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Loxfordfella 12:24 Fri Jun 14
West Ham 0 Norwich 1.

West Ham United Nil, Norwich City One!

My first post, I’ll pre-apologies as it’s not an introduction as I’m writing out of frustration. Let me explain.
One of the selling points for galvanising fans to support the move to the London Stadium was affordable football, but what do they consider affordable football and what are you getting for your money?
In my opinion a poor view, miles from the pitch and zero connection with the players, which was never the case at Upton Park. No matter where you were in the ground, including the very last row of the west-upper, you still felt included and I say that out of experience.
If West Ham really cared for affordable football, our most expensive season tickets would be well below the £1000 mark and there’s plenty of justification for the club to live up to their word. In actual fact, when they say affordable football they meant for a very small group of people who couldn’t feel any more disconnected from the game if they were on the Moon!
You’re probably thinking I’m a bit bitter and twisted having a ticket in the cheap seats, but honestly that’s not the case. At Upton Park I was in Chav Corner, my seat cost £560. When me and my mates moved we went to the upper-tier to accommodate my mates Dad who’s in his 60s and needs quick access in and out. We’re in block 215, front-row, next to the stairs. The view isn’t bad, but it’s not marvellous either and having sat elsewhere in the ground both upper and lower tiers, being in the ‘cheap seats’ is definitely not value for money.
So why mention Norwich? Well it’s big news in the football world that they have implemented an initiative for all home Premier League tickets to be capped at £30 pounds, which is affordable football.
A quote from Ben Kensell, Norwich City COO:
“We believe as a football club that we have phenomenal support and we shouldn’t price people out of football, so we decided that if £30 is fair for away supporters, then £30 is also fair for home supporters considering the price of a home ticket the last time we were in the Premier League."
You can read the full article here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jun/12/norwich-city-cap-carrow-road-tickets-30-premier-league-return
Even Norwich City’s season tickets are reasonably priced no matter where you are in the ground, which you can view here: https://files.canaries.co.uk/canaries/ST1920Prices.pdf
They’re a newly promoted club, so you may be thinking that of course they shouldn’t have season ticket prices that match ours as they’re not established in our league, but let’s use another example - Manchester City, Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup Champions; the first ever team to do the domestic treble.
For the 2019/20 season, Man City’s dearest season ticket is £940 and their cheapest is £310. In both cases they’re cheaper than our most expensive and our cheapest.
Article from the MEN: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-city-season-ticket-prices-14595337
One last example are some of the European giants. Bayern Munich cheapest season ticket was €140 or £127 and their most expensive €667. A season ticket in Borussia Dortmund’s famous yellow wall will set you back €215 or £191. You can read the full article here: https://www.espn.co.uk/football/bayern-munich/story/3533652/bayern-munich-freeze-season-ticket-prices-for-fifth-campaign-in-succession
Other giant European clubs sell their cheapest and most expensive season tickets at:


Most expensive season ticket, £

Cheapest season ticket, £




Athletico Madrid



Real Madrid



Real Betis


Article here: https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2013/jan/17/football-ticket-prices-premier-league-europe
So how can the club talk about affordable football when some of Europe’s elite are cheaper to watch then our club? The revenue the club makes from season ticket sales is dwarfed by that of the TV money, so why can they not be a leader and really offer cheap season tickets?
By gentrifying the club they’ll eventually kill off what makes it special - The supporters who have sang the club anthems with passion, who follow the club far and wide and who have stood by the club through thin and thinner.
Make football really affordable before the soul of the game is taken forever.

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J.Riddle 2:01 Sat Jun 15
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
Eggbert Nobacon 3:18 Fri Jun 14

It’s not so much the money eggy, it’s the whole match day experience. Fair play to anyone who enjoys it, my brother does sits next to me never missed a game last season. Takes him 3 1/2 hours round trip. Takes me 35 mins, I only go to catch up with him if I’m honest. Can see much more on a stream, can’t make out the players most of the time and the atmosphere is sedated. Then there is the queuing stop go bollocks. Soulless for me.

Then again I felt the same when the terracing went at UP. Sad but that’s progress. Can’t stand the owners what they’ve done. Still always die West Ham. My two boys are ST holders so I’m done, will hand over to the young’ns.

jimbo2. 3:31 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
You make some good points Lox, but there could also be a comparison with Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea to be made. This would make our prices look far more reasonable! We are a big London club, in the most expensive major league in the world. We are not in Germany, or up North, so it's "comparing apples with pears". Well done Norwich, but how long will their stay in the Prem be this time? I very much doubt they will be spending the kind of money we have recently on top class players.

Pub Bigot 3:21 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
Jaan, by the very logic of London already being an expensive place to live and having moved us on the cheap, I stand fast that band 5 is not value for money and that we should be the cheapest club in the league to watch.

Eggy mentioned transfer money - does not come from ticket sales, as that wouldn't get you one decent player.

Eggbert Nobacon 3:18 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
16 quid a game not worth it riddle?

J.Riddle 3:13 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
3 out of 4 of us renewed in cat 5 the view is crap but it is relatively cheap, but still not worth it imo that’s one of the many reasons why I was the only one not to renew even though they said I will have to rejoin and go to the back of the waiting list, probably have to wait years or never be able to get another ST, can’t be arsed to join it again.

Will still go most games to meet up for a beer as one of us can’t be arsed never went one game last season so let’s me use it.

Jaan Kenbrovin 2:57 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
The cost of living in London is 36% higher than in Munich, and 55% higher than in Manchester. It's not a level playing field.


Pub Bigot 2:24 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
Is it 10,000? I'm glad kids and patents get to go, but as I have said previously that the club make the vast amount of money through TV deals, tickets in comparison are a minuscule amount. The reason the examples of Munich and Dortmund are there is because German football clubs don't get anywhere near the money Premier League clubs get from TV networks but still accommodate their fans with cheap season tickets.

Being that our move was done on the cheap with low-rent per season, our season tickets should have been the lowest in the Premier League. Instead we got a price hike without their own Supporters Advisory Board having oversight of. Pathetic.

Eggbert Nobacon 12:40 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
we sell 10,000 season tickets for 300 quid and another 1500 for 99 quid for kids

how much more affordable do you want?

or if prices go down I assume you won't have any complaints when we have less to spend on transfers?

Pub Bigot 12:17 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
Paltry even... Oink!

Pub Bigot 12:16 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
One also, Si. The more annoying thing for me is that with all the money they make from the television deals, the merchandise sales, memberships the sale of the Boleyn, they really could have offered cheaper seats. Consider they pay £2million a year to rent the ground, their offer of affordable football is a poultry few thousand seats in the gods.

simon.s 11:32 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
I think it’s swings and roundabouts.

Bloke at work, who you know PB has a season ticket that probably works out less per game than it is to go and watch a game at orient.

I think the prices are relatively cheap. My gripe is that they’ve done the stadium on the cheap.

bill green 11:19 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
My season ticket was about 650.. in my working class mind if I put 30 in a jar every game next year I'll have enough for my renewal
Given my rail ticket to the game is 25 i dont think its expensive.

Fivetide 10:50 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
I liked going to Carrow Road during our run to the cup final. Designated pubs before the game, and excellent pies and in the ground, with a good choice of beers at the bars and even optics. Had such a good day and the win seemed so inevitable that we even sang along to the music they play for their goal. Feck, was that 13 years ago?

Pub Bigot 10:47 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
It's my post by the way. Loxford like me thought it was worth raising.

Considering it's cheaper to watch the champions of England and considering the bollocks the board spout and considering the lies to get us into the stadium in the first place I'd have thought it would have struck a cord.

Fair enough.

Mr Kenzo 10:41 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
Bore Off

Vexed 10:39 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
Nobody wants to watch Norwich. Simples.

Alwaysaniron 10:36 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
What a fucking boring post! Sorry mate but for an initial post you need to be cunting off Chill...

AKA ERNIE 10:33 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
for a 0l club based in london selling out 60k every week I think our prices are fine

Pub Bigot 10:09 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
RM10, what do you consider cheap? Junior claret members tickets are still paying up to £75 for Cat. A tickets. All Cat. A tickets are uniformed across each band from 1966 seats to Band C e.g. Adults pay £70, so do under 16s.


Band 4 and 5 are reasonably priced, but Band 5 seats are hardly fucking worth it.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 10:00 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.
who cares

JLAP 9:56 Fri Jun 14
Re: West Ham 0 Norwich 1.

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