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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

OneAll 6:36 Mon Apr 29
can see him staying next season , on form his worth much more then then 20mill we would get anyway , could he be forgiven? What other players do you know that have tried to force a move but ended up staying and winning the fans back if any?

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bruuuno 11:52 Wed May 1
Re: Arnautovic
His presence has poisoned the team therefore he should fuck right off

Huffers 7:28 Wed May 1
Re: Arnautovic
He was there today, but so were all the players. It’s to get visas for pre-season.

Percy Dalton 7:23 Wed May 1
Re: Arnautovic
Ron Eff
Been spotted outside the Chinese embassy.
More like the Chinese restaurant given the size of the toss pot.

Fifth Column 5:07 Wed May 1
Re: Arnautovic
It's like bilic comment on payet recently... Summer after euros he'd told owners to either sell payet or give him a new contract. They did neither. So we lost him for less money than we'd have got if we'd sold him then. Players are now cunts. If he wants to go we have to let him go.

Ron Eff 4:14 Wed May 1
Re: Arnautovic
Just been spotted outside the Chinese embassy with his entourage by a fella from work on his lunch time stroll.

Don’t shoot the messenger!

scott_d 10:03 Wed May 1
Re: Arnautovic
The Ghost of Braderz 7:08 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic

Like anything in life, it's worth looking at both sides of the coin.

Keep Arnie because:

• He's by far our most talented striker
• We can't let strikers go easily considering the other 3 won't necessarily be here
• He's played his hand so we won't get his true value offered

Sell Arnie because:

• He wants to treble his wages

If you're concluding that we should get rid of him after that I'd question your intelligence.


What about

Sell Arnie because:

• He wants to treble his wages
- He has a terrible attitude
- He is half the player he was before he tried to force a move.
- Likely this won't be the last time he tried to force a move.
- Disrupts the whole atmosphere of the team and brings us down with his attitude.

If you are concluding a different solution to selling him then that is entirely up to you, football is a matter of opinions after all.

scott_d 9:57 Wed May 1
Re: Arnautovic
No goals for West Ham since 5th Jan.
7 goals all season so far.
11 goals last season.
Piss poor attitude since he didn't get his move and clearly does not give a fuck about West Ham.

His "announcement in 24 hours" where he then revealed he was "staying at West Ham" was so fucking embarrassing.

For me the damage has been done and we are much better off without this kind of player.

eusebiovic 12:24 Wed May 1
Re: Arnautovic
He can't be trusted...ever again

If a player wants to leave then fine...but there is the right way to do it and the cunts way to do it.

As far as I'm concerned him and his agent brother can fuck right off ASAP

The blokes got a bigger ego than Neymar ffs

Full Claret Jacket 5:26 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
Its clear as day that some players dont have time for him and dont pass to him. Anderson being one of them. Ignores him every time he is better placed to score.

Admiral Lard 5:23 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
Should have taken the £35M on offer

JonWHUFC 3:44 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
He had won me right over until he pulled his China stunt. It annoys me that you are stuck between a rock and hard place when someone behaves like he did. We would have been better off cashing in at the time but we weren't to know that. We won't get that money for him now and he doesn't look interested any more. I got annoyed with him flapping his arms about on Saturday and moaning at Anderson. He is not a team player, not a squad player and not a West Ham man. We will need to ship him out and take a loss probably all because he threw his toys out of the pram and didn't get his dream move to La Liga. Oh, sorry, meant China but one in the same!!!!! I would get rid of all the strikers and get have a complete refresh. Hernandez is a quality finisher but we don't play to his strengths. I don't count Antonio as a striker by the way, he is an attacker but not an out and out striker. I think could have had a good cup run with Arnie on side but he destablised the squad at exactly the wrong time so for me ta ta.

dealcanvey 2:24 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
We wont get the money we need to sell him. he is not good enough to play for the big club he wants.

Unless China come calling like it or lump it he will still be here next season.

Mart O 2:12 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
Don't matter where you play him, he'll still be a cunt.

Can't believe anyone wants to keep this arsewipe 'cos of one good pass after he's pretty much fucked up our season.

Iron Duke 1:53 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
I think it is more down to him and what he wants. If he isn't committed to the cause, then he can fuck off. If he wants to stay and help the team, then he is a very important player. We need him, especially if Hernandez, Carroll and Perez are leaving.

Darby_ 1:14 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
I’d like to see more of him at midfield before we make a decision about keeping him.

I suspect that the problem is not Pellers’ tactical change, because Arnie was scoring freely earlier this season. Personally I think defenses are just putting a lot of pressure on him because they know he gets easily frustrated and is out of form.

I think he’d be better with the extra space and lower pressure situation of right midfield.

zico 12:58 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
Got a slightly different take on this so don't shoot me!!

For sure he is a moody so and so whose form has hit the buffers since he threw his toys out of the pram when he didn't get what he wanted "but" I think part of his form is down to the way Pellegrini wants to play.

With Moyes we were sitting back with balls over the top and Arnie was getting goals like he did against Brighton at the LS when Noble found him with a couple of beauties over the top. Pell wants us to be on the front foot but too often Arnie comes deep almost playing as a False 9 and not getting himself in the box. A cross comes in from a full back and too often Arnie is sitting near the edge of the penalty area.

With Saturday when he switched with Antonio he got more of the ball and became a creator,. He wouldn't have scored that goal because he himself hasn't been looking to get in behind enough and that was his strength last season.

Not saying wide right is his position necessarily but Pell needs to coach him. Tell him to go away at times, pull the defenders away with him. That may also be a case for Lanzini's slow start,. If Arnie is coming deep all the time he is vacating Lanzini's space to run in to as it's almost an Attacking Midfielders space.

Hammer and Pickle 11:24 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
Could be a natural captain if coached well. There is no doubt he can influence to inspire or drag the team down so the coach’s job is pretty clear in this case.

Lee Trundle 11:11 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
"and has taken time to get his form back"

One decent pass in his last eleven games, and his form is back?!

Not for me.

Boycie 11:00 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
I think he's reacted normally to the situation. Gets a dream move to our club things go well gets offered a stellar offer that is beyond his wildest dreams. It didnt happen, he got pissed off and has taken time to get his form back. Realises life aint that bad playing for us and our great fans who would not boo him.........

Mike the Hammer 10:59 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic

The Ghost of Braderz 7:08 Tue Apr 30

Always a very constructive point of view the 'if you don't agree with me, you're stupid'...

diehardhammer 10:45 Tue Apr 30
Re: Arnautovic
Marko can be a great player but I just dont trust him not to disrupt the squad again

personally would sell for £30m, get Maxi Gomez then have antonio as second striker when yarmolenko is back fit

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