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daveyg 5:28 Tue May 7
Diangana or Holland
I was thinking if Pellegrini has missed a trick by playing Diangana against Southampton. With Anderson and Snodgrass out I would of thought playing Holland was an ideal chance to see how he would pan out.
I didn't see the game in full but a few bits of information about his performance were not overwhelming.
Diangana stole ahead of Holland due his injury situation early season. I'm not sure Diangana has progressed over the season. He started off well but hasn't had much influence in the games he has played since the turn of the year.
I've seen him in several U23'S games but he hasn't exactly shone,in fact his body language has been poor. I hope his attitude is right and we don't have another Reece Oxford on our hands.
Holland has played exceptionally well for the U23'S despite several disruptions through injury. I feel he deserves a crack and not just a 15 minute cameo.
Surely we don't need Perez,Hernandez,Sanchez and Obiang on the bench when most if not all will be leaving.
Thoughts please.

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Chrisel 10:03 Wed May 8
Re: Diangana or Holland
It does amaze me that in this day and age a player like Diangana can get to the level he has and is still totally one footed. Everytime I've seen him he is always running around the ball to use his strong foot. I would suggest it is already too late if he's still doing that.

Compare that to Rice, for example, the first time I saw him play I actually thought he was left-footed.

Or my 9 year old son, who will never play football to any level but is already comfortable on either foot.

normannomates 7:11 Wed May 8
Re: Diangana or Holland
Diangana won't cut it

High hopes for Holland though

Sir Alf 12:31 Wed May 8
Re: Diangana or Holland
Ade Coker, Zavon Hines, Johnny Ayris, Stuart Slater just a few of the players we all thought were the real deal based on early impressions.

He will play professionally you would think but he needs to improve significantly to play on a regular basis in the Premiership. Not just strength and physicality but decision making, awareness on the ball. He looks more likely to be playing in the Championship or Div 1 longer term to me. But lets hope he proves me wrong. Make or break next 12 - 18 months.

Leeshere 10:26 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Hopefully just the experience of playing in the Premier league can help Diangana develop for next season, but I did think the new 6 year contact was excessive for a player who might make it at the top level.

master 9:32 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
door = foot

master 9:31 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
If you cut inside every single time, it gets very predictable. If you have no pace or upper body strength to take on an opponent on the outside on your wrong door, you will struggle.

However, both those criticisms can be coached and trained to make him a much better player. Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.

He says Antonio is a great help to him. For me thats entirely the wrong player to mould yourself on. He needs to be following Anderson, and Yarmolenko once he returns.

AVOR 9:23 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Eerie Descent 9:05 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
I'm not judging him against Rice, I'm giving context that 21 is not exactly a young pup in football. Fuck me some of you are hard work.

Agree by the time they reach 21 or 22 you need to decide whether they are likely to make it. Disappointed with Diangana last few times i saw him. thought initially he was pacey and wanted to take people on, last few games he hasnt shown that.

Be interesting what happens to him and Josh Cullen over the summer. Hopefully Holland will stay injury free and get himself some preseason games with the full squad.

Iron Duke 9:21 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
I think the jury is still out on Diangana. He needs to work a lot harder and get tougher. We’ve been starved of academy success stories in recent seasons so it’s just nice to have a youngster make some impact which he did earlier on in the season.

paulon 9:15 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Waste of time judging too much from U23 football, a lot of them look out of their depth when they go out on loan at L1 and L2 level

Holland looked a bit lightweight in the Preston friendly last summer but who knows another year on

Eerie Descent 9:05 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
I'm not judging him against Rice, I'm giving context that 21 is not exactly a young pup in football. Fuck me some of you are hard work.

CanningTownWA 8:10 Tue May 7

That is my biggest worry. He's obviously got some talent, but personally what I've seen, there's a lack of real desire. I'd expect a 21 year old given the chances he's had to appear like he wants it a bit more.

gph 8:31 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Expecting too much of other youngsters could become a vexing aspect of forgetting how special Rice is.

geoffpikey 8:18 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Eerie, Grady Diangana is 8 months older than Rice. And Declan is proving to be an exceptional talent.

I think it's a bit harsh to be calling him out as an underachiever just yet!

Hopefully, both Diangana and Holland get plenty of time next season. If Anderson stays, and with Yarmolenko back, we have seriously good wide talent.

It's the bloke(s) in the box I'm more concerned about. And the midfield.

tnb 8:15 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
How much do we expect a player in their first Premier League season to progress? And plenty more experienced wingers than him coming into the league have looked better at first (especially if they get to catch the eye against Macclesfield in the cup in the state they were then) and then struggled as teams work them out.

Diangana got his chance and has been the player in possession of the shirt in terms of young winger since. In pre season everything will reset itself and it will be up to Holland to challenge.

I'm not saying Holland couldn't be great but let's not forget that fairly recently we were being told how Ashley Fletcher looked better for Man Utd at youth level than Rashford and how he would have gotten the chance Rashford did against Midtjylland had he not been out on loan. Sears used to bang them in at youth level too.

Timing means a lot when it comes to youth players. The best eventually find their way in and stay there. We know very little about Holland at this point, and am finding out a lot more about Diangana week by week. We shall see yet who comes out on top.

SteveJacko 8:11 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Diangana could do with a season on loan to a Championship side going for promotion. He’s had a decent breakthrough season, but needs to be starting each week away somewhere and make an impact. Similar to Harvey Barnes at Leicester who was out at WBA this season.

CanningTownWA 8:10 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
It’s not his talent but his attitude I am worried about. I was on his side of the pitch for the game Saturday and he was just letting players run past him and did not track back at all. He just stood out on the wing waiting for the ball and would not come short to the man or create any space - he was really winding me up, he just seemed lazy. Hopefully someone has took him aside and told him what’s needed out on the pitch - having to graft and get stuck in like Declan. I’m also worried that he might be another Oxford now he has his new contract but will reserve judgment after a few more games, he may need shipping out on loan to the Championship to make a man of him.

Sven Roeder 8:07 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Diangana did really well when he first came in and then faded a bit so Pellegrini left him out for a fair while.
Since he has brought him back he has been a bit more erratic ... and had some poor moments when he has given the ball away a lot.
Needs a preseason to regroup and go again

On Saturday I’d have given Diangana an hour or 70 mins and then used Holland.
At Watford if Anderson is fit I’d play him and give Holland some time at the end.

White Pony 7:46 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
I'm going to wait and see what Alex V thinks about it.

Eerie Descent 6:47 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Yeah, great contribution.

He's 21, a year older than Declan Rice. I'm not writing him off, not saying he doesn't have talent, but he has been given enough of a chance and has produced very little. That's just the truth.

Hopefully he grafts in the summer, and comes back better next season.

Texas Iron 6:44 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Would like to see what Holland can do...

Diangana looked low on confidence and didn't do much last week...

gph 6:39 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
Diagana's not as good as he was. But he's not gone that much backwards.

If only all young players got better game by game.

Eerie Descent 6:23 Tue May 7
Re: Diangana or Holland
I'm loath to get on a young players back, but he was poor on Saturday, pretty anonymous, and he has been since his initial burst onto the scene whenever he's been given a chance.

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