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Steven P 3:10 Fri May 17
Wilder v Breazeale
Anyone going to bother watching this one? anyone think an upset could be on the cards?

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East Auckland Hammer 11:22 Mon May 20
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
This is why UFC has made up so much ground, and arguably surpassed, heavyweight boxing.

In the UFC, the best guys just fight each other.

The organisation just works out who needs to fight who, matches them, they fight, then they all fight again a couple of months later.

Israel Adesanya, the Nigerian-born Kiwi debuted in the UFC early last year. He's now fought 6 times in a year, and he holds the interim middleweight title. In a couple of months will be fighting another Kiwi Robert Whittaker for the full title, so that's at least 7 fights in 18 months.

Tyson Fury hasn't fought for 6 months, and his next fight is against some no name.

Dillian Whyte hasn't fought in 6 months, and his next fight is against some no name.

Anthony Joshua hasn't fought in 9 months, and his fight is against a game, but limited Andy Ruiz.

Deontay Wilder hadn't fought for 6 months prior to that last one.

Povetkin hasn't fought for 8 or 9 months.

Joseph Parker hasn't fought for 6 months.

Etc etc etc

Obviously having a dozen different organisations involved doesn't help, but fucking hell, the activity levels of these top heavyweights are appalling.

Mad Dog 8:01 Mon May 20
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
That fella's jaw landed yet?

New Jersey 6:36 Mon May 20
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
Although nothing can compare to the 'golden era' of heavyweight boxing with Ali, Frazier, Norton, Forman etc all fighting each other but it would be good if AJ, Fury and Wilder just fought each other instead of fucking about with purse cuts etc. They all lost in the golden era but it didn't stop them being seen as great champions.

Block 10:52 Mon May 20
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
"seems to rely heavily on power,"

You mean like how Wilder has done?

Manip 10:51 Mon May 20
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
Good night Vienna.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 11:50 Sun May 19
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
a draw if breazeale is all over him lol

goose 8:27 Sun May 19
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
137 seconds

isca hammer 6:27 Sun May 19
Re: Wilder v Breazeale

Crassus 12:57 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
Thank you for that, I will watch him closer

TheBoleynBoy 12:50 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
Dubois is quite clearly a very strong and powerful bloke, a bit to early to say but his next fight with Gorman and then potentially Joe Joyce will be good domestic fights to push him on. For me, his skill set is very limited, seems to rely heavily on power, doesn’t really move his head but again he’s still developing, he’ll get better definitely.

World Champion quality? Time will tell, I reckon he will eventually but don’t think he’ll win it at first attempt, it will be one of them where it will feel so much better when he does get his hands on it.

Crassus 12:28 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
Intersting debate

What is the opinion of Daniel Dubois and his prospects moving forward?

Potential champion?

Eerie Descent 12:18 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
I agree about Usyk, absolutely top drawer, the only problem is size - the top 3 guys at the moment are absolute monsters. It's not like it used to be with the likes of Holyfield moving up from Cruiser, this new lot are a different breed. Will be interesting to see how he gets on.

goose 12:15 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
Very soon the boxing world will be dominated by ex soviet fighters. There are loads on the way up.
Usyk & Bivol are both top notch.

southbankbornnbred 12:07 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
The heavyweight division will also get a lot more interesting when Usyk steps up from cruiserweight.

He was scheduled to fight at heavyweight this month, but injured his arm. He's a class act - one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world (at cruiserweight, at least).

southbankbornnbred 12:04 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
BB - yep, spot on, that, mate.

It's the fact that all three of them have good strengths and obvious weaknesses which makes it an interesting weight division: providing they don't just largely avoid each other. There is a risk of that now, of course, what with the separate TV deals they've signed etc.

By historical standards, it's not a great heavyweight division. But it's a decent one, and boxing fans 'deserve' (for want of a better term) to see the best in the division face-off against each other.

TheBoleynBoy 11:56 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
Fair summary that South Bank

Wilder has no skill at all other than a wild hard hitting swing of a punch. He has no defence either and is clearly has the least ability of the three.

Fury is a walking talking contradiction with everything he says but has a lot of skill. Not powerful but can duck and weave all night long. Very awkward fighter.

AJ has the amateur skill set and is improving all the time. Been boxing the least amount of years than the others and achieved more than both already.

Eerie Descent 11:54 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
Takashi Miike 11:45 Sat May 18


southbankbornnbred 11:52 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
I like AJ - he has some dignity and respect for the sport. He's a bit machine-like, technically, and his footwork can be awful at times (sign that he took up the sport so late). But boy can he punch - and relentlessly so, too. His strength is extraordinary and sucks the life out of opponents.

He'll lose some fights (somebody will tag him because he is there to be hit). But he'll score more spectacular wins.

southbankbornnbred 11:48 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
Fury beat Wilder in that bout, btw. The problem was that US judges score disproportionately in favour of aggression - always have. So Wilder was given a couple of rounds that he perhaps didn't win. Hence he squeezed a draw out of a defeat. Of course, the two knock-downs helped enormously. But Fury outclassed Wilder for much of the bout.

Wilder can be out-thought and outclassed - but tags hard.
Fury can be knocked down and pushed around - but is surprisingly quick-footed and can hit and move.
Joshua is slightly robotic, has poor footwork and is there to be hit - but has relentless punching power.

All three have strengths and weaknesses. None of them are a patch on the big guns of the 1970s/80s/90s. But it would make for more interesting match-ups if they fought each other - unpredictable outcomes. Few initially thought Fury would perform so well against Wilder, for example.

TheBoleynBoy 11:47 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
It’s the “In” thing to always hate on someone when they’re at the top in whatever profession.

I don’t see anything wrong with Eddie Hearn either. The only promoter that gets big fights to happen in whatever division. Same can’t be said for any of the others really. What the fuck does Frank Warren deliver?

Takashi Miike 11:45 Sat May 18
Re: Wilder v Breazeale
no, I hate his promoter. AJ's great

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