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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

yngwies Cat 8:24 Mon Apr 15
Notre Dame Up in Smoke

Don't look good

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Crassus 10:47 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
My initial reaction, then repeated on here twice and derided by The Polish Ponce will not be far off

Cheap labour pulling strokes - now being reported all over that grafters routinely smoked on the job when it was strictly outlawed - fag buts found inside the building and electric fault ruled out, investigating further

Lets watch this unfold shall we you long necked, aids ridden Hitler lookalikey, cunt

He who laughs last an all that

zebthecat 10:45 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
More grindr teriitory I would have thought (not that I am that way inclined).

I was referring to Ridik's conspiracy nonsense. He and GO appear to have gone off the deep end.

geoffpikey 10:25 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
"Arson my arse"???

You weirdo. Should have posted that on Tinder.

zebthecat 8:44 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
Arson my arse

13 Brentford Rd 8:43 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
Youare such s bigot you didn't even open one linkbut you link a 40 year old story ๐Ÿ˜‚

Here's the link with the 50 worst places for the persecution of Christians. Israel is not on the list but you will notice the theme.
Facts, just facts!...


Golden Oldie 8:37 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
It's like arguing with a goy that refuses to bow to your lies.
Would be a more accurate statement


13 Brentford Rd 8:32 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
Here we go again, like arguing with a demented child. You are a fool as well as an anti semite. You pick on Jews & Israel which is the only place in the region where Christians are safe & free to assemble & worship.
You pick out extremist Jewish individuals & one or two cases in the history of Israel when Christians are being systematicaly persecuted by most Islamic states & terror groups across the middle east, Persian gulf, Asia and Africa. See my link below to the 50 worst places where Christians are persecuted, note the theme & that Israel is not on the list. Now go away & learn or keep burrying your redneck in the sand & carry on with your Jew hate, that is what it is!

The links are endless, here are a sample...








Golden Oldie 8:10 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
At least you're admitting now


13 Brentford Rd 8:05 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
Yeah all those Jews attacking Churches and persecuting Christians.

Golden Oldie 7:52 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
Yeah Ridiculouszogga

jews hate Jesus Christ even more than Hitler

Ridikzappa 7:40 Sat Apr 27
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
So it was arson.

In a country where over 800 churches have been attacked, I wonder what ideology is behind this and itโ€™s also another hideous piece of Soros sponsored deception by that horrid globalist shrill Macron.


jim@chickenrun 11:03 Fri Apr 19
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
This will be macron,s Falklands.

13 Brentford Rd 11:52 Fri Apr 19
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
I see the coward GO has fucked off now that his anti semitic lies have been debunked.

gph 9:26 Thu Apr 18
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
The Jews who condemned Jesus were collaborators with the Roman occupiers, and can't be taken as representative of the Jews for all time.*

The Jews who freed Barabbas in preference to Jesus favoured proper resistance to the Romans over a drippy proto-hippie who had earlier spurned the chance to run away and fight on another day.

They were only giving Jesus what he seemed to want.

(All this on the dubious assumption that the Bible accounts can be relied on)

*If you're going to do that, why choose them over the Apostles? Even Jesus was half-Jewish (on his mother's side, as Alf Garnett put it)

Far Cough 6:59 Thu Apr 18
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
Legally, by Roman Law, the Jews were not permitted to execute anyone. Only the Romans could do that. However, the Roman authorities could execute a person at the request of the Jews, if they could be persuaded that the man deserved death. Now the Romans could not prevent murder in that society, just as we cannot do so in ours. St. Stephen and others were killed by a murderous mob. The Romans didn't mind that too much, unless it was going to cause them problems. But the Jewish authorities could not hold court, pronounce a sentence of death on a man, and then execute him by their own authority and their own soldiers. Obviously, the High priest and his ilk preferred to get rid of Christ by proper procedures for fear in the end it would backfire. It did anyway. Fr. Rice

Crassus 6:56 Thu Apr 18
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
When that story broke of it around Mill Hill and Golders Green, I had plenty of fun with a Jewish mate who was flogging clothing at Bovingdon Market, a Saturday market

Offered him a spool of 15 lb carp braid, knowing how 'devout' he was - cheeky fucker said that the stall structure served the purpose

13 Brentford Rd 6:50 Thu Apr 18
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
Very good Crassus.

13 Brentford Rd 6:49 Thu Apr 18
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
The absurdity of the occupying power the Romans who hated the Jews, doing them a favour?
Surely those "sneaky" Jews could have found a way themselves if they wanted too.

Crassus 6:43 Thu Apr 18
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
13 Brentford Rd 6:06 Thu Apr 18
' I am Jewish'

Really? Who'd of thunk it?

Out of interest, are you one of the types that would put up fishingline around the hairdressing chair on Saturday to make it 'kosher'?

13 Brentford Rd 6:36 Thu Apr 18
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke

Far Cough 6:31 Thu Apr 18
Re: Notre Dame Up in Smoke
The Romans were a tool to kill Christ

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