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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Steven P 1:39 Thu May 9
What with Man Utd looking likely to get rid and us most probably clearing out some of the high earners up top - Would you try and get him? (I think he is on £200k a week, so do not know if we would pay that)

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Steven P 10:31 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
That’s not what you said but twist it anyway you want but even so that comment just makes you look even more stupid. You still wouldn’t have Rice playing DM? Bwahahahahaha! You complete div!

Jim79 10:26 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
He’ll still cost well north of £50m, be on £200k per week and have much loftier ambitions than playing for us so apart from being way out of our league in both terms of financial and quality yeah why not!!!

Vexed 10:10 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Steven P 8:47 Thu May 9

We concede 1.5 goals a game, I make me right, he shouldn't have played there on the evidence.

Alfs 9:53 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Unless he's been lying about his age since he was 5, he's 25.

LJC 8:50 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Steven P 8:47 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku


Steven P 8:47 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Classic Vexed = Rice won’t play defensive midfield this season.

Bald, pikey and living in a caravan.

Vexed 7:39 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Classic P this. Multi level stupidity.

lab 7:26 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku

Golden Oldie 7:26 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
He looks more like he could be a senior member of the Royal household rather than the newborn Prince.

Like fuck he is

geoffpikey 7:18 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Is he really ONLY 25? Fucking hell. That lad's going to end up looking like John Barnes who's eaten John Barnes.

Massive NO. He's stopped resembling a sportsman.

Far Cough 7:13 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Look at him, no way is he 25 and it's nothing to do with his skin colour

dealcanvey 7:10 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Just because he is black does not mean he is lying about his age. He was born in Belgium

'Lukaku has been shit at United'

Goals in last two seasons: 42

Our best striker Arnie in last two seasons: 21

There really is no comparison and he is way above our level and budget.

Far Cough 6:17 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
25 my arse

Texas Iron 6:16 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
One good game in 5 at United...

SUM A DING WONG 6:15 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
He'd be fucking excellent for us.

Never going to happen in a million years, though.

Darlo Debs 6:07 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
i may be mistaken but hasnt he already turned us down more than once

, 5:59 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Yes but if it happened which Lukaku would we be signing, the Everton one or the ManU lummox?

dealcanvey 5:56 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
What's funny is not only the prospect of us being able to sign him is that some people think he is not good enough for us.

Steven P 5:09 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
Chigwell 4:15 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku

He's 25???

wanstead_hammer 4:32 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
You never see him and stormzy in the same room together.

White Pony 4:26 Thu May 9
Re: Lukaku
I know a lot of Belgians. None of them rate him, think he's lazy. Whenever I've seen him play he always seems to lumber around but you cannot argue with his career goal record, both at club and national level.

So, I'd have to say yes as he's an upgrade on Carroll and Perez. Won't happen though as a) he wouldn't be interested and b) too expensive.

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