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Alfs 3:42 Sat Jun 22
Tribute Acts
I was surprised, no, mildly shocked, that a Dire Straits tribute band (Money for Nothing) are charging up to £42.50 for their concert, or should I say show, in Oxford.

That's a lot of money to watch a bunch of blokes that are very good at karaoke.

Friday night rant over.

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VanDerElstVenerator 2:15 Tue Jun 25
Re: Tribute Acts
One of my MATES is MATES with Moonie out of Who's Who, and he really does live the part. When you have a beer and a chat with him pre-gig he is channeling Keith. Bit weird actually...

joe royal 1:13 Tue Jun 25
Re: Tribute Acts
Cool story bro.

Northern Sold 12:28 Tue Jun 25
Re: Tribute Acts
Seen loads of Mod/60's tribute bands.... Small fakers, From the Jam, The Jam project, Style Councillors, The Start... but the Daddy of them all was Who's Who.... first saw them 20+ years ago at Club Riga.... only about 60 or 70 people there including our lot and other halves... the only one of the 4 that was not a spitting image was the bass player... Moonie was incredible... the set was as good as anything you will see/hear... ended up smashing the drum kit and guitar and amps... it was electric... saw them a few months later in the Garage in Highbury... same thing... smashed their instruments up... stopped after that!! Seen them about 12 times... changed personnel massively now but those first few times we saw them was absolutely brilliant

scott_d 2:31 Mon Jun 24
Re: Tribute Acts
Saw The Smyths in Colchester earlier in the year and that was £30 a pop.

It was a good gig but agree a bit pricey for a cover band.

y2smif 11:17 Mon Jun 24
Re: Tribute Acts
I paid about £9 to see a Nirvana tribute act at Chinnerys in Southend a few months back, and they were fantastic. The lead singer looked eerily like Kurt which made me think he was gonna be shit sounding, concentrating too much on the look. They were absolutely cracking, as close to the real thing I reckon you could get. The crowd were lapping it up

joe royal 7:03 Mon Jun 24
Re: Tribute Acts
zebthecat 9:44 Sun Jun 23

I’ve only been star struck once and that was also with Brian May.

Not even a fan of queen.

Sven Roeder 9:50 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
Fleetwood Mac are just missing Lindsay Buckingham from their late 70’s / 80’s line up.
He has been replaced by Mike Campbell (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) & Neil Finn

zebthecat 9:44 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
Their was also a lovely bit where James goes to rehearse for the Freddy Mercury tribute concert and is utterly starstruck just at being in the same rehearsal room as Tony Iommi and Brian May.

zebthecat 9:36 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
Far Cough 3:48 Sun Jun 23

Saw a documentary years ago on the making of the black album and their subsequent tour. The album recording session started with James, Kirk and Jason Newstead recording their parts together to a drum machine and the three of them were having a great time. A couple of weeks in Lars turns up to do the drums, starts acting like a twat and tries switch the songs around. The others were not impressed...

happygilmore 9:33 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
jimbo2. 9:08 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts

isn't Fleetwood Mac's current line up basically a tribute band?

jimbo2. 9:08 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
Saw Fleetwood Bac here in Paphos, Cyprus a couple of years back and they were excellent. Close your eyes and you wouldn't know that they weren't the real deal!

violator 4:37 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
The Style Councillors are really good, they're at the 100 club with a Jam tribute band in November

COOL HAND LUKE 4:03 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
We stayed overnight after the Oz Floyd gig at Ipswich. Turns out most (if not all) the band were in our hotel too. We only became aware of this at breakfast time... oddly enough, we didn't recognise any of the guys initially, but once the lead girl singer came in, we realised! All very calm and civilised, no obvious hangovers or crazy shit, chatted politely with people.
Very keen to know if we enjoyed the show and hearing any comments.

Far Cough 3:48 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
I like Kirk and James, not a fan of Ulrich though

Bungo 3:34 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
yngwies Cat 5:38 Sat Jun 22

It is all about the muscle memory (or having a song on hard disk as we put it), but there's nothing like the heartsink of being half way through the first song of the evening, and realising that you still have to plough through another 20 or so bog-standard pub-rock covers.

For me that's giving up the will to live time. I'm just glad I don't have to earn a living doing it.

Bungo 3:30 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
joe royal 10:00 Sat Jun 22

been waiting for Metallica to do “So What” not done it yet.

I noticed a few years back that James doesn't seem to swear on stage like he used to. Perhaps it co-incided with his kids growing up and starting to listen to what Daddy does for a living?

If this is the case then I can't imagine So What making it's way back into the set.

simon.s 12:57 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
Offered to buy Elton John (snide one) a drink once at a gig he was doing, but he politely declined saying he was already in a round.

Hammer Oz 12:56 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
Seen From the Jam before and will again in October ish in Oz thought they were great.
Seeing some Madness tribute aswell not seen before so will wait and see

sanfrancis-co-uk 12:50 Sun Jun 23
Re: Tribute Acts
I've seen(and am seeing again very soon)both Brit Floyd and The Australian Pink Floyd,both are really good but I think the convicts just about nick it.(No pun intended)

Iron Duke 10:26 Sat Jun 22
Re: Tribute Acts
I saw Metallica years ago at Wembley Arena when the lead singer from ANL came on as a guest to sing So What. He used the word “cunt” as the original, but Metallica changed it in their version to “fuck”.

VanDerElstVenerator 10:15 Sat Jun 22
Re: Tribute Acts
Only time I've seen Metallica (Lollapalooza) they opened with 'So What'. Wonderful.

There's a rather niche tribute band that just do songs by Vinegar Joe and the Strokes. Can't remember their name...

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