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Q: Shall we bring polls back?
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normannomates 6:11 Wed May 8
Talk to me

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TheBoleynBoy 3:04 Sat May 11
Re: 2019
Got married and currently on my honeymoon. My little one is nearly one. So far so good.

Golden Oldie 3:10 Thu May 9
Re: 2019
Bright and breezy with a few light showers

DiCaniosLefty 3:04 Thu May 9
Re: 2019
Thanks Wanstead, all going well!

Nurse Ratched 9:56 Thu May 9
Re: 2019
It's been nice so far. Thank you for asking, Norm.

wanstead_hammer 9:49 Thu May 9
Re: 2019
It’s flying by as usual. Still got all the Summer and Autumn to look forward to.
Well done DiCanios btw.

Billy - hope everything’s ok. Keep in touch with others look after yourself. Keep yer chin up.

Darlo Debs 9:33 Thu May 9
Re: 2019
Yes that would be a lot worse

DiCaniosLefty 9:23 Thu May 9
Re: 2019
Thanks Debs, and just remember that life could be worse, you could be a Wall supporter!

Darlo Debs 8:43 Thu May 9
Re: 2019
Congratulations DiCanio

Mine has been like every other year so.far......utter shite.

DiCaniosLefty 3:14 Thu May 9
Re: 2019
Been an amazing year so far for me Norm, welcomed my little boy and new little hammer into the world. Haven't really slept for 3 months but its all worth it :-)

Head up Billy, all the best.

Billy Blagg 2:30 Thu May 9
Re: 2019
Block 3:33 Wed May 8
Well if I got through it last Christmas so I'm thinking it's likely only me own demise will end it now.

Block 3:33 Wed May 8
Re: 2019
I hope you return for your annual Christmas thread, Blagg?

Billy Blagg 3:20 Wed May 8
Re: 2019
Five months into 2018 I had no idea what fate had in store for me so you'll excuse me if I opt out of 2019 until next January (assuming I get there)

4ever-blowin-bubbles 3:15 Wed May 8
Re: 2019
still plenty of good and bad to come

Westham67 6:38 Wed May 8
Re: 2019
Its been a good year for me so far norm , yourself ?

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