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HairyHammer 11:13 Wed May 29
I stink do I .

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Golden Oldie 12:39 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
HairyHammer, are you actually Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?

If so you're only part Turkish

Block 12:12 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
How do you know I've failed , Vexed son?

On the contrary, it's quite the opposite.

Vexed 12:03 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
Is it strong enough to cover the stench of failure that follows you everywhere though Block?

Block 11:54 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
Love a bit of lavender, me.

Very relaxing.

ChillTheKeel 11:50 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
A potatoes-growing-under-armpits type of smelly.

Vexed 11:44 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
Block smells of lavender for sure. Hairy smells like beefy shitty bins I reckon.

Crassus 10:44 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
Yeah but you don’t smell

Block 10:25 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
Fucking hell, Hairy.

Calm your tits love, I when I first started posting on here I received death threats and was told If I ever turned up to games I'd get filled in.

Having met those people it was all "banter".

Vexed 10:08 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
Are you saying you don't stink then? Seems far fetched.

Takashi Miike 9:48 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
I don't bully anyone, you get the attention you clearly want. Isn't your annual 'Lewis Hamilton' thread due soon, where you label everyone who doesn't love the cunt a racist?

Ridikzappa 9:45 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
I get treated awfully on here but take it all with a good pinch of salt.

Crassus 9:28 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
In fact his old lady ought get a cattle prod and run the fat fucker through a sheep dip

collyrob 9:28 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
“ I post far less these days”

Thank fuck you boring sweaty rapey cunt.

Crassus 9:28 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
zebthecat 11:38 Wed May 29
'Is this a cry for help?'

No, a bath

Pub Bigot 9:23 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
WHO Gold.

Hairy, time to retire they keyboard, mate. Don't want you getting upset and bashing the wife up.

bruuuno 1:44 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
Most fat people stink, especially in the warmer months

Johnson 1:23 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
Shut up Hairy you wife beating tit.

HairyHammer 1:00 Thu May 30
Re: I stink do I .
I smell something too bullying racism and bigotry, some of you love to bully when you think 'the other' is in the room. what I notice most is that telling the truth about yourself can be used against you constantly no matter how insignificant even if you all have to create lies in order to it and purposely act like a pack of cunts who think they are being clever.

I started a thread about a very current story that happened today and I have been treated like I have purposely made something up?, what I have said is no different to what many probably feel but again I am belittled. I post far less these days because there is a clique of bully's who for whatever reason hate my every word, I notice that some hate people who are left leaning there are some racist's too, I mean why would anyone say something like I bet you stink? just stop and think about it why would you say that to anyone who just like you sits behind a key board and throws a few thoughts into a site, especially when you have not been abused in any way?.
Freedom of speech for all apart from when you do not like what is being said makes no sence but some on here either have not got the capability to debate or are simply not intelligent enough to do so, so why enter a thread to say fuck all yet slag off the person who created it when what that person has written is actually plausible.
I am accused of race baiting but that does not make any fucking sense when the whole issue of the story in the thread is predominantly bout race.

Vexed 12:52 Thu May 30
I suspect you have a permanently wet back, like all truly smelly fuckers.

Kaiser Zoso 12:09 Thu May 30
Aromatically challenged

only1billybonds 12:06 Thu May 30
I see HH as a smaller version if giant haystacks. Now he did look like he struggled with personal hygene.

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