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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Mace66 4:06 Thu May 9
Anybody’s out there been lower than the lowest point imaginable and come out the other side ?

One of them endless spirals one way down only

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wanstead_hammer 8:12 Wed May 29
Re: Depression

wanstead_hammer 6:43 Tue May 28
Re: Depression
Anyone heard from Mace66 or Stevethehammer??

Hope you’re both coping and moving forward.

Get in touch with someone/post on here and let us know.

Westham67 10:27 Mon May 20
Re: Depression
Shadow boxing for combinations is much better or pads that is for Thai boxing but same, same but different as the Thais say

Westham67 10:11 Mon May 20
Re: Depression
An hour on a punch bag ? how long each round and each break ?

Aalborg Hammer 9:44 Mon May 20
Re: Depression
Has anyone heard from Mace?? I WHO mailed and heard nothing-hope he's/you're OK ,Mate

Boycie 1:59 Sun May 19
Re: Depression
cheers jfk. I have a very good GP.

Too Much Too Young 4:23 Sat May 18
Re: Depression
Exaxtly bruno.

I doubt i'll see that again...esp as the dog was right in there giving her a good sniff!!

The daughter must have said sorry about 30 times in 1 minute! In the end i turned around to avoid walking through thier puddles of piss.

bruuuno 4:01 Sat May 18
Re: Depression
It’s moments like that that make you smile no matter what else is happening.

My old man was on a bike ride in the woods once and came upon one of his neighbours doing a shit. He regularly sees him in his suit off to his important job and the fella always looks embarrassed when he does.

Too Much Too Young 2:22 Sat May 18
Re: Depression
Took the hound out for walk over the local trust land...its always busy.

Walking along some bushy path, turn the corner and am presented with 2 women (30ish & 60ish..mother and daughter probably) arses out and squatting for a piss....laugh, i nearly got me cock out and joined in.

Said women (english and middle class) were fuckiing mortified, but serves them right for doing it in the middle of a patth. I thought the younger one was explode she was so red.

Sadly, neither were fit.

As you were..

jfk 6:27 Sat May 18
Re: Depression
Great to hear mate.

jfk 6:22 Sat May 18
Re: Depression
It's a good thing mental illness has finally come to light.Rather than poofters,dykes and other sexual deviants who are experts in throwing a hissy fit.
I know a fella as lots do who hung himself.None of his close friends or family saw it coming he was finantially well off but obviously in a very bad place.

Boycie 5:25 Sat May 18
Re: Depression
had it for 25 years got the right medication and never looked back

normannomates 5:22 Sat May 18
Re: Depression
Any word on mace66?

Gavros 1:37 Sat May 18
Re: Depression
Hour on the bike, hour sparring, hour YIN YOGA.

I felt so good, i decided to go for a pint.

riosleftsock 8:47 Fri May 17
Re: Depression
Side of Ham 3:43 Fri May 17


After8 8:43 Fri May 17
Re: Depression
With your love of all things Norway, gav, I would have thought a sauna was in order?

Council Scum 4:35 Fri May 17
Re: Depression
Hitting bags for an hour has to be one of the most boring things I've ever read on here.

Northern Sold 4:31 Fri May 17
Re: Depression
Gavvy is like a WHO Samaritan.... no matter how low you feel... just when you are about to pull the trigger and blow a .45 cap up through your nostril you put the gun down and think of Gavvy's yoga... and think... fuck ... it can't be that bad...

Side of Ham 4:11 Fri May 17
Re: Depression
I wish i could remember my dreams as distinctly as he does tbh.

Darby_ 3:55 Fri May 17
Re: Depression
I've got to admit that I feel a bit depressed and inadequate when I read about Gavvy living his best life.

joyo 3:55 Fri May 17
Re: Depression
Gravos do you regularly get battered in the ring?

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