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cornish 3:02 Sun Jun 16
Zola gone when his contract expires.

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terry-h 3:01 Tue Jun 18
Re: Zola
His biggest achievement in management was to make Carlton Cole a half decent striker.

stirlinghammer 2:07 Tue Jun 18
Re: Zola
better than the israeli lizard which is not the greatest compliment..

however, he did well with the kids and managing all the shit when we had no money, bellamy leaving...

great win v millwall with junior, nouble and hines.

bruuuno 1:19 Tue Jun 18
Re: Zola
He strikes me as the sort of person who’d be into religion. The useless chimp faced cunt

Electric Retro-pants 1:11 Tue Jun 18
Re: Zola
Electric RETRO #hyphen# Pants actually!

Zola and Grant's visages seem to blur into one great baron greenback of horror.

And to think FatSam was an improvement...

terry-h 5:29 Mon Jun 17
Re: Zola
Steve Clarke wants him as his assistant at Hampden Park. The chef that deep fries Mars bars and inserts sheep shit in the haggis dishes resigned last week. Also Clarke needs someone to take the blame every time Scotland lose and gianfranco's face fits.

White Pony 10:03 Mon Jun 17
Re: Zola
Trying a bit too hard there, Alfie.

goose 9:37 Mon Jun 17
Re: Zola
He’ll have a nice new job in Turin by the end of the week.
TBF the first season with us he was excellent, same with Watford........ but then it went a little downhill. Have a look at the squad he had to work with though!

BRANDED 9:31 Mon Jun 17
Re: Zola
I saw him at Gatwick airport a couple of weeks ago. He looked like a rabbit in the headlights wandering around the concourse.

Sven Roeder 8:44 Mon Jun 17
Re: Zola
Always felt he was more interested in Chelsea's results rather than the club that was paying him.
Managed like a rabbit in the headlights

Sydney_Iron 7:27 Mon Jun 17
Re: Zola
By all accounts a nice fella but that fucking grin still riles me!

That game against Chelsea at there place when he was managing us, we got beaten and the cunt was beaming like a Cheshire cat.

gph 2:55 Mon Jun 17
Re: Zola
I quite like Zola. Never bought into the idea he was offed by the French secret services blocking his chimney and causing a build-up of CO, though.

Alfie 2:49 Mon Jun 17
Re: Zola
Nice bloke. Tiny eyes. Very good friends with Bazil Brush, and was godfather to Schnorbitz the dogs litter of 8 dachsunds. His hair has featured in several episodes of the Nigerian sex soap opera 'Botty Jiggle Riddim', as a pubic merkin

arsene york-hunt 2:40 Mon Jun 17
Re: Zola
My favourite Zola read was Germinal

Texas Iron 10:27 Sun Jun 16
Re: Zola
Nice Bloke...
Great Player...
Not so good Manager...
Amazing Hair Thatch...

eusebiovic 10:18 Sun Jun 16
Re: Zola
Nice bloke but is he a good coach or was Steve Clarke an exceptional number two?

lab 9:09 Sun Jun 16
Re: Zola
Brought the coffee out his house for the reporters that time . Nice man.

Hammer and Pickle 5:57 Sun Jun 16
Re: Zola
Clough is dead?


Not having any of that.

gph 5:49 Sun Jun 16
Re: Zola
Fuck me, H+P, you're behind the times.

Clough's been dead for years.

It's 2010, and you're still living in the 1970s

Hammer and Pickle 5:40 Sun Jun 16
Re: Zola
There’s this Brian CLOUGH fellow at Derby County FC who seems to know how to put a squad together...

BRANDED 5:25 Sun Jun 16
Re: Zola
We should get that José bloke from Porto

gph 5:16 Sun Jun 16
Re: Zola
swindon: Pellegrini not available? I've heard he's leaving Real Madrid. We should pull out all the stops to get him in, or we'll never get a manager of his stature

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