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one iron 7:32 Fri May 17
Thank you
Thanks to all the people on the westham site, sex drugs and calton cole,for doing the short film on my life,which went live at 4-30 pm today. I hope you all enjoy it.and I hope to see you next season on the hornchurch coach at away games.


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joyo 6:42 Fri Jun 7
Re: Thank you
Look forward to the book Bill.... Harry Cripps game was before my time,but did meet him couple times in 90s when he was selling insurance, was really nice fella.

rumford 1:19 Fri Jun 7
Re: Thank you
Pop Pop Robson 3:03 Wed May 22

I was there that day saw Bill for the first time .The Mile End seemed to be in charge from what I saw .
Those involved in the fighting that night before during and after the game,I would say were between the ages of 16 to 21.I doubt if any of them were Dockers, their dad might have been.Still urban myths and all that.

AKA ERNIE 9:21 Sat Jun 1
Re: Thank you
known bill for yrs hes a real gent and a lovely fellas.
used to do every away in the 80s was always good to know people like bill were around

one iron 8:36 Sat Jun 1
Re: Thank you
I could not believe that nearly 7k have watched my film on sex drugs and carlton cole,and I want to thank you all,the comments reminded me why I am a hammer,i wont to wish you all a great summer, and again thank you.

one iron 7:22 Sun May 26
Re: Thank you
Thanks to all on this site for your comments.

Texas Iron 6:38 Fri May 24
Re: Thank you

...at away grounds...

Texas Iron 6:36 Fri May 24
Re: Thank you
Interesting video...
I left in 73...so never had problems Hathaway grounds...
Sad to hear of all the Aggro...
Definitely not my style...I used to go under the Main stand next to the band...happy days...

normannomates 5:39 Fri May 24
Re: Thank you
Leroysboots 12.32
He ain't hard to find mate.. Introduce yourself.
nice words btw

Pop Pop Robson 3:03 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
hello mr jones,i was there as well we were actually chased into the tunnel and the old bill had to turn off the electric current to stop us getting fried alive,the alternative was charging the millwall DOCKERS who chased us in there in the first place with their machetes/axes/baseball bats etc,it seemed like the lesser of 2 evils at the time.i know bill well,sat next to him since they opened the bobby lower back in the day,without doubt he's a top fella,lovely man book should be good.

Lily Hammer 11:59 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
Good interview of an honourable man.

Thanks for posting.

Leonard Hatred 11:29 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
I do know who he is.

Where did I say I didn't?

normannomates 4:38 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
Nice one Miike btw

normannomates 4:34 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
Comma 11.22

Very true.

normannomates 4:32 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
Leonard went in the 80s but has no idea who bill is?
Not suprised.. Most on here are clueless muppets.. Duke of Edinburgh suppin scarfer cunts

normannomates 4:29 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
The OB in mid to late 80s were deffo given the green light
The miners got it large.. shameful stuff.

ray winstone 1:01 Tue May 21
Re: Thank you
Enjoyed that, nice one.

, 11:22 Mon May 20
Re: Thank you
Chim, in those days the Police were effectively Thatcher's private army. She came to power gave the Force a massive pay rise and they did her bidding in a most political way including seeing off the miners and supporting the Murdoch print works move.

chim chim cha boo 8:00 Mon May 20
Re: Thank you
I've only just made the time to watch this and fuck me I didn't expect it to be so moving.

My mum had severe mental problems (fortunately she only tried to strangle me with a broom handle!) and I was one of the Persil ticket herberts but although I skated around the periphery of the Mile End lot I was a bit too young to get really involved.

I also got swept up in the Thatcher bollocks, snatched at random at Chelsea away and charged with assaulting a police officer and affray. Immediately banned from West Ham without a day in court, signing on at 3PM every Saturday at East Ham nick and for nine months I was trying to fight my out of at least 2 years shovel for something I was totally innocent of.

By the time it got to court I was somehow 'at the front and seemingly in control of a large group of West Ham hooligans' and the lies the police told were fucking outrageous. To cap it all the arresting officer made himself out to be a proper hero 'apprehending' me and saving the public from a full-scale riot! What a cunt!

Fortunately my brief was on the ball and handed him his arse, picking his statement to bits and my pal's mum who was a magistrate stood as a character witness.

Interestingly, like Bill, I came away not relieved that I avoided prison but just angry and bitter. The judge said that I wasn't walking away as an innocent man, just that the prosecution didn't have quite enough evidence to convict me.

The only satisfaction I got was walking past the policeman as I left the court and saying quietly 'I hope you die horribly you scummy cunt'.

It doesn't surprise me that Bill's boy is a teacher and I've always been a bit disappointed that such a natural orator and force of nature hasn't had more of a positive influence within the club itself when so many toerags have set themselves up as the voice of the supporters.

How funny would it be to see Bill's face in the boardroom with Brady explaining the results of her latest customer satisfaction survey on a pie chart!

easthammer 3:25 Mon May 20
Re: Thank you
Watched this yesterday and found it both interesting and informative and perhaps a little sad..

I am few years older than you (BG) and kind of missed or rather side stepped the hooligan violence. Not that I think this video was just about that. More about the lack of love and the need for reognition.

At the start of 70s I was already 23 and use to watch what I considered the mindless kids charging about but never understood why. I now know that behind all the jumping up and down and posturing there was real violence at al level I couldn't cope with. Not that I was a shrinking violet.
When I went to football in the 70s I was part of a small group of young men who were confident to handle themselves in most situations. Be that fight or flee. But we never sought confrontation. And never knowingly had cause to be thankful to others looking after us.

Having listened to you (BG) and read Cass Pennant on the subject I am glad I was never involved. Does that mean I am not West Ham I really hope not.

Good luck with the book I will probably give it a read always willing to learn even at my age. (PS agree about Tottenham its an age thing)

normannomates 7:38 Mon May 20
Re: Thank you
My batteries are fully charged my friend.. Gonna be a while tilll I resort to toasties

Two pairs of socks.. Wet ones under armpits all night stag if need be.. All kit same order..
Minging in the field is not tolerated.. Feet are most important for tabbing.. So having dry socks makes sense..right?
I can't here ya

normannomates 6:42 Mon May 20
Re: Thank you
Easy for cunts to judge.. Very fucking easy.


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