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Mike Oxsaw 9:29 Sat May 18
Cup Final Day
Greatest club competition on the planet.

Anybody else gagging with enthusiasm?

No? Me neither - they've fucking all but killed it*.

* - I'd say this even if we were it.

Should ALWAYS be the very last game of the season, 3pm Saturday kick-off, simultaneous Saturday 3pm kick-off semis, too. Replays until settled or you drop for EVERY round.

It's a KNOCK-OUT competition - plan your schedules accordingly, you money-grabbing cunts.

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Sven Roeder 7:45 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
We would have played Man City in the semi final not final

Alfs 6:45 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
I thought it was today which is an indictment of how trivial the FA cup final has become - unless we're in it.

Far Cough 6:33 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Gaffer58 6:22 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day

ag ag ag

Mike Oxsaw 6:31 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
The problem with professional football at the top level today is that it's driven by people with a great understanding about the passion for the game, but no idea about it's soul.

Gaffer58 6:22 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Good job we chucked the Wimbledon game, would have been embarrassing to have got stuffed like Watford in the final !

Texas Iron 4:52 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
From Discover on Google https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/may/19/manchester-city-sky-blue-smashing-of-watford-proves-football-is-broken

Grumpster 3:18 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Rhyan Grant, bloke has one of the worst haircuts I've ever seen, let alone in football.

Mr. Burns 2:16 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Ha ha I saw that Grumps, what a cunt. Who was the absolute hillbilly playing for Sydney? Typical simple Australian he was.

Grumpster 2:14 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
On the subject of finals, just watched the penalties in the final in oz between Perth and Sydney.

Some cunt in his final ever game as a pro tried a polenka and the keeper just stood there and caught it.

What a fantastic way to end your career :o)

Sven Roeder 11:40 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Thought City would keep him to play 15 games a season and develop the younger players.
He obviously isn’t even capable of that physically
Should retire rather than get a chasing in a team where he would actually have to do some defending

Takashi Miike 11:31 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
no, I wouldn't want a defender approaching his mid thirties who's had his injury problems but I appreciate how good he's been for city

Far Cough 11:23 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Kompany announces, he's played his last game for city

Good player, should we sign him? :-)

only1billybonds 9:54 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day

I think you would be dissapointed waiting for us to show more of a fight against City. Have you seen our recent results against them? They seem to score goals for fun against us.

Mike Oxsaw 7:50 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Mr. Burns 11:23 Sat May 18

..." waiting a while for any success." could easily replace "London" on our badge and nobody of importance would notice.

gph 4:32 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Didn't even break Bury's 1903 6-0 defeat of Derby...

We'll have to do it next year.

zico 3:48 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Bernie 11:29 Sat May 18

Hope indeed they go through with it. Under 21 I can understand as it's good experience but I find it sad really that some players seem to get big wages at a big club then seem to spend their entire career on loan. Moses at Chelsea for instance, one good season under Conte and on loan everywhere else.

However it could bring it's own problems for players like him I guess. Not allowed to go on loan so either plays in the reserves at Chelsea on a massive wedge or moves on for half the wage.

yngwies Cat 3:28 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
He could have worn a fuckin suit through. Scruffy fucker.
Another FA cup tradition down the pan.

Texas Iron 3:18 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Guardiola getting shirty re FFP and extra payments to him...
Wonder why...???

mallard 1:23 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
I would like to think that the 'West Ham Way' would have produced a greater Cup Final performance than that shambles I witnessed today

Side of Ham 1:04 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
Fucking hell are some seriously thinking WE have a team that was got together because the players are West Ham? Would have sweat blood for the badge blah, blah, blah.

Them days are WELL GONE.

mallard 12:47 Sun May 19
Re: Cup Final Day
That was a disgraceful scoreline for an FA Cup Final - even Pepe looked embarrassed!

Has that been us, instead of Watford, I would have expected more of a fight..

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