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Oh dear 10:14 Fri Apr 5
Essex CCC 2019
Good Luck Lads.

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normannomates 5:11 Sat May 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
First season as a paid up member.. I linger like a wet fart.
Been a massive Middx bod since school..

normannomates 3:47 Sat May 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Good win for the marshmen that.. Quality.

Middle seaxe had the normal batting collapse.. Saved by the tail.. Same old story
Saved by the weather day 4..pretty pathetic really.

The ruperts were keeping a low one day 4..but I didn't enter the bar.. So they would.. Haha

PostmanPissed 3:16 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019

lowermarshhammer 3:00 Thu May 16

Just to back your statement about Browne's speed and agility.


Chopra has scored a fifty and a ton for the 2XI v Gloucestershire.

lowermarshhammer 3:00 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
#10 BROWNE is a top quality DIV 2 bat.

He certainly has the patience to improve considerably but his natural talent just isn't good enough to arouse the interest of the selectors and he probably won't push his career much further. A total waate of space in whiteball.

At least a stone overweight and even if he lost that I think he'd struggle to beat me over 100 metres and I'm pushing 50. He'd be a long way behind if the race was a mile plus.

Does take the occasional very decent catch though.

What's the alternative?


He struggles with the more attacking fielding placements in red ball... However had #10 BROWNE not posted a decent score in the first innings I reckon CHOPS was in for the next game given his whiteball form

lowermarshhammer 2:50 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019

To be fair when we won it UNDEFEATED it was only down to the bowlers bailing us out of batsmen induced mire on more than their fair share of occasions.

lowermarshhammer 2:46 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Norman, what you watching in Div2 with your Rupert' chums?

BROAD bowling to COOK at the real home of cricket.

PostmanPissed 2:35 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Lost patience with Browne, hasn't really delivered for a couple of seasons. Westley and Lawrence did ok in the Royal London but both had poor seasons last year.

Looks as if we will be relying on Porter, Siddle and Harmer as the mainstay of the bowling again.

claretandbluedagger 2:24 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Browne run out for one. Interesting start.

lowermarshhammer 1:44 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Brilliant. Hit post message. Looked up. Stumping. Beer no.2 time.

lowermarshhammer 1:43 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Dom SIBLEY of the Bears just got sixth consecutive first class ton.

New record surpasses LARA.


Notts wickets not tumbling fast enough at NWS this morning.

We could yet fuck this up.

lowermarshhammer 9:27 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Norman and the Ruperts. Ha ha ha.

For play that George SCOTT has improved. He dropped two ABSOLUTE DOLLIES in front of me in his first t20 at Chelmsford. He took a LOT of stick from a Friday night crowd, he looked close to snot bubbling tears at one point. Your Rupert chums don't know how to do that to the opposition.

Anyway these were two catches of the type that our Norman would have held onto one handed whilst posting PISSED on his phone at 5 in the morning.

normannomates 3:20 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
They ALL ignore me in members bar.

I'M starting to get the hump with the fuckin ruperts

They carry on the morra it's gonna kick off

normannomates 3:17 Thu May 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Middle seaxe have these midland muppets backed up.. two bob league this..
George Scott coming good.. Quality young cricketer.

claretandbluedagger 9:28 Wed May 15
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Interesting day. 67 from Browne, a classic Essex collapse, then 81-run partnership between Harmer and Siddle gets Essex to 241 all out, 54 ahead. Smooth sailing for Notts who get to 70-0, then collapse to 79-5. Close on 90-6, 36 runs ahead.

Grumpster 6:53 Tue May 14
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Well they racked up a score, a massively shit one.

Scared to mention who I've backed to top score for England, in case lower tells me he's going to get a big score........

lowermarshhammer 5:43 Tue May 14
Re: Essex CCC 2019

Mr. Burns 5:01 Tue May 14
Re: Essex CCC 2019
"Notts will rack up a score now."

Well said lower!

lowermarshhammer 4:13 Tue May 14
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Only two bad overs really in the morning session.

Should have taken and deserved more than 2 wickets.

Notts will rack up a score now.

Just the 3 seam and 1 spin bowling attack.

2 part time spinners and Tendo.


claretandbluedagger 1:11 Tue May 14
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Proper cricket is back at Chelmsford for the first time this season. Notts 9/1 having chosen to bat. Duckett lbw Porter.

lowermarshhammer 6:51 Thu May 2
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Not taking much consolation from Surrey being shit.

Surrey's only win was against us.

Bell Drummond getting two wickets including Burns is quite funny though.

claretandbluedagger 6:24 Thu May 2
Re: Essex CCC 2019
On the bright side, at least we're not as bad as Surrey. Eight wicket loss against Kent after scoring just 127 runs. Ouch.

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