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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Sydney_Iron 10:26 Wed Jun 12
2019/2020 fixtures
Released tomorrow but as usual the Sun has them from a "leaked" source, didnt this happen last year as well?


Watford Away for us according to the currant bun, hopefully we get the same result as the last game of the season just finished them!

Been waiting for these myself, im in the UK in Late August so wanting to plan the trip around a home game.

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gph 8:17 Fri Jun 14
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
*throws pebble in pond*

It's not always the same top six.

mallard 7:57 Fri Jun 14
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Loving the Maths equations on this thread

joyo 7:38 Fri Jun 14
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Newcastle away is Easter weekend.... Could be a long and messy time

Mad Dog 5:45 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
To play EACH of them, with no duplicates and consecutively, the probability decreases each time as they are no longer a valid option to fulfil the probability criterion.
Eg this season there was only one top 6 team we hadn't played.

To play ANY top 6 team ie we could play liverpool 3 times in a row the numerator does not alter.

bubbleblower 5:44 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Ah it is this season. https://www.joe.co.uk/sport/premier-league-games-amazon-prime-234846

bubbleblower 5:41 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Which season does Amazon get the highlights package and one weekend of cup football?

Alan Alan Devonshire 5:10 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Fraser is correct. My calculation was for playing EACH top 6 side in the first game for 6 consecutive seasons.

fraser 4:52 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
It dose decrease if it isn't playing a top six but play each of the top six in six consecutive seasons.

Animal 4:41 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Chances of playing a to 6 team first day of last 6 seasons is: 6/19 X 6/19 X 6/19 X 6/19 X 6/19 X 6/19

The 6 part doesn't decrease as we can play one of the to six more than once on the first day

w4hammer 4:35 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
I'd completely missed the fact there will be a mix-season break in february next season so the fixtures will be re-shuffled, again..

After an agreement in June 2018 between The Football Association, the Premier League and EFL, the 2019/20 Premier League season will be the first to feature a mid-season player break.

The Premier League will split one round of matches in February over two weekends, with five matches on the weekend commencing 8 February 2020 and five on the weekend commencing 15 February.

All five matches on each weekend will be broadcast live in the UK.

The split of the matches will be decided when the UK broadcast picks for the month of February 2020 are announced.

The approximate date for this announcement is 13 December 2019.

Mad Dog 3:32 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Whoops. You're correct. I'm wrong

Alan Alan Devonshire 3:17 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Aren't the odds of playing a big 6 club on the opening day of each of the last 6 seasons: 6/19 x 5/19 x 4/19 x 3/19 x 2/19 x 1/19 = 0.00153% or 1 in 65,341 ?

Mad Dog 2:45 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Your maths wrong.

All 6. In a row. No duplication is actually 0.00004%

6/37 x 5/36 × 4/35 × 3/34 x 2/ 33 x 1/32

Alex G 1:30 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
By my maths it's a 0.015% chance that in six successive seasons our opening fixture comprises playing each of the six 'big' clubs

Haz 1:02 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
The West Ham v Norwich match has always been a fixture that I've enjoyed. Both teams looking to play good football.

Manuel 12:43 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
You're right any old game can be televised, but I can't see the Norwich game being moved somehow.

fraser 12:32 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures

Chances of it not being televised aren't that low, considering there can be 5 live games over a weekend, makes it about evens.

Sydney_Iron 12:27 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures

The Sun look a right bunch of cunts with there FALSE leak.....

Got the game i wanted, Norwich at home on the 31st August, last thing i wanted was a "big" club and so the chances of it being moved about for TV would have been high, good odds Norwich at home will stay a 3pm Saturday kick off, with me in attendance!!!

Happy days

Syd Puddefoot 12:23 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
fraser 12:02 Thu Jun 13

The odds of getting a top six team six seasons in a row is about 3146 to 1. Collecting all six of them is something else!

epsom 12:18 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
Good start to the season overall.

We have a lot of winnable games till the middle of November where it gets tough with Spurs, Chelsea, Wolves, Arsenal, Southampton, Liverpool all in a row.

If we can get off to a good start with a good rhythm going, November will dictate how good a season we are going to have. March also looks tough.

The fixture list has been kind to us overall in my opinion.

trojanrailroad 12:04 Thu Jun 13
Re: 2019/2020 fixtures
2019-20 - Man City
2018-19 - Liverpool
2017-18 - Man Utd
2016-17 - Chelsea
2015-16 - Arsenal
2014-15 - Tottenham

Bloody mental

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