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The Stoat 9:25 Wed May 15
1975 FA Cup
Just found this footage (apologies if posted before)


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Northern Sold 6:53 Thu May 16
Re: 1975 FA Cup
Watched it round me Nan's in Barking... she had just won her big ol colour TV a few months before at Top Rank Bingo... house full... me Dad and Uncle's fucked off to the Thatched House after and left me and me cousins pretending we was Alan Taylor nutmegging the keeper over Mayesbrook park...

Far Cough 6:33 Thu May 16
Re: 1975 FA Cup
I went to that game and went another time to Wembley the same year, to watch the first FA Vase final between my local team, Hoddesdon beat the Surrey wankers Epsom and Ewell 2-1 :-)

19075 was a good year sport wise

Eastside surge 6:28 Thu May 16
Re: 1975 FA Cup
I was six and my dad took me to Plaistow station to see the coach come past with the players sitting on top happy days indeed.
Saw some footage of the match the other day on you tube and there's a clip as the players are lining up and as bobby moore looks across at the west ham team you just see him mouth the words " alright bonzo " to billy bonds and I don't know why but it brought a lump to my throat

wd40 5:26 Thu May 16
Re: 1975 FA Cup
Remember watching our fans running on the pitch and trying to jump some partitions walls to do likewise walls and failing.

Also recall a large banner/ flag just behind me in claret & blue
with West ham 3 Dads Army 0 written on it .

Razzle 5:24 Thu May 16
Re: 1975 FA Cup
Next year will be the 40th anniversary of our last cup win.... how depressing..

2 things i want to see in my lifetime

England win the world cup
West Ham win a domestic trophy

violator 5:20 Thu May 16
Re: 1975 FA Cup
I was 6 but I do remember my old man making a fucking huge montage and stuck it in the kitchen window, so even during the day we had to have the lights on to see, and then a have a memory of him running up and down the back garden screaming his head off when the goals went in. And then he took me to the final in 1980, he's been gone for 8 years now and would be his birthday on Sunday, but the memories never fade.

JAC 4:58 Thu May 16
Re: 1975 FA Cup
I remember a street party down Chesley Gardens East Ham right after the 75 cup final.....

Happy days.

J.Riddle 3:17 Thu May 16
Re: 1975 FA Cup
My two regrets were not being there for both 75 and 80 cup parades, after going to both finals.

zico 1:33 Thu May 16
Re: 1975 FA Cup
I seem to remember "It's a Cup Final Knockout" with Stuart Hall being on and I'm sure someone asked Jim to Fix it for them to meet the team. Such innocent days!!!!!

VirginiaHam 11:57 Wed May 15
Re: 1975 FA Cup
Westham67 10:11 Wed May 15

No gloves on a non-slippery day. Couldn't catch a cold......hahaha

pulhampete 11:03 Wed May 15
Re: 1975 FA Cup
I was 5 and its my first memory of anything to do with football.
Can't remember the game, don't think I even watched it, but I do remember my old man buying me and my brother loads of sweets to keep us quiet while he watched the match on the telly.

jim@chickenrun 10:33 Wed May 15
Re: 1975 FA Cup
Not only English,only 3 of the team born outside East London....Mervyn day,Alan Taylor and paddon,and day was Bron in Chelmsford!

Westham67 10:11 Wed May 15
Re: 1975 FA Cup
Mellor had a McKnightmare

Leonard Hatred 9:45 Wed May 15
Re: 1975 FA Cup
Last FA Cup final won by 11 Englishmen.

cheeses cruyf 9:38 Wed May 15
Re: 1975 FA Cup
That was like a Pathe News film, commentary by Mr. Cholmondley-Warner

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