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one iron 7:32 Fri May 17
Thank you
Thanks to all the people on the westham site, sex drugs and calton cole,for doing the short film on my life,which went live at 4-30 pm today. I hope you all enjoy it.and I hope to see you next season on the hornchurch coach at away games.


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13 Brentford Rd 11:52 Wed Jul 24
Re: Thank you
Watched the vid, there should be a film!
Only met you once recently on the barge. You looked me in the eye and I could tell immediately that you are honest and why you are so loved and respected.

one iron 7:48 Wed Jul 24
Re: Thank you
andy 12345,did not know how long I would be homeless,thats why I put the money aside for the future not the precent,when I went home got a very nice car with some of the money,it turned out a load of crap,live and learn mate.i always tried to look to the future,but was young and silly with the money.

andyd12345 8:01 Tue Jul 23
Re: Thank you
Watched it on the train on the way home Bill. Great video, really enjoyed it.

Question for you - £2,000 a pop for a fight with the gypsies. Why didn’t you spend the cash on a nice little house somewhere? That sort of money in those days would have set you up wouldn’t it?

BRANDED 6:49 Tue Jul 23
Re: Thank you
Love a bit of social media advertising. Can’t be many more dedicated fans than you in the World. Good for you . Love it.

one iron 6:38 Tue Jul 23
Re: Thank you
Thanks to everyone who have watched this film,over 28k,when the book comes out I would like todo a book signing for this site which ive been on for many years,if its possible.again thank you.

joyo 6:42 Fri Jun 7
Re: Thank you
Look forward to the book Bill.... Harry Cripps game was before my time,but did meet him couple times in 90s when he was selling insurance, was really nice fella.

rumford 1:19 Fri Jun 7
Re: Thank you
Pop Pop Robson 3:03 Wed May 22

I was there that day saw Bill for the first time .The Mile End seemed to be in charge from what I saw .
Those involved in the fighting that night before during and after the game,I would say were between the ages of 16 to 21.I doubt if any of them were Dockers, their dad might have been.Still urban myths and all that.

AKA ERNIE 9:21 Sat Jun 1
Re: Thank you
known bill for yrs hes a real gent and a lovely fellas.
used to do every away in the 80s was always good to know people like bill were around

one iron 8:36 Sat Jun 1
Re: Thank you
I could not believe that nearly 7k have watched my film on sex drugs and carlton cole,and I want to thank you all,the comments reminded me why I am a hammer,i wont to wish you all a great summer, and again thank you.

one iron 7:22 Sun May 26
Re: Thank you
Thanks to all on this site for your comments.

Texas Iron 6:38 Fri May 24
Re: Thank you

...at away grounds...

Texas Iron 6:36 Fri May 24
Re: Thank you
Interesting video...
I left in 73...so never had problems Hathaway grounds...
Sad to hear of all the Aggro...
Definitely not my style...I used to go under the Main stand next to the band...happy days...

normannomates 5:39 Fri May 24
Re: Thank you
Leroysboots 12.32
He ain't hard to find mate.. Introduce yourself.
nice words btw

Pop Pop Robson 3:03 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
hello mr jones,i was there as well we were actually chased into the tunnel and the old bill had to turn off the electric current to stop us getting fried alive,the alternative was charging the millwall DOCKERS who chased us in there in the first place with their machetes/axes/baseball bats etc,it seemed like the lesser of 2 evils at the time.i know bill well,sat next to him since they opened the bobby lower back in the day,without doubt he's a top fella,lovely man book should be good.

Lily Hammer 11:59 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
Good interview of an honourable man.

Thanks for posting.

Leonard Hatred 11:29 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
I do know who he is.

Where did I say I didn't?

normannomates 4:38 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
Nice one Miike btw

normannomates 4:34 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
Comma 11.22

Very true.

normannomates 4:32 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
Leonard went in the 80s but has no idea who bill is?
Not suprised.. Most on here are clueless muppets.. Duke of Edinburgh suppin scarfer cunts

normannomates 4:29 Wed May 22
Re: Thank you
The OB in mid to late 80s were deffo given the green light
The miners got it large.. shameful stuff.

ray winstone 1:01 Tue May 21
Re: Thank you
Enjoyed that, nice one.

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