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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

twoleftfeet 10:11 Mon Apr 22
Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Today is the national Stephen Lawrence day.

I hope you all have good ones 👍

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Boycie 12:48 Sun Apr 28
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
They did throw Duane under a bus though

Boycie 12:47 Sun Apr 28
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
I've met his mother she was a nice lady. You get the sense she is broken and bitter over her son being murdered by such a cruel, evil and unnecessary act.

cartis 8:28 Fri Apr 26
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
His old man was made a doctor lol what sort of doctor would that be then
Fuck me you really couldn't make this up.
I thought making his old dear a baroness took the piss

mike hunt 4:59 Fri Apr 26
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
normannomates 5:56 Fri Apr 26
it's worse than that, his old man neville was made an honorary doctor, i kid you not, even his mate duwayne was handed an OBE, and is now a councillor ,,she was made baroness and given an OBE, you couldn't make this shit up

hammer205 8:42 Fri Apr 26
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.

Can you elaborate

normannomates 6:10 Fri Apr 26
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
To be OB takes a special kind of cunt.. You either have it or you don't.

Grassing on your schoolmates with no conscious?

taking the piss at every oppo?

Lazy muppet?




normannomates 5:56 Fri Apr 26
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Fuck this Angel
I'm sick of hearing about him and his fuckin family of racists.

Grey men tried a sweetener making the mother a fuckin Dame.. Get to fuck.. How about all the honkys?

He was no fuckin angel

ChillTheKeel 11:05 Tue Apr 23
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
The Met were utter scum in the 80s and 90s, right up there with SYP and WMP. The trouble is they have no common either, post Lawrence they morphed 180 degrees into an army of politically correct lunatics. And still are.

WSM Hammer 10:22 Tue Apr 23
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
what time is the minutes round of applause?

southbankbornnbred 9:58 Tue Apr 23
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Don't get me wrong - there's plenty of great policing that takes place in the Met and elsewhere. Always was. I know the (superb) copper who changed the whole nature of the Lawrence investigation in favour of the victim. People like him are worth their weight in gold. But people are naive if they think Scotland Yard was a bastion of clean policing untainted by corruption.

southbankbornnbred 9:51 Tue Apr 23
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Chelmsford - spot on.

But some ppl, particularly those who worked inside the Met, just refuse to see it or hear it. Because it was the culture around them.

The examples of past corruption are there for all to see. The fact (and it is a fact) that, by the modern Met's own admission, it destroyed a "lorry load" of information on past corruption "accidentally"!) says it all. Anybody could rattle off a list of major examples, too, and they would only ever scratch the surface of the problem: Lawrence, Daniel Morgan, Operation Othona", Op Tiberius, Trevor Lloyd-Hughes etc etc - the list goes on.

I am firmly of the view that the modern Met is a different beast. It still has some major problems, don't get me wrong. But it does have some mechanisms in place now to mitigate and tackle problems. Modern tech also means it is harder to be outright "corrupt" - but not impossible.

Even in 2015, some 3,000 police officers were investigated for alleged wrongdoing nationally. And half of officers surveyed said they didn't feel confident that any concerns they raised internally would be dealt with properly. It's that culture of silent complicity which eats away at forces.

But, according to that lot lower down, I'm talking bollocks and making it all up!

ChillTheKeel 8:49 Tue Apr 23
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Hermit Road 9:28

You laughable fucking idiot

bruuuno 10:46 Mon Apr 22
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
When I was a teenager I had run ins with both the met and Essex police. I found the Met to be far more dodgy and corrupt, completely different mentality to their Essex counterparts. I also got the feeling they didn’t like each other.

But to say that they were more corrupt than say the Italian or the frog or Spanish police is a bit much. Them fuckers are overt in their corruption

eusebiovic 9:57 Mon Apr 22
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Hermit Road 9:45 Mon Apr 22

No but it does seem beneficial to push them up front playing the panto villain and making all the noise whilst they quietly scorch the earth in the background?

Hermit Road 9:45 Mon Apr 22
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Right, but this particular thing is rooted in Marxist thought. It is not an invention of 'the ruling classes'.

eusebiovic 9:41 Mon Apr 22
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Hermit Road 9:28 Mon Apr 22

They work in conjunction with each other...

I have never voted Tory or Labour and have no intention of doing so in future

Hermit Road 9:28 Mon Apr 22
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
I’m not buying all that for a second. This hasn’t come from ‘the ruling classes’, it has come from the hard left and has sadly been adopted across the board. It has its roots in Marxist academia which saw the world as oppressor vs oppressed, those who benefitted from imperialism and those who lost out. You don’t get to palm of something that came from your broad ideological church.

As all pervasive as this is, it is still the case that the more extreme examples are found in the more extreme left of society. See Corbyn’s Labour for as many examples as you want me to provide.

eusebiovic 9:05 Mon Apr 22
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Hermit Road 7:52 Mon Apr 22

Aye...but it's important not to continue obliging them by falling into the two distinct camps which divide and rule creates.

The level of critical thinking is lamentable

The ruling classes have worked out a system which distorts the language of genuine social democracy (much like the Military Dictatorships) to mask the acceleration back towards a rigged 18th century free market dystopia for the gentry which used to exist before police, social services, housing, education and healthcare were invented and organized for the greater good.

It's been a stich-up between Conservative and Labour for at least 70 years and it's a pattern which is being repeated in practically every other european/western country.

Divide and Rule - make people think they have a choice and that voting for left, middle or right is meaningful when they are all part of the same rotting corpse of something which once upon a time almost had a chance of resembling a genuine democracy.

The U.S led the way and everybody else was obliged to follow their lead. All the arguments they have had and are continuing to happen now are the same ones we have been repeating since Kennedy. The division was ramped up to the max under Reagan and has been maintained ever since regardless of which party gets in.

George Orwell regularly gets quoted but it's something far more sinister than that.

Hermit Road 7:52 Mon Apr 22
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Eusebio, it’s obvious that you’re a decent fella. If it was just a personal thing then you’re right, we wouldn’t have to tow their line. Unfortunately though that thinking has become deeply embedded in our institutions and way of life. It invests policy and practice in nearly every institution you could mention. It is cancerous and I don’t think you can be too surprised if not all of us are happy to go along with it.

eusebiovic 7:47 Mon Apr 22
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
The media and 24 news channels exist solely to divide and rule.

Nobody is obliged to fall for it - unless of course they really want to.

twoleftfeet 7:34 Mon Apr 22
Re: Happy Stephen Lawrence day.
Hermit Road I applaud you


White men these days fall into one of theses categories ( sometimes all of them )

Sexual predator

We are being “ white washed “

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