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rochesterjohn 9:24 Fri Apr 12
Ian Cognito (Cogs)
Comedy fans on here will be sad to hear the news that Ian Cognito passed away last night.
A great friend of mine and a fantastic comedian who will be sorely missed on the circuit.
His favourite heckle put down of mine -
“if Spider-Man was bitten by a radioactive spider and became a spider you must have been bitten by a radioactive cunt!”.

R.I.P Cogs...

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Cheezey Bell-End 12:05 Sat Apr 13
Re: Ian Cognito (Cogs)
Tommy Cooper did more than die on stage, he died on live TV!

VanDerElstVenerator 12:01 Sat Apr 13
Re: Ian Cognito (Cogs)
Sorry for your loss John. Hopefully no lame Tommy Cooper die-on-stage comparison gags. Good comedians are so important. My man was the late, great Bill Hicks

lowermarshhammer 11:27 Fri Apr 12
Re: Ian Cognito (Cogs)
Never heard of him, the interweb informs that he would walk on stage with a nail and hammer and use them to make a hat stand.

"This tells you two things about me."

"I don't give a fuck."

"I've got a hammer."

Having used a similar approach myself with noisy cunts who lived above me when I lived in a flat I quite like the sound of this dead funny cunt.

Crassus 10:53 Fri Apr 12
Re: Ian Cognito (Cogs)
Bicester was his last scene
There is a message in there

Cheezey Bell-End 10:06 Fri Apr 12
Re: Ian Cognito (Cogs)
Apparently his act included jokes about what would happen if he died on stage. He then collapsed and people thought it was part of the act and didn't help him.

happygilmore 10:05 Fri Apr 12
Re: Ian Cognito (Cogs)
Ag @ Pikey


geoffpikey 10:02 Fri Apr 12
Re: Ian Cognito (Cogs)
Sorry for your loss, Rochester.

I personally have no idea who he was.

But, I'm guessing, that's what he wanted.

lab 9:39 Fri Apr 12
Re: Ian Cognito (Cogs)
Was he a web builder.?

Westham67 9:36 Fri Apr 12
Re: Ian Cognito (Cogs)
I have never heard of him but sorry for your loss John

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