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Queens Fish Bar 1:40 Thu May 16
Jimmy Carr
Don't like him on tv.

Went to his standup show, Terribly Funny, last night.

No topic is off-limits, certainly not PC.

He was really good and very funny.

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Queens Fish Bar 5:22 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
Adam Hills stand up that I've seen is funny.

Gary Delaney is my favourite atm.

Darlo Debs 4:19 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
Agree with Mad Dog about Gary Delaney.

Got a bit bored of The Last Leg but Adam Hills is still a bit of alright (despite silly accent)

eusebiovic 3:35 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
I was obliged to sit through a Michael McIntyre live DVD last Christmas at my cousin's gaff.

It was like being spoon fed warm diarrhea

My life flashed before me

Gavros 3:31 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
I once found a brad new DVD of John Bishop in Westfields.

Two minutes in i realised I'd found the perfect christmas present for my brother.

madeeasy 3:28 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
I think Jimmy Carr is funny!

Although I agree most with Violator about Kathrine Ryan.....

The_Phantom 2:58 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
Like Carr hate Frankie Boyle

Claret Badger 2:43 Thu May 16
Best new comic
might just be this guy


Buster 1:46 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
I'd rather watch Jimmy Nail.

violator 12:23 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
I seem to remember him getting all precious when there were jokes on social media after Matt Lucas' husband topped himself, but its ok when he does the same about others. Oh and he laughs like a cunt too.

That Katherine Ryan though, I'd give her one, or two.

greenie1 11:57 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
I can't stand that knackered laugh of his. Instant switch off.

Grumpster 11:55 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
Depends what you want from comedy.

I'd take seeing him any day over the likes of the political left wing shit that the chaps on the last leg come out with.

w4hammer 11:48 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
bruuuno 1:52 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
I saw him live once and thought it was terrible lowest common denominator shit.

being base/.crude in a plummy voice with a forced laugh isnt comedy..

Side of Ham 11:45 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
Frankie Boyle is fantastic............................

................for honing my tv remote control switch over/off speeds.

Northern Sold 11:38 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
He should just go on stage and laugh for an hour.... that's about as funny as it gets with him... although he is miles better than Frankie Boyle...

eusebiovic 11:34 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
Creatively as a credible comedian he is dead.

A cash register has replaced his brain long ago.

HairyHammer 10:46 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
I think he is quite funny but not very funny good on tv as a presenter on 8 out of 10 cats, but he does look like a paedo ,although not half as much as David Walliams .

White Pony 9:51 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
This is going to be one of those threads where some people love something and others can't wait to pile in and tell them they're wrong and what they love is actually shit, yeah?

Seriously, what is the point?

As for Jimmy Carr, all I've seen of him is that Cats programme, on which he was not funny. Hope this helps?

claret on my shirt 9:33 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
My boy loves him, seen him about 4 times. His shows are about average i'd say nothing special

Side of Ham 9:29 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
I see Fish Bar is well and truly having his Chips pissed on here.

Takashi Miike 9:23 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
he's like a pound shop bob monkhouse. I wouldn't watch his stand up if you paid me

cornish 9:10 Thu May 16
Re: Jimmy Carr
Don't laugh at him at all,I hate him,very unfunny.

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