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Chigwell 8:07 Sat Apr 20
Good laptop?
I think this is WHO related because we all use computers for our pithy and insightful comments.
Microsoft have informed me that Windows 7 will not be supported from January, and that they don't recommend installing Windows 10 as a substitute (the bastards). It looks like I'll need a new computer to replace my desktop Dell. Maybe a laptop this time. Any recommendations for up to £800?

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El Scorchio 5:57 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
Just ordered this last night. Seemed decent value as it looks pretty good under the bonnet and they also had an extra 10% off over Easter which brought it down to just over 600- sadly that deal is finished now though.


Thames Ironworks 5:33 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
Macbook with MS Office installed maybe?

Windows is a tech and security nightmare.

Alwaysaniron 5:29 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
We got our daughter a 'surface pro' laptop for xmas. The thing is simple and easy to use and also slim and light to transport. They're not the cheapest but I am very impressed.

Block 5:15 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
MACS are fucking useless for office based functions.

Microsoft will always be the choice for businesses until Apple improves it's office based software, as mentioned.

I actually can't stand Apple, now that Andriod has caught up in terms of app choice it's my choice of software and phone choice.

Mike Oxsaw 5:13 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
Apple have had 20+ years to develop an alternative to MS Office and it's always proved beyond them.

They're great as massaging the "more intelligent" people of the world's egos though, which is all that really matters.

Gavros 2:50 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
yeah, apart from the fact that 99% of work computers still use MS office programs.

Hammer and Pickle 2:48 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
How anyone can still be using anything other than a MacBook is a mystery to me.

For its purpose, Windows is as much use as a dog's dinner and MS Office is getting dumped as soon as a viable alternative comes along.

Gavros 2:42 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
Did a bit of research this week and this one always features on the good budget laptops lists. Hardly a massive performer but good enough for emails, internet and a bit of streaming. £249.


diehardhammer 2:37 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?

i've got one these, does the job nicely for simple browsing and streaming games

eusebiovic 11:32 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?

20 years ago a Toshiba or Fujitsu were mandatory choices for a laptop but the Japanese brands are starting to lag behind Korea and China who have unlimited amounts of money to spend on research and development.

A bit like Japan up until the mid 90's...

Willtell 11:13 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
Don't buy Toshiba whatever you do. Mine was a £1000 and has been nothing but bloody trouble. WiFi is shit and intermittent, occasionally locks up on standby and screen jumps depending on the angle of opening even after several services!

Hermit Road 10:47 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
This looks ugly in the middle of all those locked threads.

White Pony 4:07 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
I've got a.Lenovo and it's been fucking shit from day 1.

Claret Badger 4:07 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
2nd hand macbook pro

Capitol Man 3:59 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
See if you can find a higher end one with decent components that’s a generation or two behind the latest. You’ll get enough speed to do everything but video editing or hard core gaming.

Texas Iron 3:40 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
Good brands
Pentium i3 or i5...8meg. Hi res screen

Cheezey Bell-End 3:04 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
I use Linux Mint. Usually it just works. Sometimes it's a pain in the arse but I usually figure it out with the help of Google.

Enoch Nutter 1:29 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
If all you are using it for are the basics such as WHO and porn then just install Linux Mint and the world is your lobster.

eusebiovic 1:28 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?

Dell Inspiron 13
Lenovo Yoga C930
Acer Swift 3

Johnson 1:28 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
I’ve got a Lenovo X1 Carbon and a MS Surface Laptop both running Win10 latest version.

The Surface Laptop is excellent, has been a bit buggy with drivers and firmware but they’re getting that right.

eusebiovic 1:24 Wed Apr 24
Re: Good laptop?
Laptops are like Bikes

Most people don't need anything more than a mid-range one like a Lenovo or Acer who are both pretty good these days.

However you could buy a top of the range MacBook even if you only use it to run Sage...a bit like the bike commuter who thinks it's appropriate to arrive at work tooled up to the max like Chris Froome

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