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normannomates 6:12 Mon Apr 8

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Westham67 4:14 Mon Apr 8
Re: Peckham
A Twinhammer

Coffee 4:09 Mon Apr 8
Re: Peckham
Lee Trundle 1:59 Mon Apr 8

The Peckham KEEPER?

Toe Rag 2:00 Mon Apr 8
Re: Peckham
I though the bumming went on at Hampstead Heath?

Or as some politician who once got caught up there described it “looking for badgers”.

Lee Trundle 1:59 Mon Apr 8
Re: Peckham
My money is still on norm being HUGH MONTEITH reincarnated.

eusebiovic 1:34 Mon Apr 8
Re: Peckham

Not really...His wife and about 50 other people were there.

if you were forged in the centre of the city like me then nobody bats an eyelid...Soho was a great place you accept people for what they are...bumming was never compulsory nor was sleeping with a prostitute 😉

eusebiovic 1:27 Mon Apr 8
Re: Peckham

I'm pretty sure Absinthe was around in Blake's time

Buster 1:21 Mon Apr 8
'Private screening' = Bumming session

gph 1:19 Mon Apr 8
William Morris had visions on Peckham Rye, seeing angels in the trees.

Well before LSD was invented.

eusebiovic 12:54 Mon Apr 8
peckham massive

Richard Ayoade used to live next door to my parents in Elephant & Castle. He invited me to a private screening of his film Submarine in Soho when he was working on it.

Richard Fearless of Death In Vegas too...He was a good bloke too

peckham massive 12:32 Mon Apr 8
Current Peckham residents include: First Dates Fred, Richard Ayoade and Olivia Colman. And me.

eusebiovic 12:28 Mon Apr 8
Peckham is no different to a shitload of other places around London or in other major cities.

Half of it is sleepy and residential terraces which have been recolonised by the middle class moving back in. So they open microbreweries and convert the old corner shop into a trendy Thai restaurant and so on.

The other half was destroyed by the architecture experiments on poor people by insular priviliged twatswho had no interest in the way town planning naturally evolved and developed.

The most successful estate housing remains the low-rise stock built before the mid 50's with the odd late 70's exception.

Apparently stuff made out of actial bricks with balconies and green space still works today - who'd a thunk it?

Northern Sold 12:02 Mon Apr 8
Don't think he's been out of his room in 27 years... well apart from that pro brexit march the other day... oh and fighting Zulu's in South Africa ...

Darby_ 11:54 Mon Apr 8
Yeah, I’ve been making light of Norm’s rants, but they’re getting more unhinged. Anyone know him?

Nurse Ratched 11:48 Mon Apr 8
I'm worried Norm is going to go pop. I'm being serious for a change. Does any WHOer know him IRL who can check in on him?

Eerie Descent 11:42 Mon Apr 8
God bless Hooky Street
Viva Hooky Street
Long live Hooky Street
C'est magnifique, Hooky Street
Magnifique, Hooky Street

Northern Sold 11:23 Mon Apr 8
A place close to your heart you 'Wall piece of shit ...

Eerie Descent 8:59 Mon Apr 8
We've got some
Half price cracked ice
And miles and miles of carpet tiles
Deep freeze
And David Bowie LPs.
Ball games
Gold chains,
Pictures frames
And leather goods
And Trevor Francis track suits.
From a mush in Shepherds Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush

yngwies Cat 8:12 Mon Apr 8
See they do a Peckham Pills now in a tin,

Move on up up to Peckham Spring.

geoffpikey 7:41 Mon Apr 8
RANTON Ferdinand

Coffee 7:40 Mon Apr 8
You sure it was Series Eight?

Sydney_Iron 7:30 Mon Apr 8

Peckham was the setting of the television sitcom Only Fools and Horses, although the series was filmed elsewhere in its run as a regular series from 1981 to 1991, as well as Christmas specials until 2003

A 30-minute musical called "We The Ragamuffin" was filmed in Peckham (mainly on the North Peckham Estate). The film used local musicians with an improvised script and was broadcast on Channel 4 in February 1992.

In 2001, the ITV drama series Bad Girls introduced three characters from Peckham who called themselves The Peckham Bootgang.

Peckham is the home of the main character of Dot. Robot by Jason Bradbury.

Peckham was home of the fictional character Rose Tyler, a former leading character in the British TV show Doctor Who.

The E4 show Youngers is filmed and set in Peckham.

Ike Hamilton's character in The Boat That Rocked, Harold, claims to be from Peckham, and stays on the boat facing persecution rather than returning home.

In the television series Foyle's War, Series Eight, Adam Wainright, Samantha's husband, is elected in 1947 as Labour Member of Parliament for the (fictional) constituency of 'West Peckham'.

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