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a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
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c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Ridikzappa 8:45 Tue Jun 11
Robert De Niro
Just seen De Niro flogging bread on the TV.

How low has his career sunk?

Started with the Fokker's I reckon.

Other than pure greed, why do these already wealthy millionaires accept these demeaning roles?

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violator 10:53 Thu Jun 13
Re: Robert De Niro
He visited Kassiopi in Corfu whilst I was there a few years ago to have dinner in the harbour, I didn't see him but apparently he was more than happy to have his photo taken in the taverna with the staff and other people having their MOUSAKKA

southbankbornnbred 10:42 Thu Jun 13
Re: Robert De Niro

"Played a great nutter in Cape Fear and a superb poof in Stardust."

Love it.

My favourite film reviewer already. The search is over, folks, we've found the new Barry Norman.

Bungo 7:33 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
ChillTheKeel 9:12 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
Why do these idiots marry? And why do they always seem to marry leaches?

Very true. Some excellent advice I was once given (I might have even read it on here), is if it flies, floats or fucks, rent it, don't buy it.

mike hunt 7:04 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
they can earn hefty wedge for a days work, some a list stars, up to a couple of million

RBshorty 2:43 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
Bacon lost a shit load of wedge investing with Bernie Madoff. Bit harsh having a pop at him. For taking the money.

Iron Duke 2:02 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
It could be worse, it could be webuyanycar.com.

Gavros 1:45 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
De Niro and Warburtons

Keitel and Direct Line

Bacon and EE

They dont mind doing it as it isnt going to be seen in America (where the adverts are generally absolute shit) and over here its positive publicity. Plus they get a nice payday for about a minute's worth of work.

Lee Trundle 1:36 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
How much are Warburtons ROLLing in it to be able to afford the likes of Stallone and De Niro to do their ads?

zico 1:22 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
Good luck to him, he will still be a multi millionaire after his divorce!!! See a lot of these old stars make a few bombs and straight to DVD movies these days including Pacino as well but the writing is crap now not enough quality new stuff on the table.

Rather than an advert the most embarrassed I was for him was when the bizarre Tom Hiddleston did an "impression" in front of De Niro on Graham Norton of the De Niro/Pacino Heat scene. Cringeworthy stuff and De Niro didn't look particularly impressed!!

Pickle Rick 1:22 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
Ridikzappa 8:45 Tue Jun 11

Or, you could just see it as a piss take of the roles he's played and get a sense of humour!

easthammer 1:13 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
For much of my adult life people have asked me "do you know who you remind me of?

Robert De Niro

I have even had people take photos with me.

At work for many years there was two pictures on the wall one of me and one of De Niro with the caption "separated at birth?"

If I had an agent I too could have been doing bread adverts.

Although in recent years the comparisons have been less frequent I assume interest in De Niro has somewhat dwindled

Darlo Debs 1:06 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
Alwaysaniron that made me chuckle. Daft but funny.

Jim79 1:05 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
What im more interested in is how much money does Warburtons have? First Stallone and now Bobby D???

Harvey Kieltel and Kevin Bacon both got skinned by Bernie Maddoff and lost all their money so that at least explains why they're doing ads.

Far Cough 12:59 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
Eric, ag ag ag, I loved the comment below:

"its a shame jimmy didnt have a snickers to give tommy before he whacked spider."

Manuel 12:37 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
Oh dear - I still think I would.

Eric Hitchmoe 12:34 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
"Joe Pesci should be in ads "

He was in a Snickers ad over in the US:


Oh dear 12:19 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro

I'm not sure I'd pass out but he'd be very interesting to meet.

Alwaysaniron 12:14 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
"Mr De Niro, would you like a couple of million dollars for being in our bread advert"

"Thanks, dont mind if I dough"

I'll get my coat!

greenie1 12:04 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
I have to say, when they bury the bagels in the ground, they leave them in the plastic bags. Not good for the environment.

boleyn8420 11:49 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
I really like the receptionist coming in and telling the boss
'Robert DeNiro's waiting'

Now thats just a great line

Northern Sold 11:48 Tue Jun 11
Re: Robert De Niro
Look it's a bit like Mooro... all his best stuff was at the begining and middle of his career... no one remembers the period with Fulham.. or him fucking up v Poland in 73...

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