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Orange Hammer 1:26 Mon Jun 3
Access to the US
My mate is getting married in the USA next year. I have just seen you need to get some sort of paid for entry permit.

Do you have to get this before flights or the other way round?

Do you have to get a new one for every trip?

Seems a minefield and some sites want paying, others say it's free and then want to charge.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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joyo 2:34 Tue Jun 4
Re: Access to the US
CB what would l know as I've got US visa as well, also know people who got into States by not stating their past and also close mate who got deported because yanks checked his record on arrive

Claret Badger 12:54 Tue Jun 4
Re: Access to the US
a Vegetarian cunt

Pub Bigot 11:53 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
I remember you posting while you were out there. Moaning they didn't like your Mrs and you couldn't get decent Vegan grub.

What sort of cunt expects that in Texas?

Claret Badger 10:15 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US

joyo 7:36 Mon Jun 3

I got my Visa in 2012 and lived out there for a few years - so what would I know.

I went to agency - kept scthum about records/cautions (same thing to septics - they don't recognise cautions as bring anything other than criminal misdemeanor and hence it HAS to be declared, or not - and they never threw me in chokey)

I got caught speeding out there and when to court - and I was threatened with deportation for that, because Texas is full of cunts.

If you keep your mouth shut they won't find out - unless you've been fucking cadavers, have a brown face or pray to the east - ymmv

joyo 9:34 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
Gavvy you would get in, but it's a visit to the embassy for the visa.... Been there done that(actually done something Gavvy ain't!)

Gavros 9:14 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
They can check your record which means if i did want to go again i would have to apply.

I got caution for affray 1997 and ABH (plea bargained down from GBH for 6 weeks in chokey) in 1998 so i have no idea if they would let me in. Although seeing as they let Ravioli in eventually and im clearly much less dodgy than that cunt i should be a shoo in.

Thing is before they brought this in id been over a number of times and met some very senior american politicians and i didnt try to kill them.

joyo 7:36 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
Just been on Home Office website and that confirmed since 14th Jan 2010 the US has access to UK criminal records of people traveling there. Clearly they don't check everyone as l know mate of mine with serious form gets in with Esta.

joyo 7:27 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
Claret Bugger why you giving it large..... I don't make shit up.... Up to 20,000 brits get deported every year, can't see that many grassing themselves up.
You have to apply for visa even if you have just been arrested and not convicted, don't take my make up shit for it just check out US embassy website

yogib 4:59 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
I got done for assault in 2006 and had to go to the US in 2010 for a sales conference- declared my conviction on my ESTA application and had no problem getting it

Don Ravioli 4:53 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
I did the full visit at the old US embassy about 3 years ago.
They refused me point blank but put me forward for an appeal. Got a five year visa about 6 months later. Month too late for my brothers wedding though.

Northern Sold 4:15 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
Hark at the ol' Hippy getting punchy.....

... there';s been plenty of occasions of people getting turfed out or not allowed in... read that article you Ginger Baker loving freak

Claret Badger 3:55 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
all full Visa applications require a embassy visit and interview you knucklehead

Claret Badger 3:54 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US

joyo 3:28 Mon Jun 3


they rely on you to grass yourself up

why are you making shit up?

joyo 3:30 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
You can get in with criminal record, but you have to apply for visa and go to US embassy via appointment

joyo 3:28 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
Northern is correct... Yank immigration have access to your criminal record..... Mate of my got deported for not declaring cannabis possession... He said he forgot as it was 25 years ago... They replied"23years,8 months and 3 days ago".... And that happened over ten years ago!

Far Cough 3:22 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
The same for me, I had an assault on a copper and offensive weapons on my record, never told them, got in AND got a green card

Lee Trundle 3:21 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
If they're stopping GAVVY from entering the country, then they're doing a fine job.

Northern Sold 3:20 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
Give it a rest you fucking decrepid old Hippy.... ask Gavvy''' he'll tell you...!!

Claret Badger 3:18 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
shut up you mug Northern

i lied like fuck about my previous (no not sexual/aggro/peado related) - and still got my L1

there's no way on them checking on your police record unless you grass yourself up - or unless you're a budget Dennis Nielsen

Northern Sold 3:03 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
... oh and don't try and lie on the application... Yank immigration is white hot....


Northern Sold 12:07 Mon Jun 3
Re: Access to the US
Ask Gavvy...... oh.... I forgot.....

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