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BennyJay 1:02 Wed Jun 12
Pablo Fornals - signed

West Ham United is delighted to announce the signing of highly sought-after Spain international attacking midfielder Pablo Fornals.

A creative, technically-gifted playmaker with an eye for goal, Fornals joins the Hammers from Villarreal, for whom he has excelled in both La Liga and the UEFA Europa League.

Fornals, who becomes the second most-expensive signing in the Club’s history behind Felipe Anderson, has signed a five-year contract, with an option of a further year, after undergoing a successful medical at Spire London East Hospital.

Just 23, the Castellon-born player has already made more than 150 senior appearances and will join up with Manuel Pellegrini’s squad after representing his country at this summer’s UEFA European U21 Championship finals.

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gph 1:22 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Don't worry Alf.

collyrob manages to be more boring in three unoriginal words than you do in eleven paragraphs.

Tomsdad 1:18 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Sniper 12:56 Mon Nov 11

Sniper 12:56 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Not gonna judge any new player for failing to impress in our current set up when the established players and don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing or even care

Fornals is clearly very talented he’s just caught the ‘clueless, talentless, directionless lurgy’ the whole team is suffering with

Rossal 9:57 Mon Nov 11
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Waste of space. Wont improve anytime soon. Fuck him off till he looks like he wants to be the player we see at the u21 euros

Sir Alf 8:34 Sun Nov 10
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
:-) Will do once this team I have supported for 60 years actually goes on an upward trajectory. So you will have to endure my boring diatribes for a lot longer Im afraid

collyrob 8:11 Sun Nov 10
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Bore off Alf

Sir Alf 8:04 Sun Nov 10
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He might develop over a number of seasons to be a decent Premiership player but he is going to be ineffective for a while especially iin a midfield where all but one of his fellow midfielders is slow and ./ or lightweight and tends to look forward and do their work when on the ball and not playing for the team with pressing, closing when not in possession.

2nd half yesterday early on you could see that the midfield had been asked to get closer, try and move the ball quicker but we were still topsy turvey with far too many committing forward and the likes of Yarmalenko, Snoddy struggling to keep pace even when they tried. We had a team of "piggies in the middle" so as to speak.

The squad is so unbalanced and Pellegrini's style of play has been countered this second season more than last with teams pressing high or sitting back compact know we do not have the pace or movement to get around them. They then just pick our pockets and then expose the lack of running and effort off the ball and enjoy that area in front of the back four where countless times we get overrun in numbers.

Of course, even if we do survive some of the above we then have sub standard players in key positions that will always make a mistake to give the game to teh opposition anyway. The recipe for relegation.

Who other than Haller can score upfront ( oh btw he cant score now anyway with the support and service he gets).

Our style / possession game is and has been far too slow for a long while. Pellegrini's approach is dated and now we have a squad that is inadequate to perhaps even stay in the league.

I was hoping Snoddy central might help but while he certainly tries to compete physically even he looks always to get forward at every turn and leaves it to others ( Rice the only one here ) to mop up if we lose it.

I have not watched the U23s , the likes of Coventry ( who we do not seem to want to offer a decent contract to) , Powell etc... Are any of them equipped with more pace, physical strength . stamina and running to make a difference? EVen if they were would Pellegrini and team demand it?

Its the only hope as the January window is never the time to be buying.

I think from the last 7 games we can say we are royally fvcked and can only see a relegation struggle.

Then factor in owners who will be looking to avoid short term loss of paying off Pellegrini over the risk of losing much more from relegation. Its all heading one way. Seen it so many times we can see it before it happens.

Mex Martillo 7:55 Sun Nov 10
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Big 6 inch ones

Eerie Descent 7:49 Sun Nov 10
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Pablo Bag-of-nails

Mex Martillo 7:47 Sun Nov 10
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
I think he will be a good signing, more physical than Lanzini or Anderson (not difficult!) and looks like he should shape up to be good in attack.

daveyg 7:22 Sun Nov 10
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He looks very similar to how Nathan Holland maybe,Holland is quicker though.I don't mind having Fornals here, I think he's a good player. I though he was a winger who could play inside.Similar to Lanzini,as someone else pointed out could of been bought to replace him
What I don't get is why we still dont' give |Holland a proper go.
What does Pellegrini want his U23's to do. Not track back,not play for the team,not score,not create goals for other team players.not have fun. All of these Holland has done the opposite for over a season now and before his nasty injury.
Why do we constantly have to play players from other leagues without looking at our own.

Full Claret Jacket 12:23 Sun Nov 10
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Massive difference this league to Spain where you get more time on the ball. I'm sure he was bought as a replacement for Lanzini if he didn't recover properly or didn't re-sign a new deal.
He's got good skill, a decent shot when he has space and seems to run a lot. Just doesn't seem to get involved enough, doesn't get picked out by team mates and is easily brushed off the ball.
I haven't written him off and he is a young player still but he doesn't fit in a struggling side with too many lightweight and shot shy players.

camel-with-3-humps 11:49 Sat Nov 9
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
A mad signing from Pellegrini.

My blind nan knows we need a central midfielder and he spunks the lot needlessly.

E3 11:16 Sat Nov 9
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He did a stupid shot after a great build up but it squirmed harmlessly wide and he turned and smiled with those massive teeth....he's not suited in this league a crap lightweight.

gph 10:55 Sat Nov 9
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He's the closest thing we'll get to a Ratched all season


camel-with-3-humps 10:30 Sat Nov 9
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He’s crap. Get rid.

Mike Oxsaw 9:55 Sat Nov 9
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Has he fucked all the wives & girlfriends of the rest of the squad?

I got the impression that he only got the ball if he was the only option available. Nobody really wants him involved. Not just today, but since he joined us.

twoleftfeet 8:41 Sat Nov 9
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
He is better suited to Spanish football.

collyrob 7:56 Sat Nov 9
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Be at espanyol or something next year. DAWGSHIT

Rossal 5:50 Tue Oct 22
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Not sure any of Fornals Lanzini or Anderson should start on sat. One of them probably will have to but it wont be on merit

crystal falace 5:46 Tue Oct 22
Re: Pablo Fornals - signed
Would be genuinely tempted to start him ahead of Lanzini this weekend, Sheffield will try and be physical and bully us off the ball and at the very least Fornals seems to work harder.

Also he seems to be our best set piece taker if Snodgrass isnt on the field which could be important.

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