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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

IsaacHock 2:49 Wed May 1
Heres how this is going to work. Everyone here has a Whogenda - a subtext that flavours every post that they make. Maybe you still hate Allardyce, or you have lots of friends, or you live in Las Vegas - it's your Whogenda and by Christ, you're going to let us know about it.

So, please tell us your own Whogenda first, and then (and here's the fun part) identify another Whoer and speculate as to what you believe their Whogenda to be. I'll go first...

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Hammer and Pickle 1:09 Sat May 4
Re: WHOGendas
No shit?

I thought you was a badger that was claret in colour.

Claret Badger 1:08 Sat May 4
Re: WHOGendas
I troll the fuck out of this site by manifesting myself as a a comedic character with little to no interest in football or my own personal safety

Johnson 11:16 Fri May 3
Re: WHOGendas
Shut up you moron.

BRANDED 11:11 Fri May 3
Re: WHOGendas
Who is like a pub entered through a wormhole full of rucking opinionated blagards all of which only have one thing in common but it’s the glue that holds them together no matter how polarised they become.

Long may it continue.

One Flew 9:36 Fri May 3
Re: WHOGendas
Hock, I'll play

My WHOgenda - Was the go to place for the news and very occasionally football West Ham insights, plus I e-fancy Nurse.

Lost touch with who's doing what these days but from memory and just to select one, Johnson - what Nagel says, a dog with a bone :)

lab 7:59 Fri May 3
Re: WHOGendas
Alfie..... Please never give up posting, it's refreshing and amusing and thought provoking.

Nagel 7:48 Fri May 3
Re: WHOGendas
Darby_ 6:39 Fri May 3

This is exactly right, and also the answer to the question of why the site's pulse is dead. Used to be that you'd get the odd few like that, ie Nicey on Allardyce. Now the site's overrun with people acting like a dog with a bone. You know exactly what they're going to say on any given subject and they won't let up. It's fucking boring.

Darby_ 6:39 Fri May 3
Re: WHOGendas
The irony of this thread is that many of the people who slag it off have massive WHOgendas that they introduce into virtually every thread, but don't want to admit it.

East Auckland Hammer 5:01 Fri May 3
Re: WHOGendas
Personally, I think you should be given much more responsibility around here Alfie.

Alfie 4:32 Fri May 3
Re: WHOGendas
My whogenda

Read who for the last 15 years, appraise myself of the views, responses and verbals of other west ham people. Venture to post on occasion - particularly when pissed and off tits:

Then post drivel, for unknown reasons, pure stream of consciousness verbal bollocks. Why? It makes me feel better i think. For 15 years i have typed meaningless bollocks to people i do not know yet probably stand next to in the queue at the bar at UP, the new gaff, the central, the winebar or queens or whereever.

No agenda other than that. I watch, listen, learn, post bollocks. Time and tide continue to lap, and have passed in this way for 20 years since i first discovered this corner of the internettage

bruuuno 12:17 Fri May 3
Re: WHOGendas
isackhock = hairyhammer

joyo 8:10 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas
Sad thread posted by a sad prick

Hammer and Pickle 7:50 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas

Nurse Ratched 7:39 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas

Dunno, m'love.

Russ of the BML 10:36 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas
Johnson 9:21 Thu May 2

Not true. The "Have you ever shit yourself" thread was absolutely buzzing.

It's just got to be interesting.

Coffee 10:12 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas
Nurse Ratched 9:47 Thu May 2

True. But why?

Hermit Road 9:54 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas
Mine: shoehorn the evil of socialism into every thread.

Someone else: other things.

Nurse Ratched 9:47 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas
Johnson 9:21

Hock isn't the problem. It's us.

Johnson 9:21 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas
A few years ago a thread like this, especially on a Friday afternoon, would have had hundreds of replies and a few rucks going on.

Hock is just checking the pulse of the site. As expected, it’s dead.

White Pony 1:10 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas
This is the kind of shit I would expect (possibly) of my 13 year old daughter. Even for her this might prove too cringey.

defjam 12:29 Thu May 2
Re: WHOGendas
Looks like Hocks account has been WHOraped.

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