had been giving Overton some verbals

Oh dear 9:28 Thu Aug 8
Re: Essex CCC 2019
It was really poor last night.

Oh dear 9:27 Thu Aug 8
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Dan Lawrence should be playing for England.

Not only that he should be fast tracked to the Captaincy.

Don't look at his CC average, he's a rare old talent and made for it.

Bat at 3, he'll provide the gonads that clearly missing in the top order. also it'll allow England to shove that spoiled little wanker down to 4 where he feels he needs to be.

Also he doesn't suffer fools

lowermarshhammer 1:22 Thu Aug 8
Re: Essex CCC 2019
#28 Danny boy LAWRENCE always has the raging hump when he's out. Normal reaction is.to smash bat into his pads hard enough to break a shin.

Pedro 1:19 Thu Aug 8
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Didn’t bowl well but at 156 after 16 overs I did think we had pegged them back.

I was also shocked by how excited Somerset were when the game was as good as over.

Why was Lawrence so upset when he got out. Seemed to be having a go at everyone and had argument with on the 12th men

lowermarshhammer 1:11 Thu Aug 8
Re: Essex CCC 2019


Tell you what - that Overton cunt. His celebration for an easy catch at that stage of the game ranks with the like of Dernbach for utter cuntness. When we beat these yokel apple dependent fuckwit bumpkins to the.title in proper cricket that cunt is going to get it in the face.


4ever-blowin-bubbles 11:42 Wed Aug 7
Re: Essex CCC 2019
111 all out i still hope we will qualify for the 20 20 knockouts

violator 11:24 Wed Aug 7
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Know your place

twoleftfeet 11:14 Wed Aug 7
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Done and dusted.

martinbritt_63 11:07 Wed Aug 7
Re: Essex CCC 2019
was 89-6 when I posted...
fumble fingers

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