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LeroysBoots 11:49 Thu Apr 11
Israel Folau
Happy for the Aussies to self destruct for the WC !


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cholo 9:24 Thu Jun 27
Re: Israel Folau
Israel played rugby on a Sunday, which is clearly a sin, he also wears mixed fabrics and remember all sins are equal in god's eyes. Seems like Israel is only bothered about the sins that he personally dislikes.

Sven Roeder 7:52 Thu Jun 27
Re: Israel Folau
Did Jesus ever have a girlfriend?
And I recall there was a dinner where he went out with a bunch of BLOKES and no women.
Think he even called it SUPPER which is a bit gay.

Something for Israel to think about when he is making his list of who deserves a fiery resting place.

Sniper 1:55 Thu Jun 27
Re: Israel Folau
Surely the real issue is that he’s a grown man who believes all that shit

He needs help clearly

gph 6:36 Tue Jun 25
Re: Israel Folau
I don't support rugby.

As an atheist, I'm also in a category that Folau thinks God hates.

I can live with that, so long as he doesn't incite anything real to act against me.

BRANDED 6:23 Tue Jun 25
Re: Israel Folau
Because you might not be the only person who might support rugby.

gph 6:21 Tue Jun 25
Re: Israel Folau
My feeling is that he's not inciting anyone, except perhaps God, who doesn't exist, so why not let him chase eggs?

And laugh at him for being so stupid.

BRANDED 5:49 Tue Jun 25
Re: Israel Folau
He could get a job with the kiddie fiddling church?

BRANDED 5:40 Tue Jun 25
Re: Israel Folau
Freedom of speech means facing up to consequences. He can say whatever he likes but can’t be employed by anyone who specifically states they would dismiss you if you express hate speech. More critically the business who employed him must judge what damage his hatered would have on their business.

Mart O 4:37 Tue Jun 25
Re: Israel Folau
I think everyone should express their opinion about everything. Everywhere. All the time. It really is important we all get to hear what everyone thinks.

West Ham, for example, would be a far better team if the squad had a full, frank and public debate about Brexit. I'd like to know Arnie's opinion on GATT 24.

In fact, tomorrow, I'm going to go into work and tell my boss he's a cunt and I've fucked his wife. Think I might start me gofundme campaign in advance.

Hermit Road 4:01 Tue Jun 25
Re: Israel Folau
Call it hate if you want but, as much as I disagree with what he said, he should be able to say what his religious beliefs are without getting sacked. Fair play to those who are donating to keep speech free in Australia.

In other news a man was sacked by Asda for sharing a Billy Connolly joke about Christians and Muslims online. No doubt you are fully supportive of Asda’s stance.

BRANDED 1:39 Tue Jun 25
Re: Israel Folau
Well. You could in theory challenge that contract and you might win.
However, in this case they have dismissed him based upon the contract and he might or might not be able to challenge it but they certainly don’t have to play him.
As far as the funding, it’s good to see Chritians funding hate as opposed to helping the poor.

Hermit Road 1:35 Tue Jun 25
Re: Israel Folau
Contracts are only enforceable if they’re legal in the first place. For example, if a contract says that you can’t have any holidays and have to work 7 days a week, that part of it isn’t enforceable.

You’d know that though being a multi-billionaire who’s owned loads of businesses and employed loads of people.

1.3 million raised in a couple of days now.


BRANDED 11:06 Mon Jun 24
Re: Israel Folau
It would depend on what was in the contract you stupid cunts.

Hermit Road 11:02 Mon Jun 24
Re: Israel Folau
Sven Roeder 10:52 Mon Jun 24

No. He wouldn't. If he said it about another religion then yes, he would.

Kaiser Zoso 10:55 Mon Jun 24
Re: Israel Folau
Yeah, Hoddle didn’t last long after his claptrap about the disabled and previous lives.

Sven Roeder 10:52 Mon Jun 24
Re: Israel Folau
Ok to indulge your point
If a gay international athlete (let’s say Harry Kane) came out and said all Christians are evil and on judgement day will deservedly burn in hell I suspect the FA would warn him (as Folau was) and if he continued to spout that he would be removed from the England team.

You don’t think?

zebthecat 10:31 Mon Jun 24
Re: Israel Folau

You would would have a point if it had happened in real life rather than just in your head but it hasn't so you don't.

Sydney_Iron 10:27 Mon Jun 24
Re: Israel Folau
zebthecat 10:09 Mon Jun 24

whataboutery (cant believe i just used that!) yes it is, but are you telling me if a similar situation existed for a Gay athlete, Celeb, Pop star, the whole LGBT brigade would erupt and be all over the media and on social media in total outrage?

Surely you jest, or are you a shirt tail lifter yourself?.

Kaiser Zoso 10:22 Mon Jun 24
Re: Israel Folau
Really zed?

I would have lost money on that.

BRANDED 10:22 Mon Jun 24
Re: Israel Folau
Private businesses create contracts. They can terminate them.
End of.

BRANDED 10:19 Mon Jun 24
Re: Israel Folau
It came from the troubles in Northern Ireland.

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