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Pee Wee 12:29 Mon Jul 22
12 points Driving Ban
With the WHO traditions threads getting reminiscing about the old days of WHO it made me remember what fun the threads asking for advice were.

Some poor twonk would have an issue and ask on behalf of their ‘friend’ hoping for a little gem but mainly getting royally rinsed.

Anyway, changing the subject. A friend of mine just totted up 12 points.

I’m sure advice will be ‘slow down’, ‘get someone else to take your points’ and other helpful suggestions.

However my friend believes it is fairly easy to get a court to allow you to continue driving if you prove not driving will cause you undue problems.

Has anyone had experience of this or have a similarly stupid friend. Any solicitors that deal with it would be helpful too.

Anyway, feel free to continue the WHO advice thread tradition

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Sxboy_66 11:11 Thu Jul 25
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
A bloke I work with was recently on 12 points and banned by the Magistrates Court. This would have meant him losing his job.
He appealed to the Crown Court, which cost him a few quid, on the basis that between getting clocked speeding and the court appearance 6 of his previous points had expired.
The Crown Court overturned his ban, called the Magistrates stupid for not considering the circumstances, and awarded him his costs back.

His brief helped by coming up with the different costs, times, etc. that his journey to work would take using trains and buses if he wasn't able to drive. It worked out that it would increase his 'working' week by over 30 hours and leave him about £10k a year worse off.

That information apparently helped.

Oh, and slow down you cunt.

Chigwell 10:42 Thu Jul 25
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
The "exceptional hardship" arguments against a ban most likely to succeed in a magistrates' court are those where hardship is not faced only by the defendant, but by someone dependant on him/her. For example, a sick child who needs to have regular trips to hospital, or employees of the defendant's business whose jobs are at risk if he/she cannot drive to visit customers to drum up business. Bearing in mind it is usually a shortish ban of 6 months, they will ask why a defendant can't take a taxi/bus/train instead, or even employ a driver for a short period. The hardship must be "exceptional" - losing a job is not though to be enough - and proof of the facts claimed will probably be needed.

geoffpikey 2:32 Tue Jul 23
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
Got a speeding ticket last year, down a very steep hill in Bath, for doing....26mph. No points given as I paid £90 for a "speed awareness" course. Some of the boy racers who were clocked doing 90 even laughed that I was there.

Only realised later, one sign at top of hill saying 20. Painted road halfway down... 30! I could probably have sued, but a solicitor would have cost me more.

It's all a bit of a cash grab. And that's central government's fault due to police funding cuts. But I wouldn't advise ever driving over 70mph. There's really no need unless you're in F1.

joyo 1:07 Tue Jul 23
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
I got a speeding fine in South Australia in December but didn't know about it till l got home in March and it had risen to $500.... I ingored it as can't be enforced in UK

VirginiaHam 4:51 Tue Jul 23
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
We're mostly WHU fans talking about driving. That's OK, isn't it?

JimmyT 12:49 Tue Jul 23
Re: 12 points Driving Ban

JimmyT 12:49 Tue Jul 23
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
Am I the first person on this thread to say ‘What has this go to do with West Ham?’

joe royal 12:29 Tue Jul 23
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
I have been fined for speeding a few times , mostly in Germany and the Netherlands tho.

VirginiaHam 12:11 Tue Jul 23
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
Got a nice letter from the DC Police this morning. Got done by a camera (I assume) on I-295 in DC doing 57 in a 40. I member being slower than everyone else that afternoon, so God knows how much money that camera makes.

The fine is $300, or $600 if I pay after August 15th. I was speeding for the entire trip back from the Delaware shore,150 miles away, so $2/mile is a bit of a steal.

irons1979 11:46 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
A friend of a friend of a friend got to 12 points and went to court and successfully pleaded hardship on the grounds that he would lose his job if he couldn’t drive. He got his employer to write a letter to that effect. He got a large fine but kept his licence.

2 months later he got caught again and they banned him for 6 months!

Interestingly, once you serve a ban then you start again on 0 points so there is a small silver lining!!

Exiled In Surrey 11:39 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
All the snowflakes on here saying don't drive fast.

Nurse Ratched 8:11 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
I am very sorry for your FRIEND, Pee Wee. A driving ban is going to be very inconvenient for him.

On the bright side, female hitchhikers and lady joggers should be a lot safer going about their way.

violator 3:44 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
Mad Dog 2:59 Mon Jul 22

Cheers Mate

Yeah I was going clockwise and the camera that pinged was on the other side on the approach to the tunnel on, I never know how the fucking things work!

BRANDED 3:00 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
Points mean prizes. In this case he's a prized QUIMBOY.

Mad Dog 2:59 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
Also If it was on the other carriageway you'll def be fine

Mad Dog 2:58 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
Violator. If your speedo said 75. you were actually doing 71 ish as speedos are legally set to +5%

Speed cameras also have a bit of leeway. So unless your numbers are "massaged" you'll be fine

Any Old Iron 2:51 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
Many years ago I racked up 12 points, and a ban would have meant me losing my job. So I hired a nice lady brief who successfully argued a reprieve based on hardship. The bench agreed and so I kept my licence.
I think these things can go either way though. Depends on who's speaking for you and who's on the bench. Luck of the draw.
I'm just glad I don't live around the London area anymore. It's just too easy to pick up points with so many thousands of speed cameras everywhere. Fortunately, down here in the south west they're quite thin on the ground.

crystal falace 2:19 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
violator 1:41 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
"I think I might have got flashed yesterday"

Disappointed with how this sentence ended

Side of Ham 2:14 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban

violator 1:41 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban
I think I might have got flashed yesterday on the M25, 5.30 in the morning. I was doing about 75 and a camera on the opposite carriageway flashed as I was approaching, may have been a car on that side of the road but will wait for the postman to drop the bad news through the door

geoffpikey 1:11 Mon Jul 22
Re: 12 points Driving Ban

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