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geoffpikey 7:39 Sun Jul 21
Zidane vs Bale
Obviously, Bale is paid a ridiculous amount of money. But Real Madrid signed that contract as well.

Zidane yesterday said: "We hope he leaves soon. It would be best for everyone. We are working on his transfer to a new team.

"I have nothing personal against him, but there comes a time where things are done because they must be done."

Zidane won't play him.

That's not exactly a good sales pitch! When Bale has won 14 titles with RM.

Baker's agent, Johnathan Barnett (himself a poison), has called ZZ "a disgrace" for his comments.

It's turning into the most bizarre battle. Bale could plausibly play golf for 3 years as his contract runs until 2022. And be paid £600k a week to do so.

I'm not sure who I disrespect less.

You experts?

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VirginiaHam 1:08 Tue Jul 30
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Westham67 10:31 Mon Jul 29

Must have dreamt of lifting the Chinese League title when he was 8 years old.

Westham67 10:31 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Obviously he wants to play in China otherwise he go with Real Derr

Sven Roeder 10:22 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
I know that
Just saying the situation could be solved easily
And wondering who he actually wants to play for?

Sydney_Iron 10:19 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Cheeky loan bid?

*Gets coat

Far Cough 10:12 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Sven, Real have cancelled his move to China, Bale is in limbo now

Sven Roeder 10:07 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Money is no issue?
When clubs enquire about him what is he (or his agent) asking for wages?
I assume it’s the £600k or thereabouts
No one outside of China (& Real) can afford that.
If money wasn’t an issue (ie wage demands) am sure Real would happily sell him to Man U or Spurs or someone he would like to play for.

Who does he want to play for ?

Westham67 10:02 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Money is no issue to Bale he is just being fucked around and pissed off

fraser 9:59 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Not in the right frame of mind to play.. Poor sod, must be devastating having to kick a ball around for a mere £600k a week..

Westham67 9:58 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
If had loads of MONEY I and I wanted to play competitive football I would go where I could play

Sven Roeder 9:50 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Who does Bale want to play for?
I was led to believe it was Man Utd.
If he said to them he was prepared to sign a contract at say £200k a week they’d probably buy him for the 30m Euros the Real President wants as a fee.
How much money does he need?

If you were worth 10’s of millions would you move to China or some random team in Europe for MONEY ?

Westham67 9:36 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
I give Bale credit he wants to play football , not spend the rest of his career sitting on the bench or not it the team

geoffpikey 9:31 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Bale has now "pulled out" of some preseason game in Munich against Tottingham Shitspurs.

Reasons as yet unknown/Unverified

Even though he's fit and likely RM's best "matchwinner".

What a load of BALLS by everyone involved. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


eusebiovic 2:11 Mon Jul 29
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Not sure if Zidane will be in a job at Christmas...the knee-jerk, hanky waving, rubberneckers are already starting to melt over a few pre-season games

Boycie 8:12 Sun Jul 28
Re: Zidane vs Bale
not West Ham dont care sorry

Sven Roeder 7:56 Sun Jul 28
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Bales agent would have got a cut of £1m a week instead of a cut of £600k wouldn’t he?
He must have a bigger plan as he wouldn’t do anything normally that would cost him £1.

If the Russians had wanted to buy Bale to send him up in a rocket to do a re-enactment of their MONKEY moon missions to out do the Apollo 11 publicity and were offering enough he would have said yes.

Sven Roeder 7:51 Sun Jul 28
Re: Zidane vs Bale
If you were going to Spain to work with Spaniards for 6 years you think you might learn enough Spanish to be able to converse.
Seems not. Tevez was one over here who seemed not to bother learning a word of English.

Understand the team were going out for a one off dinner last season. Because it’s Spain they were going to eat about 10 or 11pm. Gareth reckons it was past his bedtime

Modern football especially in these big mega clubs is basically BONKERS

eusebiovic 7:49 Sun Jul 28
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Bale's agent has pulled off a blinder here...

It makes his client look good because it proves he hasn't made the move just because of the money on the table making his manager and club president look like a bigger pair of cunts.

Maybe they can all go for a weekend together to the Isle of Fernando's for a big kiss and make-up meeting.

geoffpikey 7:41 Sun Jul 28
Re: Zidane vs Bale
It's all quite funny (if you ignore the money).

ZZ went to war with Bale. Ends up being at war with Perez.

Madrid Max: Beyond Thundercunts.

Manuel 5:13 Sun Jul 28
Re: Zidane vs Bale

Manuel 5:11 Sun Jul 28
Re: Zidane vs Bale

On The Ball 12:31 Sat Jul 27

Respect your view, but for me Bale is not arrogant, considering he's one of the best players in the world. He's gone there to play for Madrid and he has that done well overall. If he doesn't want to learn the lingo, attend flamengo's or sit around in tapas bars in the evening I don't see a problemo with that (see what I did there)

Woden 4:55 Sun Jul 28
Re: Zidane vs Bale
Zidane is a cunt. I hope Real flop again and Hazard won't adapt to La Liga.

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