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LeroysBoots 11:49 Thu Apr 11
Israel Folau
Happy for the Aussies to self destruct for the WC !


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medwayhammer1 7:45 Fri Apr 19
Re: Israel Folau
Talking of Rugby LEAGUE, fucking cracking game between the Roosters and the Storm this morning.

13 Brentford Rd 2:23 Fri Apr 19
Re: Israel Folau
I think for most it's a personal choice and interpretation, they accept that's it's 2019 and some of the stuff written hundreds / thousands of years ago in what was another world is clearly not relevant or practiceable now. It's about being realistic.
The problem with the world WHO which is a microism of it is too many people think everything is black or white and you have to make a choice when in fact it's shades of grey.
Same with climate change, vegetarianism etc.

Sven Roeder 2:13 Fri Apr 19
Re: Israel Folau
So some of the 'word of God' is old fashioned wrong headed nonsense that should be disregarded?
And some gives you your way of living your life.

Who decides that?

Shellfish is ok, right?

13 Brentford Rd 1:52 Fri Apr 19
Re: Israel Folau
Thank you.

Coffee 1:08 Fri Apr 19
Re: Israel Folau
13 Brentford Rd 12:51 Fri Apr 19

Well said.

13 Brentford Rd 12:51 Fri Apr 19
Re: Israel Folau
Most rational people know the acts & views of individuals don't represent an entire religion. Most religious people are peace loving and do not take everything written thousands of years ago in the Torah, New Testament and Koran.
Thats what the extremist nutters do.

Good Friday to you all.

Darby_ 10:33 Fri Apr 19
Re: Israel Folau
Since it's a holy day, I won't get into a debate about the differences between SODOMY and HOMOSEXUALITY other than to note that I wouldn't be surprised if Israel himself was partial to a little of the former.

chiff 9:52 Fri Apr 19
Re: Israel Folau
Good morning all its Good Friday
I have just been looking through some of the posts and would like the opportunity to make a few points.
Firstly, most Christians are not obsessed with other people's sex lives. We are busy looking at what the Bible has to say about a wide range of subjects such as love, kindness, honesty, peace, faith, trust, truth, self- control, patience, to name a few.
The Christian faith is not about hating people who identify as gay, love the sinner not the sin applys to everyone.
I have a brother who is in a same sex relationship and we get on just fine.
There are an increasing amount of top scientists from many fields and archeologists who once identified as a none believers have come to Christ because they have joined up the dots and come to the conclusion that there is intelligent design or their must be a creator, namely God.

Many thanks for your encouraging messages, have a great day, and may God bless you all.

BRANDED 12:20 Fri Apr 19
Re: Israel Folau
To any christian, homosexuality is a sin

What a load of cock

gph 11:49 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
*most Christians

As it is theoretically possible that there exist Christians who reject his bits of the New Testament.

Never heard of such, but they might exist (or have existed, and been burnt as heretics by the other Christians)

gph 11:44 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
The word of St Paul, is almost as holy to Christians as is the word of Jesus himself.

Which is fair enough, as it's certain that Paul existed, that what he is alleged to have said is fairly close to what he said, and he was very important in making them a world religion instead of a Jewish sect.

Hermit Road 11:25 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
In fairness, I think he means the gospels.

vilasecammer 5:50 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
darby, where did you get the idea the new testament doesn't condemn sodomy?

riosleftsock 5:41 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau

There are many areas where christianity seems to come into conflict with what people now think is morally acceptable.

To any christian, homosexuality is a sin. But Christianity also recognises that we are all sinners.

Therefore, you are a bender.

Darby_ 5:37 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
Israel ignores rules about eating shellfish or wearing two types of fabric because the importance of these things are open to interpretation.

In particular the interpretation many Christians hold that the rules of the Old Testiment don’t apply after the New Testament.

The problem is that the only place where homosexuality is called a sin in also in the Old Testament.

riosleftsock 5:28 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
No, what you have done there is to make up some words that I didn't say and then base an assumption on it.

There is a name for this technique.

Sven Roeder 5:19 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
Only if you are saying the Christian faith is based on hating gays.

The body has a policy that whatever your colour , religion or sexual preference you will be welcomed and treated equally
Sounds like the sort of thing people might hope religions would preach.

Maybe Rugby Australia can take over the moral guidance of the world.
John Eales can be Jesus

riosleftsock 4:51 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
Ok Sven

So the International Sporting Body has decided that they know better than millions of christians and that their faith is worthless.

Now, lets see them apply the same standards to followers of other religions who hold even more stringent views on the same subjects.

Sven Roeder 4:46 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
I believe God also doesn’t allow men with damaged testicles to make donations at his temples so perhaps if he isn’t busy with Rugby any more Mr Folau can do the checking on that every Sunday.

Sven Roeder 4:44 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
I’m not applying anything
An international sporting body is to one of their employees

riosleftsock 4:28 Thu Apr 18
Re: Israel Folau
That's ok Sven

Let's see what happens when you apply this equally to other religions.

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