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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

rochesterjohn 3:13 Sat Apr 6
Kevin Horlock?
Anyone remember Kevin? Played for us after the Defoe relegation Glenn Roader era.
Did a Sportsman do with him at Needham Market tonight, as West Ham as they come and has some interesting stories to tell.
The owner of Colchester (Jobserve owner) was a whisker away from buying us, he’s proper old school West Ham and worth £700m, things could have been so different but then it wouldn’t be Weet Ham would it?

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, 1:55 Sun Apr 7
Re: Kevin Horlock?
I agree with you about the nature of our owners but in that respect they are not much different to most.

You only have to look around too to the position of other erstwhile EPL clubs to also realise that as bad as we think our owners are fans of other clubs have been even less well served.

What beats me is how some of us allow ourselves to be fooled when the owners act out of type and expect it to be the new norm. Gold and Sullivan are what they are and will do their best to scour out a profit from their investment. The only sort of good thing about their modus operandi is that their profits are only achievable by continued EPL tenure.

ChesterRd 1:47 Sun Apr 7
Re: Kevin Horlock?
We got Kevin Horlock when he was coming towards the end of his career but still a good player.

Robbie Cowling, Jobserve, a proper West Ham fan. Paid for the coaches when we had a Monday night game up at Newcastle. He also sponsored our shirts. How much money have any of the Gold or Sullivan's companies spent on sponsorship at West Ham ?

That's not to say Cowling would be throwing his money about. At Colchester Utd he has not spent money large amounts on payers but he has spent money on getting the infrastructure right for the long term future of the club and most importantly having a well run business. I doubt there are many PL clubs run s unprofessionally as West Ham from top to bottom.

There is a huge difference between a owner who is a fan and has the interests of the club first and an owner claiming to be a fan who has the interests of increasing their personal wealth first. Cowing would be the former, no prizes what we have.

Fivetide 12:05 Sun Apr 7
Re: Kevin Horlock?
Horlock solid but average.

Loved the angry ant though

rochesterjohn 2:12 Sun Apr 7
Re: Kevin Horlock?
Haha! No, there were no Pardew shinanigans on this one.
When Pardew arrived he signed a few players, in the interim we played Fulham in the cup, Pardew had to play him as the new signings were cup tied, Kevin got MOTM,
Next weekend Kevin’s wife was about to drop (9 months plus) and they traveled to an away game and he was dropped from the matchday
Squad completely, replaced by a trainee.
Kevin went radio at him not cos he was dropped but because he made him travel up north when his missus was about drop and not stick him in the squad.
He left for Ipswich shortly after.
Said Pardew was as a good manager but fuck me did he love himself.

Spandex Sidney 7:47 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
'Had a massive fall out with Pardew'

Haha, another one eh? I am assuming Mrs Horlock was left satisfied by the silver fox??

Leeshere 3:57 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
Remember Roeder calling Connelly an angry ant after that Preston game!

ironsofcanada 1:07 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
Andy Melville, Jobi McAnuff, Adam Nowland, Jon Harley

Fun times

Far Cough 1:05 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
Yeah, that's him, didn't Connolly throw his toys out when Roeder picked Mellor instead of him?

rochesterjohn 12:53 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
David Connelly! What a finisher he was, used to watch him pre-game warm up, when they’d play one twos round the box and shoot, top bins every time! Every other cunt was smashing it over Nathan’s!

master 12:49 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
neil mellor

Far Cough 12:42 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
Who was that Liverpool prick we picked up at a service station?

Far Cough 12:41 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
David Connolly

rochesterjohn 12:23 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?

Whether he’d have the finances to do what he wanted is open to debate obviously, but he’d definitely have the best intentions of the club at heart, pretty certain we’d still be at the Boleyn.

rochesterjohn 12:19 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
Apparently had his best years at Swindon under Hoddle and John Gorman went to Man City for £1.5m then came to us, took a 50% pay cut to come here as it was his dream move, he was with us as a kid but never made the first team.
Had a massive fall out with Pardew and went to Ipswich.
Nice guy and now at Colchester with the U23’s

On The Ball 12:17 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
rochester - would he though? They're fans too, don't forget. Would he be constantly be putting his hand in his limited pocket? He'd have to be very frugal, no doubt about that.

It's nowhere near as easy as saying "he's a fan".

wanstead_hammer 9:53 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
Only performed well at night games.

Oh no....that was Horlicks.

Takashi Miike 9:31 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
played better for man city

rochesterjohn 9:28 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
The point being that we’d have had an actual supporter as an owner who would have had the best interest of the club at heart.

andyd12345 4:43 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
£700m isnt enough these days. Golf and Sullivan are worth double that and they do t put their hand in their pocket

normannomates 4:10 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?
I remember him..

Tidy player for that league.. Moncur/Bish lite I guess

Darby_ 3:24 Sat Apr 6
Re: Kevin Horlock?

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