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Oh dear 10:14 Fri Apr 5
Essex CCC 2019
Good Luck Lads.

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Grumpster 12:25 Thu Oct 17
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Hopefully the selectors will go for quality and not old reputations.

Malinga is ancient, smith is a crap T20 player and is starc a T20 bowler?

Warner may have had a disastrous ashes, but he's quality at whack ball when in form.

Gayle will always sell tickets (shit loads of Caribbean folk living here) and radaba is a class act.

Sven Roeder 10:25 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
No Indians
Indian board won’t let them play in this as per the Big Bash
The 6 who won’t get out of bed for less than £125k for 6 weeks work are
Gayle, Malinga, Rabada, Smith, Warner & Starc
Shane Watson wants £100k

Grumpster 10:00 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Are the Indians in it sven, or is it still a case that the IPL wont let them play in any other franchises?

Sven Roeder 9:54 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
They are streaming it on the i-player and the website so don’t worry you won’t miss Antiques Roadshow.

570 players in the draft incl 239 overseas players

crystal falace 6:39 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
i did see that the rest of the draft for the Hundred is airing live on the BBC at around 7pm on sunday night so they're really trying to push it on people.

Not sure how they picked the draft order but "my" team the phoenix *sigh* have the last pick

lowermarshhammer 6:16 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
All scheduling now revolves around promotion of the 100 and the demotion of especially the 50 over domestic game and in no way shape or form will the increasingly popular Blast be allowed to overshadow their new franchise concept. Oh and redball county championship is being fucked up as well.

It's all about the ECB's long term aim to reduce from 18 counties down to maximum 10, preferably 8 (in their minds).

Beyond belief shithousing from the governing body.

crystal falace 6:06 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Oh they've really moved the schedule around then.

Never really seemed to be too many real "elite" overseas names in the T20 blast, not sure if this is just because it runs at the same time as other international games.

Maybe it being played earlier in the year will allow some bigger names to play, although run the risk of a lot more games being called off due to weather in April & May

lowermarshhammer 6:02 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019

Blast is on before the 100 in April / May. I wonder how many o/s players will turn up and only put in minimum effort to avoid injury before their 100 gig.

Pretty sure that it's only blast Finals Day 5/9/20 that will be on after the 100 is finished. Domestic one day cup on at same time as the 100 with final to be played at Trent Bridge on 19/9/20.

Fuck the 100.
Fuck the ECB.

Grumpster 6:01 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Issue we have is that we're so fucking good that we'll probably have to turn down so many players.

Kohli is just about the only player out there who would improve our red ball team ;o)

Pedro 5:56 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Thanks Lowermarsh

crystal falace 5:55 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Wonder if any of the big names coming over for the hundred could be tempted into staying for a few extra weeks of T20 cricket

lowermarshhammer 5:47 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
omg = long

lowermarshhammer 5:46 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
2020 will be the second and final year of Zampa's and Delport's current whackball deals with us.

Ditto for Siddle, Essex contracted player until end of 2020.

No news on Amir.

No doubt Sussex have given Ravi a contract which states he can fuck off whenever he likes to play for bullshit franchise teams in worldwide T20 tournaments whilst county redball games are on.

Big shame he's gone. Mind you omg term thinking it's probably a good thing that Tendo, Chef and Bops haven't ended up all finishing at the same time.

O/S bat for the T20 needed now.

Pedro 5:25 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
A real shame but not huge shock.

Saves some budget aswell.

Have we heard anything on targets for next year?
Do we have Siddle?
Zampa / Delport for T20? Amir?

lowermarshhammer 5:07 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Apparently signed contract with Sussex around the time he was dropped from the T20 side and was regretting it but couldn't get out of it.

Not the brightest.

PostmanPissed 4:56 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Disappointed, but it seems Ravi wants to earn some wedge before retirement. Apparently Essex offered better terms, but the lure of getting a fee for playing different T20 tournaments was too great. Essex only want their players to be committed to them, hence the fall out and dropping of Bopara when he was drafted for the Euro T20 during the County Championship run in. About 5-6 seasons ago Ravi and Tendo were told to drop the T20 franchises and concentrate on playing for Essex.

“I want to emphasise that I am not giving up red-ball cricket but I will, for now, play less of it to find time in the calendar year to up-skill in T20 and take my game to a new level as I still have a drive to play international cricket.

Grumpster 4:10 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
"Want to achieve more in the game" = Sussex offered him twice as much wedge.

ornchurch ammer 3:43 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Shame he hasn't finished his career at his home county but obviously wants to fill his boots playing as much T20 around the world as he can.

Good Luck to him.

claretandbluedagger 3:25 Wed Oct 16
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Ravi Bopara has left the building. Signed a contract with Sussex.

lowermarshhammer 11:39 Thu Oct 3
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Cheers Norman, your Middle Saxons are struggling. Could be hard work getting out of Div2 next year again with only 2 going up. Think you'll need to hope that Notts underperform massively again and you're in with a shout.

No doubt the 50 over game next year against the mighty mighty ESSEX will not be held at Lord's due to that London Spirit Shane Warne claptrap so probably just the one trip there in 2020 for the whackball. Shame really, a full day trip to Lord's to watch the double 🏆🏆 winners would have been something to look forward to.

normannomates 6:41 Thu Oct 3
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Congratulations to you marshmen
Seem to have it sorted

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