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arsene york-hunt 8:52 Mon May 6
Prince ?

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, 5:28 Thu May 9
Re: Prince ?
Archie Harry’s son.

ironsofcanada 1:53 Thu May 9
Re: Prince ?
Conjures up Archie Bunker in the States for older people, definitely the comics for my generation. So maybe a bit surprising.

(Bit of a nasty sort was Archie, has some "fun" insults for Rob Reiner)

Northern Sold 12:12 Thu May 9
Re: Prince ?
Very popular name is Archie now with the nippers.... no surprise with the name.... if it had been an Alan, Trevor or Colin then yeah I would have raised an eyebrow...

mashed in maryland 10:34 Thu May 9
Re: Prince ?
47, 21, Archer, sir

Sven Roeder 9:18 Thu May 9
Re: Prince ?
Odds on baby 2 being called Jughead have plummeted

Billy Blagg 2:39 Thu May 9
Re: Prince ?
I suspect a re-release of 'Sugar Sugar' will be announced in the U.S. soon

gph 12:40 Thu May 9
Re: Prince ?
Sven - how do you know it's short for Archibald? Could be Archimboldo, famous for his fruit-faced portraiture


arsene york-hunt 12:20 Thu May 9
Re: Prince ?

Far Cough 10:13 Wed May

Peter Brough and Archie Andrews his dummy, was on the radio every Sunday for years. You certainly couldn't see his lips move.


HairyHammer 10:58 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
He is not going to be king is he?, so Archie is a nice name, .if a little surprising.

Far Cough 10:13 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
How can you have a radio ventriloquist act?

Sven Roeder 10:05 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
I do suspect she wears the trousers

Archie is the sort of name you’d give a PARROT 🦜

arsene york-hunt 9:48 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
Archie after Archie Andrews the wooden part of a radio ventriloquist act.

Iron Duke 8:51 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
Shit name.

Sven Roeder 8:19 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
It has to be Archibald on the birth certificate doesn’t it?
Slightly odd choice by Henry and his wife

Heard Alexander mentioned which had the American connection with Alexander Hamilton but I guess that was a little subtle.

Maybe Meghan is a bit oriental and it’s actually Ah-Chee

eusebiovic 7:57 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
Akeem of Zamunda

lab 7:45 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
Darlo Debs , indeed , my lab is called Archie .

british is best 7:42 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
Oh sugar sugar.

Far Cough 7:41 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
Archibald Leitch, well known in footballing circles

Cheezey Bell-End 7:38 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
Hardly matters. He will grow up to be another toff and won't suffer at all from a slightly silly name.

If he was named Oliver, I would have to hate him already.

geoffpikey 7:11 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
It's just fucking stupid though. Archibald would be weird enough. But then HE will have the choice, later. It's like naming a newborn boy Dave, Ken, Mick or Jezza.

It's a shorthand NICKNAME! Isn't it? Well, for people who have standards it is.

I bet Philip is silently fuming. Hahahaha.

Eddie B 7:07 Wed May 8
Re: Prince ?
Very posh first name, that. Know loads of hoorays called Archie.

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