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Leonard Hatred 11:16 Wed May 22
The Virtues
Talk to me.

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lab 10:02 Thu Jun 13
Re: The Virtues
Caught the last two episodes last night . Best bit of tv and acting I've seen for some time. Bloody dark wasn't it. Take my hat off to the writer.

Leonard Hatred 8:04 Thu Jun 6
Re: The Virtues
Bit disappointed with that ending.

Damp squib.

Takashi Miike 1:18 Thu Jun 6
Re: The Virtues
brilliant acting, for me its up there with dead man's shoes

geoffpikey 12:25 Thu Jun 6
Re: The Virtues
Jesus FUCKING biitch gobshite slag Christ!!

Bit disappointed with the denouement, bit if there's an award for most fucking swearing in a fucking TV drama: GOLD!


Great performances all round.

eusebiovic 12:17 Thu Jun 6
Re: The Virtues
Bloody hell...this is a tough watch

One of the best things I've seen for quite some time

I did suspect a Dead Man's Shoes ending but was surprised it was the sister in law that did away with her old dear

mashed in maryland 10:34 Sat Jun 1
Re: The Virtues
Only one episode left.

Really can't see where its "going".

Guessing there'll be some sort of shock ending, like the husband being the father of his sisters kid and/or abusing Stephen Graham.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 2:34 Fri May 31
Re: The Virtues
Either Stephen graham is a reformed alcoholic or he researched that heavily. He acted that out perfectly.

Hoping the last episode dots some i's as its a bit slow at times

Takashi Miike 10:58 Thu May 30
Re: The Virtues
another brilliant episode (3), I hope polly releases the soundtrack as an album

eusebiovic 11:12 Wed May 29
Re: The Virtues
On now...

It's starting to unravel...I knew that pint would lead to chaos

happygilmore 3:30 Fri May 24
Re: The Virtues
Espisode 1 quiet full on, found it difficult to get to the end. But it was all about setting the scene. I will catch espisode 2 over the weekend.

LeroysBoots 3:11 Fri May 24
Re: The Virtues
Watched the first episode with my Mrs, she hated it as it was so depressing but my god what a great actor that Stephen Graham is

normannomates 4:23 Fri May 24
Re: The Virtues
Sven 11.36

normannomates 4:20 Fri May 24
Re: The Virtues
I did get the original Irony.. Dry as ever.. Quality

normannomates 4:17 Fri May 24
Re: The Virtues
Unknown boozer..
on his jack.
first pint..
He knows the coo

normannomates 3:58 Fri May 24
Re: The Virtues
Bruuno 1.17

Polar opposite to that fuckin fraud my friend

normannomates 3:56 Fri May 24
Re: The Virtues
Graham wasn't acting.. He knows the coo... You can't fake that without looking like a wanker.. As was the case with the green st nonsense.. Fuckin embarrassing.
This is proper people

Meadows knows working class bods all to well also.. Just being real..

bruuuno 1:17 Fri May 24
Re: The Virtues
I thought this would be some Karen Brady whu cringe

collyrob 1:13 Fri May 24
Re: The Virtues
Brilliant so far. That opening scene with his son on the bed was so fucking sad. Had something in my eye at the time as well which didn’t help 👀

Takashi Miike 9:33 Thu May 23
Re: The Virtues
watched the first two, Graham & Meadows at their best

eusebiovic 6:35 Thu May 23
Re: The Virtues
I suspect that the shite will begin to hit the fan next week...

Northern Sold 12:54 Thu May 23
Re: The Virtues
Been very good so far.... not sure how you can compare it with Game of Thrones mind you?? Like Shane Meadows stuff.... his made of Stone film about the Stone Roses is superb...

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