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Sydney_Iron 12:43 Tue Jul 16
Sebastien Haller - signed

Hammers make Haller their record signing

West Ham United is delighted to announce the arrival of prolific French striker Sebastien Haller, the Club’s new record signing.

The highly sought-after forward, who turned 25 in June, joins the Hammers on a five-year deal with an option of a further 12 months for an undisclosed fee from German Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt.

The deal for Haller means the Hammers have broken their transfer record for a third time in a little over a year following the captures of Issa Diop and Felipe Anderson.

A German Cup winner with Eintracht in 2018, Haller becomes the Irons’ fourth summer signing and cannot wait to bring his considerable talents to London Stadium and the Premier League.

"I feel really great,” said the centre forward. “I think it’s a really good opportunity for me to be here.

"It means a lot (to be the record signing). It proves that the club [has] really wanted me for a long time. I felt this desire to sign me and I’m really happy to sign, also. it is an ambitious club, a nice club, a nice city and nice fans too

"For me I can guarantee that I will give 100% for the club because the club has given me this confidence and I will try to give it back every day in every game.

"I will always give 100% and respect the club. I think this is a normal thing and that I can guarantee. I know it’s a big transfer and there is a lot of expectation around me, and I just want to make people proud of this transfer and I will give everything I have."

Director of Football Mario Husillos said: “We are very pleased to welcome Sebastien and his family to West Ham United.

“It is no secret that we have been in the process of identifying a top class striker to add to the squad this summer, and much work has gone on behind the scenes to ensure that we were in a position to act once the right opportunity became available.

“Sebastien is a player we have been watching closely for some time - he has always been a key target and someone who myself, Manuel Pellegrini and David Sullivan were very keen to bring to the football club.

“He is a player with excellent pedigree and experience in three of Europe’s top leagues. His record at Eintracht Frankfurt in recent seasons has been up there with the top strikers in the Bundesliga, and we believe that his physical and technical qualities will be well suited to the Premier League.

“He is at the perfect moment for us, like many of the players who have arrived at the club in the past 12 months - young, with his best years still ahead of him, yet with good experience and proven at the highest level.

“It is also a big factor that Sebastien was very determined to become a West Ham United player. Our conversations proved that he has great desire and ambition to be successful here and it is clear he is greatly excited by the challenge ahead.”

He added: “The signing of Sebastien is a big investment and another clear signal of our ambition and desire to bring success to West Ham United and our supporters, and we look forward to seeing the big contribution he will make in the coming seasons.”

Haller, who will join up with his new teammates when they return from the Premier League Asia Trophy in China, has become one of European football’s hottest properties during an impressive career that has seen him score more than 100 goals for club and country.

Born in the Paris suburb of Ris-Orangis in June 1994, the schoolboy Haller played for local clubs FCO Vigneux and CS Bretigny before being scouted by Auxerre at the age of 13.

There, he came through the ranks, scoring regularly for the reserves, before making his first-team debut, a month after his 18th birthday, in a 2-0 Ligue 2 win over Nimes in July 2012.

After making more than 50 first-team appearances for Auxerre, the 6’3 centre forward was loaned to Utrecht on Christmas Eve 2014, going on to score eleven goals in just 17 appearances to win the Dutch Eredivisie club’s Player of the Year award.

A permanent move to Utrecht followed in summer 2015 and Haller rewarded his new employers with a further 40 goals over the next two seasons, earning him a move across the border to German side Eintracht Frankfurt.

There, he led the line in 2017/18, scoring 13 goals, before forging a potent partnership with Real Madrid-bound Luka Jovic last season, when he netted 19 times in all competitions, including five in the Germans’ run to the UEFA Europa League semi-finals.

At international level, Haller represented France at the FIFA U-17 World Cup finals in 2011 and has been capped at every age-group level, scoring 13 goals in 21 appearances for the U21s, and is tipped to earn senior honours in the future.

West Ham United would like to welcome Sebastian and his family to east London and wish him every success for his career in Claret and Blue.

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ironsofcanada 6:32 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
Southbank, mate

We are going need those goals against relegation rivals come end of year I would expect. Unfortunately.

I am sorry to bang on.

ironsofcanada 6:29 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
southbankbornnbred 6:23 Tue Mar 10

? Are you confusing with another poster.

I have not banged on about Haller goals

I put them up once with his assists. They sat against a two lists of similarly valued and transferred players. Not lists I invented and he sat in the middle of both of them.

I am not sure why that is upsetting and has cause you to make you pretend to say things I did not. He is West Ham and I would look for some positives.

southbankbornnbred 6:28 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
He's basically looking, at this stage, like the Greame Hick of West Ham: a flat-track bully who never did it against top quality opposition and got found out at the very highest level.

But some on here will tell us all that he's just misunderstood. And king of the flick-on.

Still, I am really looking forward to his brace against Rotherham next term. That's what I think the club paid £45m for.

southbankbornnbred 6:23 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
Likewise, you keep banging on about Haller's goals yet try to dminish the quality of the oppositon in Belotti's international games.

So, for the record, Haller's goals have come against: Norwich (soon to be a Championship side), Southampton x 2, Bournemouth, Palace, Watford x 2.

He hasn't scored a single goal against what most fans would describe as a "top" team. He hasn't even scored a goal against what many fans would describe as a "decent" Premier League outfit.

As you so beautifully put it - you should tell the "whole story".

ironsofcanada 6:16 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
southbankbornnbred 5:59 Tue Mar 10

I wanted Belotti in the summer, more than anyone we were linked with. ( I used to watch a lot of Serie A but now, with Canadians in Europe more, I watch them instead.)

I think is he a better player. Even in league goals he is at the top of that list of similarly valued players. You don't need to start twisting 2 goals in 25% for me to agree with you.

Whatever his valuation he would have cost a lot more than Haller, right?

Haller is in middle, that was my point from the beginning. Even value for money, in this messed up world of football, says he has not be a disaster. He was not Pellegrini's saviour and you can look down this thread to see where I was arguing it was his bad run than ruin the chance at the weekend, not Antonio.

But, mate, just because someone disagrees and tries to provide some perspective does not mean you have to go all Alex V with the 25%. And talk about the Euro Cup when he has never been involved in one.

And what have I cherry-picked, I compare apples to apples - league goals and assists in top 5 league for similarly valued players.

southbankbornnbred 6:02 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
As I say, Ironically, I think they'd be a very good pairing for any team that could afford to put them into the same line up. They have complementary skills - one leads the line, presses high and is an out-and-out striker and one, we now realise, does not lead the line, tends to want to drop deeper (and is currently a bit lazy with it).

southbankbornnbred 5:59 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
That's not the 'whole story' about Belotti, though, is it? You've cherry-picked as much as anybody else, which is why I don't value STATS and DATA as much as people like Spreadsheet Alex and the Flick-On merchant.

Do you really want the 'whole story'? Because it would be very long, very boring and very much in favour of Belotti at Haller's expense.

And +25% IS the difference between Belotti's goals this season and Haller's. You seem to want to deny it without actually denying it.

There is no comparison between their quality. I'd take Belotti over Haller tomorrow, and every day of the week.

ironsofcanada 5:47 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
*Europa League qualifying.

ironsofcanada 5:44 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
southbankbornnbred 5:30 Tue Mar 10

"Even comparing their league form, Belotti's return is more than 25% higher than Haller's."

Ha. You get upset at other for twisting numbers and pull that out when the difference is 2 league goals.

(And if you watch Torino, you know that Bellotti did not score in the Euro Cup, actually, he scored his goals in qualifying - 66% of them against Debreceni VSC and Shakhtjor Soligorsk and 100% of his national goals came against Bosnia, Liechtenstein and Armenian. )

If you want to split hairs tell the whole story.

I posted Haller in a list of players that are valued or were sold for a similar amount. In the league, which is the only thing I care about, being West Ham first and foremost, he is middle of the road. Just some perspective.

southbankbornnbred 5:44 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
Anyway, enough of this.

As with every weekend, I want Haller to get a hat-trick this weekend. I want the fella to do well. But I'm generally unimpressed and not holding my breath.

southbankbornnbred 5:39 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
Ironically, Haller and Belotti would probably be a good forward pairing. They would have complementary skill sets. But I know which of them would do the bulk of the hard yards when we didn't have the ball - and score more goals.

southbankbornnbred 5:30 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
No, you're right - he definitely isn't getting into the French national team any time soon.

The fact is, you tried to compare 19/20 seasons for Belotti and Haller. One has scored almost three times as many goals as the other.

They are strikers - they are there to score goals. Belotti has 20 this season. Haller has 7. Even comparing their league form, Belotti's return is more than 25% higher than Haller's. Just this season.

And, guess what? On occasions, he has played upfront on his own. An excuse often employed by Haller's advocates.

By any rational measurement, Haller does not compared with Belotti. Yet you lumped them in together.

ironsofcanada 5:25 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed

ironsofcanada 5:24 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
I went with league goals, mate,

Baller can't score in Europe or the national team if he is not there.


ironsofcanada 5:21 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed

Be honest, if we had tried to buy any of those strikers in the top list, we would have paid close to what we did for Haller or a whole lot more. There were rumours about Bellotti and it was above 50mil.


And yet in arguably worse leagues, they have not blown his numbers away.

And you admit that of actual transfers - he has been better than some and worse than exactly one.

Some perspective about what we say when we talk about money these days.

southbankbornnbred 5:20 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
Apologies - five for the Italian national team.

southbankbornnbred 5:19 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
Also, Irons, Belotti has scored 20 goals this season - not nine. I watch Toro most weekends. He has nine in Serie A, six in the Euro Cup and four for the Italian national team. So more than 100% above the figure you listed.

southbankbornnbred 5:09 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
Next you'll be telling me that he breathes out of his left lung more than anybody else, too.

southbankbornnbred 5:08 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
Diehard - you've hardly "taken apart" an egg. You've told us that Haller tops the list of flick-ons.

I'm not exactly doing cartwheels at this news. And I'm guesing nobody is.

southbankbornnbred 5:06 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed

Only the bottom three in your list were actually transfers, though. One of them has done very well, the other has only just started his season.

Which leave you with one example of a high-value striker who has failed - at least on your list.

The others are mere valuations who have not moved clubs.

southbankbornnbred 5:04 Tue Mar 10
Re: Sebastien Haller - signed
Cottee and McAvennie clicked at a very early stage. But nobody was expecting it. Frank had been bought as an attacking midfielder who might turn into a striker. Paul Goddard got injured on the opening day of the 85/86 season, Frank got moved upfront and the rest - as they say - is history.

Cottee and Frankie worked off each other incredibly well - both very hard working when they didn't have the ball and they pressed hard (by the standards of forwards back then). Seemed to work out a way of playing together quickly - and they had complementary skills. Proper pairing, that. Incredible movement from both. Make our current lot (all of them) look stationary.

I always felt a bit sorry for Goddard, who was a fine forward himself. But he was never #1 or #2 choice after those two clicked.

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