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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Son of Sam 7:55 Thu Jul 25
VPN Question
Anyone able to recommend a VPN that would give a Canadian I.P address for accessing content in Canada, or do they all give you an option to choose your country and pick a dedicated I.P address in whatever country you wish. Thanks in advance

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ironsofcanada 4:39 Sat Jul 27
Re: VPN Question
Being on OS for the friendly, noticed that we have a VPN sponsor for the club.

Our sponsors are always quality and stand the test of time...

Gentile 1:50 Sat Jul 27
Re: VPN Question
Ipvanish is your friend

Mickey Rat 1:25 Sat Jul 27
Re: VPN Question
Nordvpn have a 30 day trial, I've paid for a 3 year deal so I can watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon etc when I'm travelling, there might be cheaper alternatives but I'm happy with it


Boycie 1:02 Sat Jul 27
Re: VPN Question
VPL = visible panty line

Percy Dalton 10:04 Fri Jul 26
Re: VPN Question
East Auckland
To be honest it's been fautless but as you say let's wait until the 3 o'clock kick offs start

Joe C 1:24 Fri Jul 26
Re: VPN Question

Does a proxy and a VPN in the same service. Used them a long time without issue

gph 11:40 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
You've only got a choice of two: Marinara or Margherita...

Oh, this isn't about Vera Pizza Napolitana

East Auckland Hammer 11:33 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
Yeah that's what annoyed me most too Percy.

Still, I guess it will be ok for a backup if I need to switch back to Kodi and need a US IP or something.

Really interested in how SS will work when the football starts again.

How have you found it since the move to TIW?

Percy Dalton 11:28 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
East Auckland
I got caught out like you with IP vanish automatically took the money out of my account.
I've now stopped it from doing that as secret squirrel doesn't require a VPN.

fraser 11:22 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
VPN Unlimited, I paid a, reasonable amount for a, lifetime sub.

No more than £25 IIRC.. was a, few years ago.

East Auckland Hammer 11:15 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
I signed up for IPVanish last year and it cost fuck all for a year on an introductory offer. When it rolled over last week (without me noticing) it cost about US$80 for another year, which I wouldn't have paid.

It's pretty good, but you can get really good intro deals on most of the other good ones, so my advice if you use it would be to set it to renew for a month, then you won't get tripped up like I did.

On The Ball 10:22 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
I use PureVPN. Cost me about $50 for five years on some NYE offer. It's well-reviewed and works for me.

joe royal 9:45 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
I use ‘free vpn’

Can choose what country you want it to go to.

Watch 3 mins of adverts for 24 hours use.

Nagel 8:12 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
If I were you I'd use Google to do a bit of research, especially as you seem to be interested in Canada particularly. One of those listed here maybe: https://www.techradar.com/uk/vpn/best-vpn-for-canada

Go for one of the established ones and paying up front for more years gives a better deal, eg Nord is currently £82 for 3 years or £64 for 1.

ironsofcanada 8:04 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
Vexed 8:02 Thu Jul 25

Apparently I don't keep up with other teams sponsors.

I apologize.

I am sure the others are about the same, if that is a deal-breaker.

Vexed 8:02 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
Nord sponsor Liverpool. Cross that shit off the list.

ironsofcanada 8:01 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
Son of Sam 7:55 Thu Jul 25

Most give Canadian options, even free ones but your bandwidth is limited.

Nord has worked for me at somewhere around 5£ per month for 12 months. Have not checked how competitive that is recently.

Still have a couple shared streaming accounts and they often have more Premier League games than here, for less.

Son of Sam 8:00 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
FC , Vexed ...Cheers

Far Cough 7:59 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
I use ExpressVPN

Vexed 7:58 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
Pretty much all of the commercial/semi commercial offerings do this, it's what they're for. You'll have to pay though. Tunnel Bear has always been good to me.

Son of Sam 7:57 Thu Jul 25
Re: VPN Question
Thanks FC would you recommend a name? I have seen express and Nord on google or are they all pretty much the same?

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