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medwayhammer1 1:38 Tue Jun 11
Lung Cancer
Sorry about the cheerfull thread title, but after being 3 years clear of bowel and bladder cancer, it turns out the cunt has tuirned up in my lungs now! Just wondered if anyone has any advice or has been through it and has any words of wisdom?

On the plus side I get free sandwiches, fruit and unlimited hot drinks at St Barts!

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claret50 4:00 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lung Cancer
Browsing through the posts l see that irish and second are having similar major health issues also, the very best to you as well gents, c'mon you 3 cunts, report back real soon with 3 all clears' please.

riosleftsock 2:03 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lung Cancer
Only just seen this.

Godspeed Irish, Medway and Second Op.

You will all be in my prayers.

Mirkwood 1:12 Thu Jun 13
Re: Lung Cancer
Rotten news mate but glad to hear your in fighting mode.
The treatments have really come on so fingers crossed.

SecondOpinion 8:53 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lung Cancer
Appreciate all the responses and messages. Its a long lonely road and sometimes you get lost in your own sadness, but words of encouragement from strangers are a true gift.
God bless you all who have or are having treatment and the impact it has on your friends and families.

Capitol Man 5:44 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lung Cancer
Great attitude Irish, fight the good fight. All the best mate.

Irish Hammer 5:13 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lung Cancer

Sorry Medway, I have us the Raiders doing the double !


Manuel 12:52 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lung Cancer
Good luck Medders...always a lot to live for despite life sometimes being very difficult, for everyone...

medwayhammer1 12:49 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lung Cancer
Cheers for all the kind comments people, do appreciate em and some of em brought a smile to my face aswell, so cant be bad! Fucking hell Irish..you keep fighting on too and opinion aswell.

Not sure if its secondary cancer from the original or its new? My Oncologist who i have to say is brilliant, dosent tend to go into to much detail, just this what we are dealing with and this is what we are gonna do and to be honest alot of it floats over my head at the time. Basicaly there are 3-4 little tumours and he is quite hopefull chemo will get em...his words were" Youve done 3 years, there is no reason you cant do another"

To be honest, having the treatment is gonna be as depressing as being told its back...3 hospital trips every other week, having to sort work around it etc. Just gotta wait for me start date now which will be 2-3 weeks.

Anyway aint planning to go anywhere yet If I have anything to do with it. Spoke to a mate who said I have got to stay around anyway cos otherwise im gonna miss the glorious double of us winning the league and the Dolphins winning the superbowl next year :-)

happygilmore 9:14 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lung Cancer
Medway, Irish h and second opininion, who also mentioned a similar battle.

You 3 stay as positive as possible

Nutsin 12:11 Wed Jun 12
Re: Lung Cancer

Stay defiant and Good luck to you both!!!...

chim chim cha boo 10:59 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer
Fucking hell Irish, that's awful mate. Wishing you all the best too.

If there's one thing being a West Ham supporter teaches you it's forbearance.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

Westham67 10:53 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer
That brought a tear to eye Irish mate never give up

Willtell 10:47 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer
Irish & Medway
Hi guys. I’m greatly moved by your problems and worries. We all think we’ll live forever but sometimes we get dealt rotten cards to play the game of life! Don’t weaken. Keep fighting.

I think of a friend who having got to 65 decided it was time to retire and enjoy life with the love of his life - his wife. Their two sons were successful retail businessmen and it suited them to buy the wholesale business off their parents for a generous amount of cash.

Within 6 months he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer that had spread to his lymph glands and into his liver. He was given 6 months to live! That was 17years ago and he’s still alive and well....

You have to fight it guys and my best wishes goes out to you both. It can be beaten...

Crassus 10:26 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer
Nothing cheesey there sir, very humbling read written by a brave and wise man
Best wishes to you

Irish Hammer 10:17 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer

Hi Medway

You have beat this pig of a disease before and you will do it again. I have no doubt in you.

I also am fighting a battle with Cancer, I went to bed on Dec 7th last and had a Grand Mal Seizure in my sleep (basically a huge epileptic fit), my wife saved my life as I was choking on my blood and she kept me alive until the ambulance came. That afternoon the Doctor sits on my bed in hospital and tells me I have a large brain tumour and they suspect it to be cancerous. I have never ever had any illness in my life before.

So 20th Dec I have brain surgery to remove a 11cm x 7cm tumour from my brain, they can only remove half of it safely and it will grow back again they feel in the next three or four years and I will have to do all this process again and again for the rest of my life.

I started my cancer treatment in January with 60 days of Radiotherapy and then my Chemo 5 weeks ago. I have Chemo for the next eleven and a half months.

My last one was last Thursday, on fri my side effects were bad, sat worse, sun terrible and Mon and today worse again. I was so mentally dark and in such pain earlier today I was trying to ring someone just so I could cry down the phone, I desperately needed to let my sadness out.

I'm a brave, get on with it, tough man, I face up to my illness and I never ever will stop fighting. But somedays its just so overwhelming that your just going to fall apart and just drown in your own company. Thats ok. You need to go gentle on yourself, we are just men, not superheroes.

Please realise that thats ok, its ok to be sad, upset, scared and fall apart in front of your family or friends. Learn to ask for help and accept it if offered, that was the biggest thing I have learned in this journey, never before would I have done that.

I have a horrible year ahead of me. But I am not willing to die. I refuse to let it happen, I'm not a one bit macho person, but I just refuse not to be a father and I refuse to leave my beautiful wife alone in this world. Cancer can fuck off.

You need to fight fight fight like a bastard and never ever stop. And when you are exhausted reach around for help and support, and with your family and friends you will get the strength to keep fighting some more.

I find it helps to have a mantra for yourself to focus, I use rage and hate towards my tumour and my brain cancer, I am not nice about and I don't talk nicely about it. Its a fucking bastard of disease and it is going to die. This is non-negoitiable.

My own personal mantra is to 'Respect My Life, and To Honour Myself'. By Respect My Life I mean that the footprint I leave on the world everyday is positive and brings joy and/or happiness. To my family, friends and my wife - that my life makes them feel a joy and smile and they keep storing happy memories. And by Honour Myself, I look at myself in the mirror every single morning and promise that I will do my best for the day ahead. Sometimes that day might be that I don't go out and I cry or feel so lost and dark that its a day of horrors, but I honour myself that day by never stopping fighting with my bare fingernails to get thru that day, thats all I can do. Never stop, never let it beat me.

Finally, yes I know it will seem so cheesy to be using Rocky Balboa, but this really helps me, the words in the speech apply to my life right now so much, I get a strength and determination from this. We are both in. fight for our lives, and in a fight there will only be one winner, I believe in you and side by side, although separated by countries we will fucking do this.


Have a good day tomorrow my friend, thats all you need to do.

alfs barnet 9:54 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer
Best of luck with this medway. My mum called me on 1st December last year and said she had lung cancer which has spread to her bones. She died on 29th March. She hadn't smoked in over 40 years.

The doctors seemed to say that had it solely been in her lungs it would have been very treatable.

Hope things work out for you fella. Cancer is a fucking cunt of a disease.

cockney hammer 8:47 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer
all the best mate you can beat it again steve

Pub Bigot 6:41 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer
I hope you smash it again, mate.

Nutsin 5:22 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer
Wishing you all the best Medway...... Fuck Cancer!

Alfs 5:20 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer

tr3bor 5:13 Tue Jun 11

tr3bor 5:13 Tue Jun 11
Re: Lung Cancer
Don't know you but I genuinely wish you all the best

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